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What are the Cutest Girl Names Beginning With A?

By Alicia Smith
Share to PinterestWhat are the Cutest Girl Names Beginning With A?

Names beginning with 'A' have always been popular with new parents. In fact, names starting with this letter have been topping the charts for both boys and girls for several years. For parents looking for a classic or traditional moniker for their new daughter, there are plenty of choices beginning with 'A.' However, there are also many modern and more unique options up for grabs as well. Many names for girls beginning with 'A' also end with the same letter, giving them a more feminine sound.



This pretty and feminine name comes from the Latin meaning 'life.' Although the name Ava fell out of popular use for some time, it's enjoyed a revival thanks to celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon selecting it for their daughters. Girls called Ava also share their name with the Hollywood starlet Ava Gardner. The name Ava has ancient roots. It was the name of Saint Ava, whose blindness was cured before she became a nun.

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Alexis is another cute name popular with jet-setting celebrities. Famous faces such as Annie Banks and Martha Stewart have daughters with this name. Alexis is an English name derived from the name Alexandra. It means 'defender of mankind.' This name is a great choice for parents who want to give their daughter an adorable nickname. Lexus, Lexie, and Alex are popular shortenings of Alexis.

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Amelia is the perfect name for a determined little girl. Girls with this name share their moniker with female aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart. Meaning hard-working, the name is derived from English and Latin. Amelias have plenty of options when it comes to shortening their names to something a little more unique. Mila, Millie, and Lia are popular and cute pet names for Amelia.

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Alice is a pretty girl name meaning 'of the nobility.' It is an English version of the French name Adelais and the German Adalheidis. This is a name with royal connotations, having been bestowed upon several European princesses. Girls called Alice also share their name with the heroine of Lewis Carroll's enduringly popular children's book 'Alice in Wonderland.'

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The name Angela has origins in Greek, Italian, Latin, and Spanish. It means 'messenger from God.' Angela is the perfect name for a budding starlet, with famous actresses such as Angela Bassett, Angie Dickinson and Angela Bowie sharing the moniker. For parents that love the name Angela but want something a little more unique for their daughter, there are plenty of unusual international variations to choose from. Angelita, Angelia and Anjali are elegant and feminine options.

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Amanda could be just the perfect name for a cute and lovable baby girl. In fact, the name means 'worthy of being loved' and is of Latin origin. Although very popular in the 80s and 90s, Amanda has since become far less common and could be a good choice for parents looking for something classic but a little more unusual. Girls with this name share their moniker with Mamma Mia actress Amanda Seyfried. Director George Lucas and singer Donna Summer both chose the name Amanda for their daughters.

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Abigail may be the perfect choice for parents looking for a biblical name beginning with 'A' for their little girl. In the Bible, Abigail was the wife of David. She was well-known for being both beautiful and wise. The name comes from Hebrew and means 'gives joy.' Abigail has several shortenings including Gail and Abby.

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Ever-popular, Anna is a name with roots in many languages, including Russian, Italian, Swedish and Czech. The name appears in the Bible, belonging to a prophetess who proclaimed Jesus as Messiah. Saint Anna was also the name given to the mother of the Virgin Mary. This could be the perfect name for a regal little girl. In Russia, the name has royal connotations. Several female members of their royal family were named Anna.

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Gem names are soaring in popularity, with Ruby and Pearl emerging as popular options. However, Amber is a slightly more unusual and very pretty option for parents who love gemstone names. The name Amber evokes Hollywood glamour, belonging to actresses Amber Heard and Amber Tamblyn. Little girls named Amber also share their moniker with glamorous model Amber Le Bon, daughter of the English musician Simon Le Bon.

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Lovers of literature may be drawn to the name Amy for their little girl. It first became popular as the name of the youngest sister in Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. The name appears in both English and French and means 'dearly loved.' Parents can choose from various alternative spellings of the name, including Amie, Aimee, and Aymee.

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