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Share to PinterestWedding Shoe Ideas That Elevate Your Look

Wedding Shoe Ideas That Elevate Your Look

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestWedding Shoe Ideas That Elevate Your Look

While bridal footwear ranges from traditionally feminine to over-the-top eccentric, there's one thing most wedding shoes have in common: a serious lack of comfort. You know the deal — 6-inch heels, narrow fits, and weak materials mean you can't wait to sit down or kick them off, but that problem doesn't have to plague your big day!

You're going to be on your feet from preparation through reception, so why not select something a little cozier? From classic to contemporary, these bold brides switched up their look to resounding applause.


Pouffy flats

Pumps not your thing? No problem. We're loving romantic flats in an assortment of stunning shades, from blush pink to lush lavender. Take your wedding day look to the next level with a pair of flats in your favorite pastel hue. If your dress has subtle hints of color, you already know which one to work with.

When they're adorned with pouffy details, flats instantly get a feminine update. They're a simple solution to a decades- if not centuries-old problem — how to spend long days on your feet without feeling like you're toppling over!


Lace booties

We're loving this look, and there's a big reason why. Booties give you solid footing from your first dance through your last, but they're also more comfortable during lively days on your feet. With a sleek heel and lace embroidery from top to toe, they're a more snug version of wedding day pumps. Swirl your gown, and guests will glimpse unexpected lace details they won't stop talking about.

Now, your shoes can make a statement all their own. Functional, cozy, and oh-so-chic.


Sophisticated loafers

Loafers aren't reserved for the office. Now, they can truly transform into occasion wear with quality materials, sophisticated silhouettes, and bold details. You're not limited to white, either. Try blush pink, cornflower blue, or sage green with gold buckles for a look that's elegant, yet casual.

Since you'll be on the move into the wee hours, loafers offer a welcome respite from traditional footwear; many pairs feature super-soft lining to keep your feet toasty from the moment you slip them on. Now, that's something to toast to.


Square-toed sandals

Play up shape and texture with a sleek pair of square-toed sandals. Aim for a heel of 2 to 3 inches for a more snug fit, and try a style with plenty of straps to keep you feeling secure. This is a pair you could easily go shopping or explore the city in, but now, you've brought them home for the big day.

The trick to elegance here is all in the fabric. Instead of classic leather or suede, try strappy sandals in satin, velvet, or brocade for a luxurious look you'll love.


Celestial touches

You're the star of the occasion, so take a quirky approach with celestial touches from heel to toe. Consider amping up classic pumps with metallic stars, but really, your options are as numerous as the stars in the sky.

For a statement-making style, try classic two-strap sandals with beaded stars across the ankles and toes, or take booties to the next level with pearls attached in a star-shaped design. There are many ways to experiment, but whichever you select, you'll truly be the star of the show.


Gilded glamour

Relive the Gilded Age with a modern twist on a classic style. If pumps don't intimidate you, embrace them in all their glory — and then some. Metallic stiletto heels stand out underneath any style of gown, and they're an unexpected twist that evokes instant daring elegance. With gilded flower details from heel to toe, they embody feminine glamour in an unexpected way.

A pair like this takes time to create, but it also gives you the opportunity to innovate. Speak with a shoe designer early so your perfect pair is ready for the big day, or shop around for sophisticated styles in an assortment of silhouettes.


Playful platforms

Take your look to new heights while keeping your footing with a playful pair of wedges. If you love the height that traditional heels provide, this is one way to embrace the classics without sacrificing your comfort. Create an eye-catching aesthetic by selecting a pair with romantic details, such as floral appliques, beading, embroidery, or pearls well-suited to the occasion.

If you're even braver, choose one in a rainbow-colored hue for an outstanding aesthetic every time you take a twirl. We're loving the possibilities, especially if you mix and match them with other accessories.


Lace-up sandals

They're easy to get into and out of while giving your footwear a feminine twist, and we're loving every minute. Lace-ups are all the rage these days, so why should your wedding be any exception?

Embrace the trend by opting for lace-up sandals with a low heel. Whether you select an elegant pair with pearl details on the straps or embrace classic white in a gladiator-inspired silhouette, these are the sandals you'll want to take your first —and last — twirl in.


Geometric heels

Hexagon heels add modernity to your wedding day look without sacrificing comfort. They're thick and low to the ground, generally just an inch or 2 tall, so a snug fit isn't hard to come by. The geometric design pulls your look together with sophistication and flair, as this isn't a trend you see often.

Rise to the occasion with neutrals, or go bold with a sleek patent leather style in a unique hue, such as candy pink, aqua blue, or olive green. Always unexpected, always stylish, and forever modern. You can't go wrong.


Something blue

You have your old, you have your new, so why not honor tradition with footwear in blue? With so many shades to choose from, this is your time to get creative. From cornflower to aqua, navy, and baby blue, there are countless ways to experiment with your look, so select the hue that feels most "you."

Whether you select stacked sneakers or suede flats, you're embracing a contemporary twist on a classic tradition, and that's something your entire guest list can appreciate. Experiment even more by pairing bold footwear with a matching accessory, such as a bangle bracelet or your bouquet.



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