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Share to PinterestWoman's Legendary Amazon Review of Indestructible Leggings Goes Viral

Woman's Legendary Amazon Review of Indestructible Leggings Goes Viral

By Alicia Smith
Share to PinterestWoman's Legendary Amazon Review of Indestructible Leggings Goes Viral

Shopping online is always a gamble. You can never really be sure if the product will be high-quality and reliable or if it'll just fall apart as soon as you use it. This goes double for clothing. Diving into the reviews is usually a decent way to gauge an item's quality, but you're at the mercy of the people who leave the reviews.

In a sea of five-star ratings with no comments and one-star ratings complaining about an entirely different product, one woman's post stands out. Her review is so legendary that it may forever change how you test your Amazon purchases.


The Background

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Everything started on a fateful day in July when an Amazon user named Cory H. ordered a pair of Raypose leggings on the digital marketplace. While it may be pretty standard to leave a review if you enjoy a product, Cory's story went a bit differently. After receiving her new leggings, Cory decided to go on a hike, which truly tested the leggings' limits.


The Review

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"Here is me rolling and sliding down a mountain because I was too scared to get up. My leggings did not rip not even a little bit and I got stuck on rocks and trees," read Cory's review. She also included two photos as proof, which showed Cory sliding down a cliff face in a less-than-graceful manner. This clearly showed off the indestructibility of the leggings, but we can't help but wonder… who took the photos?


Going Viral

It didn't take long for Cory's incredible review to spread across the internet, becoming an instant viral hit. To this day, over a year later, people are still discovering and sharing Cory's review. The review itself has over 18,000 commendations, while the oldest tweets sharing her misfortune have racked up over 400,000 likes and 26,000 retweets.


The Feedback

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Of course, social media users around the world fell in love with Cory. After all, who wouldn't love the sheer confidence it takes to post something like this? Comments like, "I want to be her bestie," and, "Can I please hang out with this person" poured in, as well as thousands of people trying to locate the mountain-proof tights.


Identifying with Cory

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Along with those who adored Cory's vibe were people who saw themselves in her. Many Twitter users commented on how relatable Cory's hiking style was.

One tweeted, "As a person who scoots down rocks when I hike, I would very much like to know what brand this is."

And another posted, "Ok but which leggings are these please because that is 100% how I hike"


Honoring a Legend

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If you take a look on the Amazon page for the Raypose leggings, you'll see that other reviewers have gotten in on the fun. "Mountain sliding legging lady was right," said one user, who added a photo of herself laying down on a slight slope, mimicking Cory's pose.


Inspiring Purchases

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Other customers gave shoutouts to Cory's original review, as well.

Amazon user Megan Slaten posted, "I ordered these after the review from the lady that slid down the mountain [laughing] I'm not going to attempt to follow her descent (I would break something) but she was right! These leggings are great!!!"

Another stated, "Ok so I bought these based on the viral review of the woman falling down the hill. As someone that's clumsy and loves comfort, I felt that review deep down in my soul!"

And a third added, "I legitimately cannot think of a better way to advertise or review this. How do you get a more rigorous field test than this."


Aerial activewear

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As it turns out, these leggings aren't just great for sliding down mountains, as one user attested: "I decided to buy these pants because of the viral review. If they were good for sliding down a mountain, they must be good for aerials!"


The Amazon Q&As

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As if the reviews weren't enough, the questions and answers section is full of hilarity. One user asked, "How well do these handle rolling down a mountainside?" only to receive answers like, "Absolutely. They don't call it space-dyed for nothing! (Tested in space presumably? )I would however suggest a helmet...for the trees and stuff. Safety first!"


What's Left for Cory

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Honestly, the fact that Raypose hasn't included "mountain-resistant" to the feature list of the leggings is a massive missed opportunity. As one Twitter user posted, "I really hope the company gave her free leggings for life for that kind of solid endorsement. Bc how can you not be sold when you read that."

If Cory's harrowing hike and endearing testimony weren't enough to convince you to pick up a pair of these leggings, nothing could. As far as we're concerned, if leggings can't survive some hill-scooting, we're not interested.



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