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What Are the Most Flattering Haircuts for Round Faces?

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestWhat Are the Most Flattering Haircuts for Round Faces?

If you have a round face shape, you've probably heard that you can't pull off a short haircut. Or this haircut, or that haircut. But that's silly!

Round faces can actually pull off anything from a pixie cut to a shag, to long and luscious. All you need is to find the right hairdresser; one who can look at your rounded face and know how to layer and tweak until your dream cut looks amazing on you.


Side-Swept Bangs

Although having blunt bangs is not the no-no for round faces that many thought it was, side-swept ones are incredibly flattering. Bangs that ease into your haircut create the illusion of a more lengthened face. In some instances, they might even make the face appear more oval. Side bangs can literally change the shape of your face while also requiring minimal-to-no effort to do. A choppy ‘do with bangs swept to the side is a great just-out-of-bed look and it feels great to mess up with some texture spray.

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Loose Curls

While it's true that the "girls with curls" stereotype has some merit, overly tight curls can sometimes make a round face appear broader than it actually is. However, this doesn't mean that individuals with round faces must stick to straight hair. Quite the opposite, embracing relaxed, beach-ready waves can create the illusion of added length. Additionally, loose curls work wonders in highlighting your distinctive features, imparting round faces with a more angular and, if desired, an androgynous appearance. You can choose to wear these loose curls with a side or center part, depending on your personal preference.

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The Choppy Lob

Choppiness and layers in hair are great for those of us with round faces. They never fail to add height (not volume) to our hair that a round face really needs. Additionally, the lob - literally a long bob - rests coolly at the shoulders, giving off the same feeling as a bob while effectively lengthening your face. The added length balances the roundness of the face, and a lob with square layers is never a bad idea.

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Classic Pixie Cut

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All those people who have ever said pixie cuts don’t work on round faces need to have their eyes checked. Having short hair is not going to make your face look wider. Period. The pixie is classic and stunning. Also, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have a face like Edie Sedgwick or Twiggy to rock one.

A textured pixie cut done by the right stylist can make it look like you were been born to wear one. What this tends to require—if you have a rounder face—is some extra height on the top of the cut. Layers that add some choppy buoancy to the mix actually elongate your face by drawing attention to your forehead. Furthermore, the styling possibilities are endless!


Long, Glossy and Sleek

Choppy layers aren’t the only way to look great when you have a round face. Long, straight hair is one of the most effective cuts. Sleek hair will frame your face without accentuating its shape. Furthermore, the straighter and longer your hair is, the more it stretches out the length of your face to upset the imbalance. And the best part? There are SO many shaping options out there for long hair.

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If you've chosen to maintain longer hair, don't hesitate to experiment with a chic topknot. Whether you opt for a polished or slightly disheveled style, a topknot can do wonders for elongating your face. This versatile bun draws the eye upward, not only making you look absolutely fabulous but also giving you that effortless allure, reminiscent of the third Hadid sister. Plus, it's a perfect choice for the summertime, as nobody wants their hair clinging to their face in the sweltering heat.

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Boldly Blunt Bangs

Perhaps you've come across the advice that individuals with round faces should avoid sharp cuts and heavy bangs, but whoever propagated that notion got it wrong. When in the capable hands of a skilled hairstylist, blunt bangs can look absolutely stunning on anyone with a rounder face shape. Combining these bold bangs with long waves or even a layered lob will have you radiating with confidence and style.

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Undercut? Why Not?

Not every punk rocker boasts a long or oval face, and a stylish undercut could be the daring choice that suits you. Embracing an undercut on one side of your head while maintaining side-swept bangs on the other can create a striking and fashionable look. Irrespective of your facial shape, all it takes is a little courage to aim for the stars. After all, why let others have all the fun?

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Long and Layered

Picture the supermodels of the 1980s. Remove the overwhelming 80s volume, and you have one heck of a cut! Long, tousled locks work perfectly to slim down rounder faces. The layers chop into wider faces, making them more streamlined. Top it off with a side part and beach waves, and you'll be walking the runway in no time.

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Messy Braids

Once again, you need to rethink everything you've been told about round faces for a second. Having sleek, tidy hair isn't going to magically make your face less round. In a similar fashion, having messy hair isn't going to magically make your face look more round either. Messy hair can actually, sometimes, be better than a smoother look. It's also super sexy! Braids don’t have to be removed as soon as you go to bed. Next time, let them stay in when you go to bed and wake up just the way you are. Round or oblong-faced, you’ll be chock full of Parisienne chic.

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