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Share to PinterestUnderstanding the Symbolism of Angel Number 2222

Understanding the Symbolism of Angel Number 2222

By Alicia Smith
Share to PinterestUnderstanding the Symbolism of Angel Number 2222

Do you keep seeing the number 222 or 2222? Perhaps the angels are trying to send you a message. Many people believe in guardian angels and gain wisdom and comfort from the messages they receive. One way the angels communicate is by using sequences of numbers. The angel number 222 has several possible meanings, though all are intended to help you find your way.


A new beginning

Angel number 222 signifies a new beginning. We all have access to a powerful tool for creating our life experience: our mind. By choosing to focus on positive thoughts, you can create a different life. Angel number 222 tells you that your positive thoughts and visualizations are about to become reality. If you have been dwelling in negative thoughts, the number 222 is a gentle call to shift your thinking. When you focus on negative thoughts, you keep creating situations that reinforce your negative mindset.

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Stay positive and take action

Seeing the angel number 222 or 2222 can be a reminder to repeat your positive affirmations and visualize yourself living the life you really want. If you're unsure what you want, you can use a simple affirmation such as, "I am love." Harness the power of your thoughts and take actions that back them up. It may be as simple as making a phone call or asking someone for advice. Take a small step towards what you want.

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Keep going

It can take time for your positive thoughts to create change in your life. You might think that nothing is happening and feel like giving up. When you see the number 222, the angels are encouraging you to keep going. The change you are working towards is just around the corner. Be patient and trust that things will happen when the time is right.

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Expansion and growth

The angel number 222 signifies the beginning of a period of expansion and growth. But what does that really mean? We all have opportunities to expand and grow, but sometimes we get stuck in patterns of fear and negative thoughts that stop this process. When you realize this has happened, you can choose to think differently. Now you are likely to see the number 222. It's a sign you are moving forward and entering a new phase of growth.

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Trust in your true self

To make the most of this new phase of growth you need to build trust in your true self or soul. Your true self is connected to the source of the universe which you might call the Divine Creator, God, or universal energy. You can choose to trust and flow with the universal energy, or resist and try to force your ideas of what's best. Going with the flow will produce better results than you could ever imagine.

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Trust in the universe

Once we trust in our true selves, we are then ready to cooperate with the wider universe. Another idea the number 222 might be encouraging is looking beyond yourself and cooperating with others in your relationships, your work, or another new project. Understand that you and everyone around you are part of a greater whole. Then you can work together to create even better things than you could on your own.

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Let go of the past

In order to move forward, we also need to let go of the past. We all make mistakes. Sometimes we can blame those, or the mistakes of others, for the way our life has turned out. This is where forgiveness comes in. First we need to forgive ourselves, and then we can start to forgive others. This can be a difficult process but ultimately gives us the freedom to move forward.

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Make time for loved ones

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222 and 2222 can also be a sign that we need to spend more quality time with our partner or others closest to us. Throughout a relationship, you learn and grow, and sometimes your partner changes but you fail to notice or appreciate it. Check in with this important person, and make sure you're present and mentally prepared to reconnect. How are they really feeling? What do they need?


Create heaven on earth

Your greater purpose is to use your unique gifts to bring light to the world and create heaven on earth. Angel number 222 is reminding you to be in harmony with the universe to achieve your purpose. Trust in your abilities and use them to make the world a better place.

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Give thanks to your angels

Thank your angels and guides for their loving message. By acknowledging your spiritual guiding forces, you show your willingness to learn and accept their messages in the future. This strengthens your connection, and you are likely to receive more angel number messages to help you on your journey.

In summary, are you just getting into numerology? Angel numbers are a fascinating way to predict and plan, giving you a little bit of mystic insight into possible futures. These recurring sets of numbers — usually in triplicate, like 222 — have a spiritual significance stemming from their presence in our lives. 

If you’re seeing angel number 222 all around you, your guardian angel might be letting you know it’s time for a new beginning, so keep an eye out for those opportunities. Similarly, 222 can be a sign that you need to stay positive and keep going — good things are coming!

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