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What Does Angel Number 555 Mean?
What Does Angel Number 555 Mean?

Ever pulled The Magician in a tarot deck? It means you can use alchemy to blend opposites, and look for the blessings amidst the binaries of every situation. Ever seen a white butterfly come close to you? It means that great joy is around the corner. If you are seeing 555 all over, it's a little like those situations. It means that something is on its way to you, and the universe is asking you to pay close attention. If you have a big decision ahead, or a choice to make, then three fives could be a clear sign from your higher self or your angel guides.


Something is about to happen

There is a Journey To Go On. Andrea Pistolesi / Getty Images

A major change is heading your way if you are seeing the numbers 555 often. This could be anything from consistently waking at 5:55 AM to being led to Apartment 5 on 55th Street. There is always a significance to seeing these numbers, and it usually represents a great awakening that will occur soon.

2. You are in sync with the universe.

555 can be a sign that your life is headed for a transformative shift. Remember to pay attention to your intuition, as it will lead you to where you're meant to be. This quiet inner voice will not sound demanding, critical, or aggressive, unlike the voices we sometimes internalize from those around us. This voice is special because it is yours alone, and it's telling you that you're going someplace important.

 Everything Starts To Line Up. Ziga Plahutar / Getty Images

You are a divine being with a plan

Step Into Your Joy. Oliver Rossi / Getty Images

There is a link between seeing angel numbers over and over again and being guided into the spiritual realm. It means that fate and destiny play key roles in your life, and you are about to take a journey into the divine. Perhaps you are psychic, or have a sixth sense about some facets of life.


Your guides want you to trust your gut instincts

Yes, Your Instinct Was Right. martin-dm / Getty Images

Your gut instinct is usually the first thought that springs to your mind quietly. It is not always a loud, urgent reaction, but it can cut through you or sharpen your senses if it wants you to get out of danger. Sometimes, seeing 555 repeatedly is the universe's way of reminding you to trust this deep sense.


Open your mind to what is next

An Infinite Amount Of Possibilities Await You. triloks / Getty Images

Usually, recurring 5s — particularly triple digits — means that you are about to open your mind and soul to unlimited possibilities. There's so much to look forward to in this journey. Expand your mind, and move forwards — the universe is always looking after you. There is no need to worry about things that happened in the past.


You have been here before

You Communicate Past Lives Through Art. Eva-Katalin / Getty Images

When your spirit guides decided that they wanted you to take on this next task, they communicated where you were most lacking. They wanted to give you the tools you needed and teach you valuable life lessons. So it's no surprise that seeing the numbers 555 can begin to feel like deja vu. It is: you have been here before, when planning out this next stage of life!


You are in line with the cosmos

You Are Being Supported, No Matter What. Jon Hicks / Getty Images

Numerology experts believe that seeing the numbers 555 over and over confirms your higher ascention in the spiritual field. Perhaps you have been through trials that led you to nearly give up because you have felt so worn out emotionally, mentally, physically, and most of all, spiritually. 555 tells you the cosmos wants you to look after yourself and be looked after by greater powers.


Your eyes are on the prize and the end goal is in reach

You Are Almost There. Keep Going. Marcelo Hernandez / Getty Images

Whatever you've been striving for, the universe wants you to know that it's right around the corner. Something that you have been lacking, or craving, for such a long time is nearly within reach. You just have to harness your emotional and spiritual strength to run the last few metres to the finish line.


A fearlessness is rising in you

The Universe Always Has Your Back. Pawel Libera / Getty Images

If you keep seeing these angel numbers, your strength has been tested to the core in the past, and you have had your beliefs shaken. But do not fear, because your strength and courage has got you this far, and you will continue to persevere.


There is no limit to what you can achieve

feeling safe and at home

If you embrace the power of numerology, even saying the word "five" out loud three times could help remove any self-imposed or external limitations. Have you been feeling especially light, recently, as though a great load has been lifted? This, combined with the recurrence of angel numbers, is a sign that you are on the right path and will find your way back, or finally to a home where you feel safe, loved, and happy.


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