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Inspiration for everyday life.

The definition of home has changed. With soaring house prices, shrinking apartment sizes, and unconventional living spaces such as tiny homes and microlofts gaining in popularity, our definition of “home” is changing. We looked high and low for a brand that addresses this shift head-on while providing relevant and practical tips for creating a space that feels like home. With none to be found, we created our own: The Habitat.

At The Habitat, we offer practical tips, how-tos, and inspiration for improving your home and life. With a team of dedicated home and garden specialists behind us, The Habitat offers everything you need to live, grow and thrive.


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Writers and Policies

Our team of topical experts are hand-picked for their extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of areas including home improvement, interior design, DIY, landscaping, gardening, and more. Every article we publish undergoes a rigorous editorial process so that you can trust every word that we write. All topics are heavily researched prior to being written and the final draft is edited by our on-staff content team. At The Habitat, we've done the heavy lifting, so that you don't have to. We break down overwhelming projects into bite-sized tasks—from kickstarting your dream renovation to tips for redesigning outdated spaces—so that you can feel at home in your space.


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Jamie Geiger
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Aaron Sundberg
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Doug Middleton
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