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Share to PinterestWhat Are the Hot Hair Color Ideas for 2021?
Share to PinterestWhat Are the Hot Hair Color Ideas for 2021?

This year's hair color trends were all about having fun. Silver, pastels, rose gold, and rainbow "unicorn" hair colors were everywhere. Predictions for hot hair color ideas in 2021 include a stepped-up sophistication. While the silver and pastel colors aren't going anywhere soon, we'll also start seeing more natural, restrained tones. The main color trends we'll see in 2021 are deep chocolate and mahogany tones as well as buttery blonds. However, those who still like to walk on the wild side will have a chance to kick it up with neon, purple, and 90s style bright red.


Deep Chocolate

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Brunettes will rule in 2021. Luckily, brown is versatile; a dark brown tone exists for almost all complexions. In addition to dark golden mahogany, a delicious range of brown tones are available. Dark chocolate, caramel, and cafe au lait are just a few gorgeous brunette hair color ideas for 2021.


Dark Purple

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Dark purple is the go-to alternative to the dark brown trend. Variations on dark purple include blackberry, eggplant, and many burgundy tones. Deep purples are great choices for those with dark or olive skin tones. For those with lighter skin tones, dark purple can make a striking impression, as well.


Jet Black

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Few people realize that dyed black hair is rarely solid black. Most black dye treatments include slightly lighter dark brown highlights. In 2021, pure black will hit the scene. While considered a risky look, solid black can look quite natural on those with very pale skin or very dark skin.


Bright 90s Red

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The 1990s was the decade of boxed-dye reds. This youthful trend is coming back in 2021. Red tones ranging from bright fire-engine red to burgundy will appear on the scene. Luckily, there's a red for nearly every skin tone. These unnatural reds will be embraced the same way dyed silver hair, and pastel tones were in 2019--just for the fun of it.


Tiger's Eye

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The tiger's eye look is for those who aren't quite satisfied with the brunette trend. Named after the tiger's eye gemstone, this look melds bronze and caramel highlights. A variation on balayage highlights with a brown base, tiger's eye can be customized to suit almost any skin tone.


Golden Rose

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Rose gold was a popular hair color in 2019. It's no wonder: this glowing, slightly pink tone could accent both playful and professional looks. 2021 will see the appearance of the golden rose. This variation on rose gold plays down the pinkish tones of rose gold and turns up the gold and copper.


Buttery Blond

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Light blond ruled in 2019, with bright white and platinum looks in abundance. For 2021, ice-cold blond will warm up with buttery yellow tones. While platinum blond mainly suits those with pale skin, buttery yellow suits a wider variety of tones. It's also a great pick for those who want to move on from the icy blond look without going dark all at once.


Neon Highlights

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Neon streaks are the up-and-coming look for those who want to express their unconventional side in 2021. The best thing about the neon highlight trend is that it works for all hair types, hair lengths, skin tones, and ages. For those who aren't ready to commit to neon streaks, bright neon colored hair extensions are a great choice.


Pintura Highlights

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Pintura highlights are the big 2021 trend for those with curly, textured hair. The pintura process involves the stylist painting highlights on each curl, creating a truly customized look. Pintura highlights can include natural tones such as caramel and mahogany or wild colors such as bright blues or pinks.


Glossy Hair

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The easiest hair trend to try in 2021 is glossy hair. The "wet look" of the 80s is making a comeback, but anyone can add a bit of extra shine to any style. Even undyed hair can benefit from a gloss or glaze treatment to add shine to natural color. Serums and other shine treatments offer plenty of at-home options for exploring this fun and easy look.


Cool Blue

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Bright denim blue and blue ombre styles were the rages in 2019. In 2021, blue will continue to rule, but with more subtlety. A light wash of blue freshens up last year's silver and white dyes. Blue highlights-- especially in white and silver hair-- are another option we'll see in 2021.


Mallen Streaks

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All-over white and silver hair can create a striking look on people both young and older. In 2021, we'll see more people borrowing from the looks of their elders with mallen streaks. These streaks of white hair occur naturally in some people as they age. Artificially dyed Mallen streaks are gaining popularity and sure to be the rage in 2021.


Which Colors Are on Their Way Out?

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While pastel highlights are likely to stick around in 2021, multi-colored "unicorn" hair will be seen less frequently. All-over unnatural colors such as silver and single-color pastel or neon will lose popularity as well. Ombre highlights will make way for more natural-looking highlight styles. Almost across the board, 2021 will be the year for more natural, subtly sophisticated looks.



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