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What To Wear to Your Next Concert

By Graham Hall
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Depending on the artist, venue and genre, concerts can either be a sweat-filled, dance-crazed good time or a more staid and formal affair. Therefore, choosing concert outfits depends on the event you've got tickets to.

One of the biggest mistakes concertgoers make is sacrificing comfort for fashion. It is possible to have both, and if you plan on really enjoying the vibe, you'll want to make sure you can sit, dance, or sway comfortably while still looking great. Consider these tried-and-true concert looks for your next live show.


Rock Concert: Rep Your Band

There are few things bands love more than seeing their merch in the crowd, so if you're finally catching your favorite group live, consider wearing one of their tees. The look is even better if you have a vintage version.

Keep it simple on the bottom: jeans and flat shoes, so you can jump around and maybe even get in a good crowd surf.


Hip-Hop Concert: All-Black Everything

Share to PinterestAll-Black is ideal for a hip-hop concert.
Wavebreakmedia / Getty Images

A hip-hop concert is the ideal place to let your accessories do the talking, so go with an all-black look. Black skinny jeans, a black crop top — then let it shine with gold, silver, and jeweled accessories.

Bring the look together with the freshest pair of kicks in your closet, and make sure they are extra clean.


Outdoor Concert: Let It Flow

Share to PinterestOutdoor concerts require lightweight looks.
DMEPhotography / Getty Images

Most outdoor concerts are held during the warmer months, so plan accordingly. Keep your look as light as possible. Flowy tops, shorts or light-weight ankle-length skirts, and lightweight button-ups are great for outdoor events.

Accessories like wide-brimmed hats and funky sunglasses enhance your vibe, and also keep you protected from the blazing sun!


Jazz Jam: Cute and Simple

Share to PinterestStilettos are appropriate for a jazz show.
Georgiy Datsenko / Getty Images

Jazz concerts tend to be calmer affairs, so you can go with a simpler but semi-formal look that exemplifies your personal taste. A slip dress is cute, as is a simple button-up shirt and nice pair of slacks. Again, use accessories to add some trendy appeal to your outfit and you can opt for a fancier pair of shoes if you want, since you'll likely be sitting for most of the show.


R&B: Bring Sexy Back

Share to Pinterestr and b concert attire

R&B is sensual, sexy music, so let your outfit reflect the vibe. Go with something casual, such as a pair of skinny jeans and a flowy print blouse, or go all out with THE little black dress, strappy sandals, and plenty of bling.

Guys can do the classic button-up with some slacks and a nice pair of shoes. Freedom to move around is not necessarily the top priority, since most R&B concerts are seated affairs for most of the show.


Pop Concert: Channel Your Inner Teen

A good pop concert is all about fun, so your style choices should definitely reflect that. Anything goes at a pop concert, but comfort does matter since you'll likely be grooving!

A graphic tee, comfy pullover, and ripped jeans and sneakers are ideal options, so you can comfortably move around.


Classical Concert: Understated Elegance

Share to Pinterestclassical concert outfit dressy

A classical concert is generally more reserved in terms of audience participation, so you can go a bit more formal here. A nice dress or a blouse with slacks is a good option. You don't necessarily need to worry about footwear since classical concerts are also seated affairs, so you can venture out with a higher heel that really sets off that outfit.


Intimate Indie Set: Thrift Store Fashionista

Share to PinterestThrift store finds are perfect for indie concerts.
beavera / Getty Images

One of the best things about indie shows is that they are not events where people dress to impress, per se. Concertgoers are interested in the music, so you can be a bit eclectic here. Peruse your favorite thrift shop for cool vintage finds and put together an outfit that shows off your personality, or finally don that fun pairing that's been hanging in your closet for months.


Metal Concert: Mosh-Style Mash-up

Share to PinterestBe comfortable so you are ready to mosh.
PeopleImages / Getty Images

If you're going to a true metal show, you must be ready to mosh. Even if you didn't plan to, the energy pumps you up and the next thing you know — you're in the pit. Sneakers, jeans, and a t-shirt are ideal for this concert type.

Want the inside scoop? Never wear the tee of the band you are going to see. Instead, don one from another band of the same genre.


Country Concert: Glitter and Belt Buckles

Country concerts are as high-energy as any other genre, so dress cute but also be prepared to be out of your seat for most of the show. The key to fashion here is plenty of bold color, lots of glitter and sparkle, and, of course, boots if you have them. Kick the stilettos and uncomfortable footwear to the side so you can stomp and dance along with the rest of this high-energy crowd.



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