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Trendy Dutch Braid Styles for All Ages

By Max Day
Share to PinterestTrendy Dutch Braid Styles for All Ages

One of the hottest trends in braiding is the Dutch braid. At first glance, it may seem like a French braid, but it is executed very differently. The Dutch version is braided underneath and is sometimes called a reverse braid. Easy enough for even a beginner to master, these braids can be woven into many beautiful styles. Versatile Dutch braids are perfect for work, school, or a night out with your friends. Dressed up or down, they keep their neat appearance. Wake up your look with a fun new braided hairstyle that's as gorgeous as it is easy to create.


Single Dutch side braid

If you are new to Dutch braids, this hairstyle is a great place to start. With its single bold braid, it adds a sense of carefree elegance, with its beautiful curved style. It sweeps the hair back from the face delicately, sending it flowing gracefully to the other side. The braiding can begin above the ear or slightly farther back. As it is woven, it follows the hairline above the neck until it reaches the other side. The long single braid is then allowed to hang freely. This would be great for a day out in the sun or on a date in the city. And it keeps your hair looking beautiful and feminine without the need for constant primping.

Share to PinterestThe graceful Dutch side braid enhances any style.
middelveld / Getty Images


Dutch braid ponytail

Why settle for a plain ponytail when you can add some excitement and class to your day? For a classic look, this single braided ponytail always wins. Bringing all the hair to the back of the head and sending it straight down makes this style perfect for an active, yet stylish, woman. With a solo plait running down the back, you will be free to get as physical as you like. You won't sacrifice a bit of style when you are biking, hiking, or perfecting your yoga positions.

Share to PinterestA single Dutch braid ponytail makes a perfect workout partner.
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Two loose Dutch braids

Your braids don't have to be tight to be beautiful. In fact, a delicate set of loose Dutch braids can add a distinctively feminine air for an effortless style. For this style, you start by parting the hair as if you were making pigtails. These braids start just below each ear, allowing your hair to frame your face perfectly. As you work the braids, make sure that you don't pull too tight. This style adds a playfulness to your fashion style and looks great on medium- to long-length hairstyles. By leaving a few wisps of hair to frame the face, you can create an effortless look with a lot of style points.

Share to PinterestTwo loose Dutch braids add an effortless style to your look.
Maryna Andriichenko / Getty Images


Asymmetrical Dutch braid with a low bun

What a lovely way to show off your natural beauty! This face-framing design adds sophistication with its big sweeping braid and unstructured bun. It is sure to draw attention at your next event. Begin by making a low part on one side, allowing the bulk of your hair to flow to one side. Leaving a few wisps at the forehead, loosely braid the hair at the front from the part and around the forehead to a point above the ear. Paired with an off-the-shoulder dress, this coif adds a romantic touch to a formal occasion. This twist on the classic plait is simple, yet timeless.

Share to PinterestThis braided crown adds a royal splash of ultra-femininity to any outfit.
frantic00 / Getty Images


Close triple Dutch braid

This style offers its wearer complete control over their tresses. By placing the braids close to the head, these side-to-side Dutch braids offer style and control. As beautiful as it is functional, these plaits let you focus on work or fun, without having to worry about how your hair looks. The hair in front is left unrestrained, softening the look. The braiding is vertical, with the braid beginning at ear level and working down to the neck. This style does not require long hair to look great. Women with medium lengths can carry this regal style easily.

Share to PinterestThree horizontal braids create a striking hairstyle for any occasion.
Yue_ / Getty Images


Dutch braid crown

Here is another style to set off the beauty of your face. This crown braid winds around the head like a halo of controlled elegance. Whether you need a formal hairstyle or just a secure way to fashionably restrain your hair, this Dutch braid style is a wonderful choice. The braid is formed tightly around the head, including all the hair. It curves to the shape of the head as it weaves from one side to the other, laying just above the base of the hairline. Highlights add another level of interest to an already interesting hairstyle. The pattern they weave into the braid enhances the intricacy of the coif and raises it to a higher fashion level instantly.

Share to PinterestFormal or casual, you will be ready for anything with a braided crown.
sutichak / Getty Images


Dutch braid ring

Can't decide whether to wear your hair up or down? No problem! This style incorporates both the security of a braid and loose, flowing locks. With this hairdo, everyone can be happy, even women with shorter hairstyles. For this look, the hair is pulled back from the face and braided into a ring at the back of the head. The rest of the hair is allowed to hang freely. This keeps your hair out of the way in a very beautiful way.

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Photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash


Dutch Braid accent

Your Dutch braid doesn't have to use all your hair. If you prefer to wear your hair down but want to try a simple Dutch braid, this is the perfect way to start. By adding a single braid to your hair, you can create a little bit of magic. Simply use a thin lock of hair from the front and form one free-hanging braid. It takes only minutes to create a little interest in your everyday 'do. ``This is an easy style for anyone to wear and gives you a way to pull your hair back without a barrette. Just add this braid to the top portion of your hair for a stand-out look that is quick to create.

Share to PinterestThis simple style adds just a touch of restraint at any age.
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Twin Dutch rosettes

Share to PinterestBrunette girl with french braids on dark brown hair.

Try something new and get noticed with these double Dutch roses. Braided, then twisted into two rosettes, this will give your hair the right amount of control, while letting your fun side shine. While this isn't a hard hair design, its appeal depends upon precise parting of the hair and even placement of the roses. Take your time with this style, and you will be getting compliments everywhere you go.


Dutch braid high bun

You're sure to wow the crowd with this striking Dutch braid design. Loosely braided and piled high atop the head, this bun is like no other. The loose braids ripple near the hairline, giving you the chance to show off your highlights. The rest of the hair is layered atop the head close to the crown. Delicate and romantic, this high bun fits in with even the most formal affairs. Treat your long tresses to this trendsetting hair design and give your friends something to talk about.

Share to PinterestA stunning Dutch braided bun perched high on your head creates a striking image.
Khosrork / Getty Images


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