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Totally On-Point 2023 Hair Color Trends

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestTotally On-Point 2023 Hair Color Trends

Stuck in a style rut? A change of hair color could be just the makeover you need to take on this new, uncertain year. Whether you opt for a subtle, elegant look or want to make a statement in an emphatic fashion, 2023's hair color trends have something to suit every skin tone and hair type.

Do your research on maintenance, and try out vibrant colors with temporary dyes before you go all the way, and you should end up with a look that sets you smiling every time you look in the mirror.


Platinum pastels

Ice, ice, baby. Think Targaryen dynasties and Pete Davidson-era Kim K—platinum hair is still here in 2023, so don't get rid of your purple shampoo. But the trend this year will also involve a hint of color. Instead of the Snow Queen hair you've become accustomed to seeing, you'll see more stylistas opt for the pastel trend, which combines a bleached base with fun shades inspired by the best ice cream parlors.



Everyone knows about balayage and ombré hair at this point. The latter often went from a dark root to blonde ends, but in 2023, sombré is all the rage. It's an understated transition and works on various hair colors—chocolates and caramels à la Hailey Baldwin are set to be big this year.

Layered is back, and this more natural color trend works well with less structured cuts and looks.


Bombshell reds

Red is having a moment. Just ask Prince Harry and TikTok. Everything from bright crimsons to fiery oranges and deep auburn will do, and there's a shade to suit every skin tone. Rihanna, Taraji P. Henson, and J-hope from BTS have all tested the waters with success.

If you've ever wanted to crank up the ginger factor, now's the time to take the leap and commit beyond that sexy wig you wore when you went as Poison Ivy. Red isn't just a winter color either—it'll be hot all year round, climate change aside.



There's another color trend gaining traction, and it's red-adjacent but more golden. Copper, cinnamon, and clay tones are way in this year, thanks in part to Kendall Jenner's Prada runway look. Curly girls, in particular, will want to take note of this shade—it makes natural ringlets pop like you won't believe.


Barbiecore pink

From Barbiecore interior decor to the new Greta Gerwig-helmed movie, this fabulous, otherworldly fuchsia is anything but boring. The upside to choosing such an outlandish color is that it suits every skin tone. Lizzo's pink hair was a 2022 highlight. If you're not keen on pink, opt for blue like your favorite manic pixie dream girls from the silver screen—we're looking at you, Clementine.


Mushroom brown

For a cool but classy upgrade, ask for mushroom. Specify you want the hair color, not the cut, before it's too late and you end up with a pageboy disaster of a style at the top of the year.

Mushroom hits notes between dark blonde and light brown. It's ashy, confused in the best way, and the colorists are going crazy for it. There's some maintenance to be done, so have your color-safe products at the ready.


Violet brunette

Here's another one for both the dark and light-skinned honeys out there. If you're a brunette who wants to stick with your dark hair but add in a pop of whimsy, cherry cola is what you're after. Turn to the plum and grape end of the spectrum for inspo and inject just a bit of violet or mahogany into your mane. The best part? No bleaching required.


Face framers

The money piece trend is proving profitable for color pros. This look is a fav because it's distinct. The front pieces of hair are dyed few shades lighter or darker than the rest of your locks, and the effect is striking. In 2022, the look was bold and chunky, and that may continue, but watch out for more blended face framers on both short and long styles.


Thick highlights and lowlights

Okidoke, let's make one thing clear. We're not going for natural here. We're going for a 90s throwback "superhero with stripes" aesthetic. So, whether you go for rose gold and blonde or black and red, you will look faintly skunk-like. And you know what? It'll be dope. So be brave, unleash your inner zebra, and bring the drama.


Raven vixen

Last but most certainly not least, we've got the glossy black look that's been trending ever since The Addams Family took to the screen again. Achieving that shiny, almost wet look is not as straightforward as you'd think, so set aside a solid block of time for your appointment if you're planning on going raven.

Why not go full Wednesday with goth bangs and long, dark pigtails? Okay, okay, we went too far. But that fringe is calling your name, and you know it.



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