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Tricks to Achieve Beautiful Wavy Hair

By Graham Hall
Share to PinterestTricks to Achieve Beautiful Wavy Hair

Full of movement and sophistication, wavy hair is one of the most requested effects by women in beauty salons around the world. And let’s be honest — wouldn’t it be wonderful to simply wake up with glamorous curls like actresses do in the movies?

The good news is that waves are democratic. Natural or not, long or short, bulky or thin: Everyone can have S-shaped, silky strands. You only need to invest in quality products and some (simple!) tricks.


Get beach waves in minutes

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A good option for those who have straight or undefined waves is a straightener. It’s great for creating the beach waves effect. To do this, instead of sliding the heated piece down the hair, wind each portion of hair around the closed plates.

Do this with damp hair and after applying a thermal protector. After the process, finish with a wave-defining product and lightly knead the locks with your fingers. In a few minutes, you’ll have a stripped-down look with lots of body.


Choose the right curling iron for your hair

Another effective ally — and perhaps the most famous — is the curling iron. There are dozens of options on the market that promise voluminous and well-defined waves in a few minutes.

The trick here is to choose the ideal device for your hair type and desired result. Want smoother and more elegant waves? Use a thicker or medium appliance. Want hair with more defined waves or even curls? Go with a thinner curling iron instead.

For a more natural effect, separate the hair into strands that do not exceed the width of your finger. Your hair needs to be completely dry and preferably clean. And don't forget to finish with your favorite fixing spray.

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Lack of volume? Mess up your roots

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Do you suffer from a lack of volume? No worries! This can be attributed to the strands becoming more attached at the root because of hair structure or oiliness.

To remedy this, you can use your fingers or a fork comb to stimulate the volume by pulling the strands up and out, away from your scalp. Another easy trick is to use dry shampoo or talcum powder to keep your roots dry and loose.


A diffuser dryer can work miracles

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Don’t have much time but want to leave the house with more defined waves? Enlist the help of a diffuser. Widely used at hair salons, it’s a great addition for women who want thick, luscious curls.

The trick is simple and can be done whenever you wash your hair. After applying a thermal protector or leave-in, toss the hair all the way forward and bunch up or curl the strands inside the diffuser attachment of the blow dryer for a few seconds.

It is important to leave the dryer and the diffuser at medium or low heat. It’ll take a little longer, but your hair won’t be damaged, and the waves will have a more natural, voluminous effect without the unwanted frizz.


Want to escape the heating products? Make a braid

Braids are perfect for those who want to get away from the heating tools and have more time to work on their waves. Set aside at least three hours of your day for drying or, if you prefer, sleep with the hairstyle.

If you want a wavy effect all over your head, create inlaid braids. If your desire is for wider and more natural waves, choose a common braid with thick strands. After a time, carefully loosen the braids using only your fingers. Finish off your amazing new curls with a fixing spray.

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Sleep in a bun and wake up with waves

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Like with braids, a bun can help you keep your waves defined and voluminous. The dependable bun is also great to avoid frizz and, let's face it, it's got a lot of style on its own!

For wavy hair types, the ideal type of bun is the famous pineapple — piled on the very top of your head — as it prevents the hair from rubbing the pillow at night.


Hydration makes all the difference

Hydration is essential in dealing with frizz, and with the lack of definition wavy hair can have.

To start with, invest in a light hydration mask that doesn’t leave your hair too heavy. Stay away from products with excess oils or alcohol.

Be sure to take into account the condition of your hair at that moment. Is it dry or frizzy? Pay attention to what your hair needs when choosing your product.

When applying, don't overdo it! Less is definitely more. If the waves of your hair are closed, separate the hair by locks when applying the mask. If the waves are more open, start in the middle of the hair.

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Control oiliness at the root and dryness at the tips

Share to Pinterestdry hair ends

Are you one of those neither-straight-nor-curly folks? Because of their mixed characteristics, wavy hair can suffer from excess oiliness at the root and dryness at the ends.

To deal with this, use shampoo only on the root and conditioner only on the length and ends. Swap combing creams for leave-in moisturizers. Sprays that have silicones or saline solutions are also great for finishing this kind of hair.


Get rid of frizz once and for all

Share to Pinterestcombing frizzy hair

One of the most common hair complaints: the dreaded frizz. To prevent this nightmare, avoid rubbing your hair excessively or brushing it too many times a day.

If possible, use a silk or satin pillowcase for your pillow, in addition to sleeping with a bun or braid. The goal is to avoid rubbing as much as you can.

After bathing, don’t use towels and heating products such as dryers and curling irons. Apply a leave-in conditioner and knead the strands gently with only your hands.


Don't be afraid to cut your hair!

Last but not least, you can always invest in a good layered haircut. It helps distribute the hair, making strands harmonious and lively.

Another cut that works with wavy hair is the long bob, which is still popular in beauty salons today. This cut enhances the texture of the waves — a fantastic choice for medium-length hair.

Whatever the choice, a sacred tip if you're cutting your own hair: do so only when it’s dry so as not to be surprised by the shrinkage factor of wet hair.

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