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Uses for Everyday Items You Don't Know About

By Sara Anderson
Share to PinterestUses for Everyday Items You Don't Know About

You may have heard of many life hacks, but this list isn't a list made up by ingenious users.  These are uses that creators, designers, and developers want you to know! How many of these uses for everyday items did you already know about? Take a look!


Chinese take-out plates

Share to PinterestTwo Chinese Boxes
hillwoman2 / Getty Images

Chinese take-out! It often comes in this square cardboard box! But, did you know that box folds out into a plate? It's true!


Straw holder

Share to PinterestSoft Drink Can with Straw on the Desk
Ake Dynamic / Getty Images

Everything you've ever been told is a lie! The tab that you use to open your can of soda (or pop, depending on where you're from) is made so you can flip it around and put a straw in it!


Tire-wear safety

The average American doesn't actually know when it is time to change their tires, but they also don't know that most tires have a built-in system for this! Once the tread wear indicator touches the pavement, it's time to change!

Share to Pinterestbrand new winter tyre for driving on snow - showing tyre profile
EThamPhoto / Getty Images


Foil holder

Share to PinterestDisplay of Aluminium Foil on the shelf in supermarket

Always having trouble with the aluminum foil roll falling out when you try to cut a piece? The truth is: there is a built-in system to make it easy! All you have to do is push in the foil holders on the ends!


Cable interference blocker

Share to PinterestClose up of a ferrite bead inductor

This little knob on your cable cord is actually called a ferrite bead. It is made to suppress high-frequency noise in electronic circuits. Hey, look, a purpose!


Spoon rest

When you're cooking pasta in a pot, it can be hard to find somewhere to set your spoon. But, most pots are created so that the hooks safely secure the utensil in a mess-free way!


No boil pasta

Share to Pinterestcooking pot with water and wooden spoon
Herzstaub / Getty Images

Another struggle when cooking pasta is that it boils over so easily! To prevent that, wooden spoons are the perfect candidate to stop it!


Fast food ketchup

Fast food ketchup containers are known for not holding enough ketchup. This is because we've been using them wrong for years! They actually fold out!


Tic Tac dispenser

Normally, you just dump a tic tac into your hand or mouth, but it turns out that little dip in the lid has a purpose after all.


Fizz container

Share to Pinterestplastic bottles
Ulf Wittrock / Getty Images

Does your bottle of soda always go flat if you don't drink it right away? Did you take the little rubber thing in the cap out? Don't. It is there to contain the fizz!


Gas tank indicator

Share to Pinterestgas tank indicator
Garrett Aitken / Getty Images

How often do you go to get gas, and while at the station, you stop for a minute and ask yourself… "Which side is my tank on?" Well, I hate to break it to you, but your HUD already told you.


Pasta serving sizes

Share to PinterestA portion of spaghetti measured in a spoon

Back to pasta! How do you know what a serving of pasta is? If you're lucky enough, your pasta spoon has a built-in tool to help you out!


Tube opener

Share to Pinterest Top of a Tube of Tomato Paste
RightOne / Getty Images

When you have trouble opening a tube of something, check the top of the lid to see if it has a puncture point that will open the tube for you!


Bumps on keyboard

Share to PinterestClose up of home Key showing bump on letter F

The next time you look at your keyboard, you will notice that the F and J keys have bumps. This is, so typists know where they are at, at all times!


Double zipper-lock

Share to Pinterestgrey video camera bag crop
ru3apr / Getty Images

The double zipper technique you see on your luggage is for more than just easy access. It is also made so you can lock the zippers together.



Share to PinterestRed toilet plunger with wooden handle on a white background

Yes, the plunger, or at least the cup plunger (the red plunger icon), is actually made for sinks and bathtubs, not toilets. The toilet plunger is a much better fit for the toilet… obviously.


Drink holder

When you're at a bar, and you leave your drink, people assume you are done. But if you place a coaster on your glass, it is a universal sign for, "I'll be right back."


Suffocation-free pen caps

Share to Pinterestpens
Marcos André / Getty Images

That hole in the top of many pen caps is not to ventilate the pen but is made for emergencies if swallowed. Over 100 deaths a year are caused by swallowed pen caps, so this is a legit measure!


Ink eraser

Share to PinterestErasers on a cork board

Ever wondered why some erasers have a blue side and a pink side. Legend has it the blue side can erase ink! Imagine that!


Oil your padlock

Share to PinterestUnlocked Silver Padlock on a black background

If you want your padlock to stay secure, you might want to use that mysterious hole at the bottom to oil it every once in a while!


The "57"

Share to PinterestHeinz famous Ketchup bottle on a wood table

You probably haven't even noticed that there is an indented "57" on glass bottles of Heinz. This number marks the spot where you are supposed to hit the glass to make the ketchup run smoothly! Bet you've been hitting the bottom all along!


Shift + F3

Share to PinterestFunction keys F3


Do you ever accidentally type in ALL CAPS FOR NO REASON AT ALL? Instead of retyping the words, all you have to do is select them and press "shift" along with "f3" or sometimes, "fn" plus "shift" plus "f3." If you want the first letter of each word/sentence capitalized, just do it again.


Lid coasters

If you have a to-go drink but need a coaster, you may find that the lid makes a perfect one! It will fit exactly into the slot and lay flat on the table.


Life-saving headrest

Share to Pinterestcar headrest
deepblue4you / Getty Images

Sure, the primary purpose of a headrest is to "rest your head." But on the other hand, when in a wreck, the headrest is made to slide out and be used to break a window!



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