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Share to PinterestWedding Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Love

By Max Day
Share to PinterestWedding Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Love

The history of the wedding favor is a long and fascinating one. Hundreds of years ago, aristocratic couples provided wedding guests with ornate boxes filled with precious stones and delicious confections to symbolize their wealth and high status. Today, the tradition is a more humble affair. Wedding guests are given small "favors" such as fancy candy or trinkets as a sign of the happy couple's love and appreciation. If you're organizing a wedding, now is an excellent time to start thinking about finding a memorable favor that will make your guests smile but not set you back too much.


Personalized candy bags

Share to PinterestCandy bags
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This is an excellent idea if you were childhood friends with certain guests, because it allows you to show off how well you know their tastes. After all, nothing demonstrates close friendship quite like the ability to pick out someone's favorite candy. To pull this one off without looking cheap, source old-fashioned paper confectionery bags that you can customize. Cover the bags with images of individualized memories and don't be afraid to add a heartfelt message or two.


A luxury candle

Share to PinterestScented candles
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Beautifully scented candles are almost universally loved. As well as providing an attractive centerpiece for the home, if you choose the right scents they can help guests relax after a wild and raucous wedding. The best aromas for relieving stress include sage, lavender, orange, lemon, cinnamon, and apple. If you're feeling creative, you could even create a gift box with a selection of different candles. Another nice thing about this option: it's easy for them to re-gift if they don't like the scent!


Personalized wine labels

Share to PinterestWine bottles
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A tasteful bottle of wine or champagne is a classic wedding favor and is sure to be much appreciated by the guests. However, if you're looking to push your gift-giving credentials up a notch, why not add a personalized label to the bottle? Consider a thoughtful photograph or a warm message from you and your family. The possibilities — and the price range — are endless, really.


A small plant

Share to PinterestCacti
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A little potted plant makes for a fantastic gift because they tend to live for a long time, providing guests with a lasting reminder of the big day. Try to find species that are not too imposing and are easy to look after, such as mini cacti, aloe vera, or air plants, so you cater to the wide range of green thumbs at your big day. You could even place the plants in pretty tin or ceramic pots to really impress the recipients!


Homemade cookies

Share to Pinterestcookies wedding favors

A jar of homemade cookies is a thoughtful gift that shows how much you care about your friends and family members. Search for deliciously unusual recipes online before baking your cookies, and remember to create a practice batch if you're a novice. Once you have baked your cookies, place them in an old-fashioned jar, and attach a gift label. You can make this offering extra special by applying the dietary restrictions you already know from the dinner feedback.


A charity donation

Share to PinterestCharity donation
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If you're not keen on giving physical gifts, try donating to one or more good causes on behalf of your guests. Most people have a close affinity to a particular charity — simply find the most suitable options and make your donations. Most charities offer gift cards acknowledging the donation, so all you need to do is write a kind note wishing the guests well. They are sure to love the gesture and the fact that they don't need to lug home an impersonal gift.


A wedding recovery kit

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Let's be honest: most wedding guests wake up the next morning feeling a little worse for wear. This is particularly true for close friends and family members, who might have consumed their body weight in food and alcohol in solidarity with the lucky couple. To help them get through the hangover, hand out personalized recovery kits as your wedding favor. Simply purchase few gift bags and fill them to the brim with comforting candy, hot chocolate, face masks, detox teas, and anything else you can think of.


Bath bubbles

Share to PinterestBath bubbles
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A chic bottle of bubble bath will help the guests to relax and unwind after the big day. If there are any leftovers, they may even serve a romantic purpose during the honeymoon! Look around for gorgeously scented bath items and, to make the favor as special as possible, add personalized gift tags filled with good wishes. This option is also a great one for your bridal party.


A packet of seeds

Share to PinterestGardening
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Gardening and horticulture are becoming major trends amongst millennials, with many young people tending plants as a relaxing hobby. With this in mind, why not give your guests packets of seeds as a gesture of appreciation? As well as being a little bit unusual and definitely unique, it will give guests an excuse to get on Instagram and post updates about the progress of their plants long after the wedding has taken place.


Personalized blankets

Share to PinterestOutdoor blanket
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An increasing number of weddings are taking place outside nowadays. While this can often make for gorgeous wedding photos, it also means guests end up a little chilly towards the end of the evening. To combat this, organize a collection of personalized blankets to hand out when your attendants start to feel the cold. There are plenty of companies out there offering customers the option to design their own blankets. Make the most of them!



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