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Share to PinterestTwitter Bot Wows the World With Its Crazy Makeovers

Twitter Bot Wows the World With Its Crazy Makeovers

By Alicia Smith
Share to PinterestTwitter Bot Wows the World With Its Crazy Makeovers

Whether you use them regularly or not, chances are you've applied a filter to a selfie before. You can't deny the exciting effect it has on even the most mundane pictures, and wish life could really be this picture-perfect. If you like playing with filters, then you'll love Yassify Bot — a Twitter bot that gives people crazy makeovers with FaceApp. Using regular pictures of men and women of various shapes and sizes, Yassify Bot has managed to give each person an incredible makeover, with stunning makeup and perfect features. Even the most standard and dull photos are transformed into something gorgeous and memorable!


Our favorite grumpy girl gets transformed

The world's favorite meme of a grumpy young girl has been heightened to new levels! Featuring a crazy makeover, she's nearly unrecognizable with a new set of blonde highlights, an incredible smoky eye, and luscious lips. This has transformed the meme into a teenage version of the original!


Jake Harlow gets transformed into a stunning lady

Jake Harlow looks as cute as ever with this insane makeover given by Yassify. Featuring long curly hair, a smile that could win over the coldest of hearts, and a smoky eye that would make you melt, Jake is just as beautiful as a woman as he is a man!


Timothee Chalamet stuns the world with a dramatic new look

Timothee Chalamet has won over the hearts of countless people around the world with his classic good looks and charm. But have you ever wondered what he'd look like with a bit of makeup and transformed into a woman? Have a look! He certainly doesn't disappoint!


Kitchen Nightmares star Amy has an unreal transformation

Kitchen Nightmares has graced most of our televisions at one point or another. If it has, you can't forget Amy from Amy's Baking Company. But can you picture Amy with a stunning makeover? Featuring airbrushed makeup and gorgeous long locks, Yassify Bot has turned crazy Amy into a beautiful woman!


Serena and Blair from Gossip Girl have a makeover of dreams

Serena and Blair hardly need any help in looking beautiful. These stunning women were instrumental in making Gossip Girl a hit series, and whether you love them or hate them, chances are you idolized them at one point. But can you picture them with glam makeup, complete with airbrushed foundation, bonded teeth, and luscious lips? Yass girl, slay queen!


Hannah Baker from 13 Reasons Why slays with her new look

Hannah Baker has been Yassified! While Hannah usually sports a low-key look, Yassify Bot has given her a crazy makeover, making her look more glamorous than ever! Her hair has grown out, cheeks contoured, and brows done incredibly; she looks like a completely new woman! Makeup or not, we love Hannah!


Christian Bale is as stunning as ever with a dramatic makeover

American Psycho is a classic that helped Christian Bale cement his role as an incredible actor, and it continues to live on as a cult classic. But can you picture his character as a woman? The iconic photo of him covered with blood has been transformed! Featuring bouncy waves, a smoky eye to die for, and the lipgloss of dreams, Christian Bale is just as beautiful with this look as ever!


Eclectic Bjork stuns crowd with crazy transformation

We all know and love Bjork for her eclectic music style and taste. But can you picture her with a full face of makeup and a blowout? Take a look here! It will shock and surprise you how amazing she looks!


Sigmund Freud is as stunning as he is smart with this transformation

Celebrities aren't the only ones being transformed by Yassify Bot. Neurologist Sigmund Freud has most recently been targeted with the incredible FaceApp transformation. His normally serious look has been turned sultry, as he sports a long balayage, lip enhancement, and a stunning contour to compliment his cheekbones. Who knew he could be so gorgeous!?


Tommy Wiseau makes a for a beautiful woman with a bot makeover

Turns out Tommy Wiseau is as beautiful as he is tough. With Yassify's latest transformation, the creator of The Room turns heads as his messy locks are combed through, looking shiny as ever. He also has a fantastic application of bronzer and lip enhancements to polish off the final look. Who knew he could be so beautiful!


Gollum looks amazing

Chances are you've seen Lord of the Rings and formed a love-hate relationship with Gollum. One thing you can't deny is he's a little scary-looking! But can you picture him looking gorgeous with a crazy makeover? Yassify Bot has made the usually creepy Gollum beautiful with a sleek bob, lipstick of dreams, and the most beautiful eye makeup you've seen!


Steve from Blues Clues looks incredible as a woman

We all grew up with Steve and loved a bit of Blues Clues every now and again. But can you picture our beloved show starring Steve as a girl instead? Yes! Yassify Bot has made Steve as gorgeous as ever, with long brunette hair, stunning blush, and luscious pink lips! Check it out for yourself!


Priest Monsignor Pruitt Slays as a gorgeous babe!

Not even Monsignor Pruitt is safe from Yassify's makeovers! The stoic priest makes for a beautiful woman with his FaceApp transformation. He looks charming with the transformation, complete with an expertly applied contour, lipgloss, and long dark hair. Forgive me, father, for I have slayed!


Grimes lookalike wows with a stunning transformation

Have you ever wondered what Grimes would look like with a full face of glamorous makeup? Look no further — this lookalike is the latest victim of Yassify's FaceApp transformation, and we must say she looks incredible. With gorgeous blonde highlights, a perfectly applied berry lipgloss, and the cat-eye of dreams, this girl has been made over to the heavens!


Tobey Maguire looks just Like Kylie Jenner with this makeover

Have you ever wondered what Toby Maguire would look like as a beautiful woman? Featuring an incredible makeover, this amazing actor looks similar to Kylie Jenner after the makeover and hair additions! We can't believe our eyes!


Harry Styles is just as gorgeous as a girl with Yassify transformation

We aren't very surprised that Harry Styles looks as amazing as ever transformed into a girl as he does in his day-to-day life. With a face that beautiful, makeup can only add to his appearance... not take anything away!


Medieval artists are shaking with the latest makeover

First, he came for celebrities, then scientists, and new paintings! Medieval artists are shaking at Yassify's latest makeover. The original painting of a regular man looks unrecognizable as the subject has been transformed into a beautiful woman!


Ben Shapiro slays as a beautiful woman

Political Commentator troll Ben Shairpiro looks insane with Yassify's FaceApp makeover! I think I'd watch more of his stuff if he looked like this instead!


Boring guy meme is Yassify's latest beauty transformation

Memes have become a staple in modern-day society. Whether you love them or hate them, chances are you have a couple saved on your phone or have been sent them by friends and family. But what if your favorite meme has been changed into a beautiful woman!? This crazy transformation will leave you shaking!


Kim Kardashian slays as always

Kim Kardashian looks practically the same when Yassify gave her a makeover. After all, this queen doesn't need any help in looking beautiful! Check it out for yourself!


Ugly man in bed turned beautiful

No one wants to wake up to a scary man in bed. But what if that man was a beautiful woman? The ever-popular scary man in bed meme has been turned into a beautiful woman! She looks absolutely beautiful!


Michael Cera is as cute as ever

Michael Cera wows the crowd with an amazing makeover by Yassify. With a face that adorable, he hardly needs any help in looking beautiful!


iCarly looks unrecognizable with a makeover

Check out the makeover Yassify has given this amazing iCarly character. She looks as beautiful as ever with stunning long locks and makeup of dreams!


Snape goes from creepy professor to gorgeous gal

Harry Potter has given us magic, drama, romance, and Severus Snape. While we went back in forth in deciding whether he was "good" or not, one thing is certainly true... he's definitely hot with Yassify's latest makeover! The usually serious and solemn Snape has been transformed into a gorgeous lady! His hair has grown a few inches, his lips have been enhanced, and he's had some serious work done to his face resulting in baby smooth contour of dreams! I'm sure the public would think much differently of this character if he looked like this all the time!



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