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Share to PinterestYou'll Die Laughing Once You Read This Bus Driver's Critique of Shang-Chi

You'll Die Laughing Once You Read This Bus Driver's Critique of Shang-Chi

By Jo Marshall
Share to PinterestYou'll Die Laughing Once You Read This Bus Driver's Critique of Shang-Chi

If you aren't sure who won the internet recently, it's US-based bus driver Mack @that_mc. After watching Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Mack felt it important to voice his opinion on how the scene would play out in real life. What started as an innocent analysis turned into an epic rant that took the internet by storm. Mack is a real-life bus operator from Muni in San Francisco and caught the attention of Shang-Chi actor Simu Liu, who thought Mac's thread was pretty amazing. Liu's followers fell in love with the thread too, and traction began to build like rapid fire. Commenting on the bus, the interior, the advertisements, and more, Mack provided a real-life narration of his reactions to the epic clip. If you haven't checked it out yourself yet, you absolutely have to. It will leave you in stitches!


New busses for the made-up route

Mack starts his analysis by noticing that a new Flyer D60 articulated 60-foot motor is being used to create the amazing scene.


Whoops, wrong way!

It doesn't take long for Mack to spot that the bus is heading in the wrong direction. Turns out the bus is seriously off-route from the direction it should be going in real life


Green is king

Mack quickly notices that the seats used on the bus in the movie are very different from the ones used in real life. The ones in the Shangi-Chi are green and look more comfortable - a step up from the uncomfortable seats found on public transport today!


Real-life advertisements make an epic film

We finally get our first glimpse of real life in Shang-Chi when a real-life advertisement makes the film. There's an advertisement for a Jazz and Blues festival that can be seen in the background, and turns out it is for a real festival you can attend in San Francisco.


Fighting begins with a hilarious response

Once the fighting begins in the film, Mack has a hilarious response. He notes that this is when he would park the bus and open the doors, obviously. The bus driver in the movie continues to drive while the fighting ensues. This would obviously not happen in reality.


If there isn't a video, it didn't happen

As soon as the fighting starts to break out, it's no surprise to see onlookers instantly begin filming with their smartphones. Mack comments that this would definitely happen, which is 100% true. After all, if there isn't proof, it didn't happen!


Energy sword man wears boots fit for purpose

It doesn't take long for some crazy extremities to occur in Shang-Chi. All of a sudden, an energy-sword arm man cuts through the floor of the bus. While this would obviously not happen in real life, Mack does compliment the character on his sensible shoe choice for the job!


Bus operator in big trouble for crazy acts

The bus operator realizes his service break isn't working and starts to panic. In an effort to stop, he continues to stomp his foot on the pedal, an act that Mack notes is terrible! He then realizes he's wearing earphones - another terrible act and definitely not legal! Mack notes that the SFT could charge this driver for these insane acts.


Mack has advice for Shang-Chi

Mack quickly points out that the best thing to do in this scenario would be to use the parking and emergency brake on his left. He even included a picture to ensure that it can't be missed!


Bus route all wrong

As a bus operator, Mack is quick to discover that the route the bus is taking in the movie is all wrong! Not only is it off, but it's also taking a crazy amount of time to reach their destination! The bus in the movie tries scaling a very difficult hill, one that would not be very realistic in real life.


The bus operator doesn't have the safest tactics

When the driver looks to see all the chaos going on in the bus, he decides to look over his shoulder and takes his eyes off the road. Talk about unsafe! Mack notes how he should definitely be looking in the mirror instead to keep himself and his passengers safe.


Driver takes a big hit when he finally crashes

It was only a matter of time until a big crash happened! When the crash does occur, the bus driver takes a big smash against the big bus wheel. Ouch!


Bus driver not safely prepared for the epic battle

The bus driver ends up falling out of his seat, a move that Mack quickly notes is a result of him not wearing a seatbelt. A move that is hardly believable for a professional driver in a busy city! Mack hilariously comments that the driver is definitely not getting workman's comp for this one!


Real-life bus operator relates

As the chaos continues, the bus operator undergoes some pretty impressive driving. So impressive that Mack has to applaud his skills! He also finds it hilarious that the character comments on how he's always getting yelled at - this is also a very real reality for professional bus drivers in real life.


Character slides into operators seat with ease

In another completely unrealistic move, one of the film's characters slides into the bus operator's seat with complete ease, a move that is rather difficult! Mack comments that he wants to get into his seat this smoothly just once in his life - movies always make things look cooler than in real life!


Computer and electronics compartment missing

It's interesting what directors decide to cut from movies. Mack notices an empty space behind the bus operator's seat - a space that's normally dedicated to a computer and electronics compartment. For some reason, they decided to cut this from the film. Who knows why!


Don't forget your lunch box, pal!

It looks like the director hasn't forgotten all of the realistic touches of the movie! No bus driver would go to work without their precious lunch. After all, they need all of the fuel they can get for their journey!


Bus operator could have been protected

Remember the bus operator falling down because he didn't fasten his seat belt? Mack is quite to note that it definitely exists and even screenshots a close-up image of where it is on the bus! If the seat belt was fastened, he definitely wouldn't have fallen down!


How to stop runaway bus

In the very unlikely event that you need to stop a runaway bus, Mack educates us on exactly what we should do. He took a screenshot of a yellow handle that would park the bus. This is known as the parking and emergency brake! Good to know; thanks, Mack!


Comfort matters!

When the new character takes over the bus, Mack notes it isn't as easy as sliding in the seat and starting to drive. Most bus operators have to adjust the seat and wheel for their height and comfort preference.


Some people know how to check on their passengers

Just because you aren't a professional doesn't mean you don't take safety seriously! Mack compliments Shang-Chi on using the rearview mirror to check on the bus passengers. A move that is much safer than what the original Operator used which was looking over his shoulder, taking his eyes off the road. Maybe he should be a professional bus driver in his next life!


Fire extinguisher comes in handy for all the wrong reasons

Mack drops another interesting fact on us by letting us in on the knowledge that all busses should have a fire extinguisher - something that bus operators check each day before pulling out of the parking lot. In the movie, we see a character use it as a weapon to knock the culprit out. While this isn't its intended use, it still does the job!


Bus drivers have a difficult relationship with scooter users

As the bus operator begins to run over the scooters, Mack comments that every bus operator cheers when this type of situation happens. This is obviously not true - maybe wishful thinking on their part given the love-hate relationship busses have with scooter users!


Articulated bus section starts to split

As the articulated section starts to split, Mack comments that this is how he pictures this happening... that is, if it ever happened in reality. Who knows how the bus would split in real life!


Quick pit stop at Stockton

There's nothing really exciting about this comment, but it's great that it's included. Mack grabs a screenshot of Stockton at Bush, just in case you ever wondered where it was. It could be useful for someone!


Exposed wiring leaves the driver confused

Once the bus starts to get torn apart, some exposed wiring begins to appear. While it looks crazy, Mack comments that he isn't sure if this is what is really underneath the carriage. A forever mystery!


Bus operator number listed on the side of the sleeve

If you were ever wondering where bus operators display their numbers, they can be found on the side of their sleeves. Mack keeps educating us all!


Lines in the road help drivers steer

Who would have known that the lines listed in the road were put there to help bus drivers steer? Mack never stops dropping factoids on us!


Busses stop slowly for good reason

It turns out when busses stop slowly; it isn't to make late passengers angry. Mack lets us know that they do this to avoid passengers falling over inside the bus. Who knew that safety was such a priority!


Air brakes lesson

Mack gives us a quick lesson on how air brakes work when energy sword man slashes through the brake lines. It turns out if this happened in real life, all air would be let out of the system. When this happens, another brake is activated. Who knew? Thanks, Mack!



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