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Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Spouse

By Paula Ramirez
Share to PinterestTraditional Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Spouse

Wedding anniversaries are a special time to celebrate the bond you share with your partner. An excellent way to commemorate your time together is to give each other a meaningful anniversary present. Depending on how long you have been married, there are many types of anniversary gift ideas based on traditions that can help you celebrate these special life milestones.


First-anniversary gift ideas

The first anniversary is a special one as it sets the tone for future anniversaries. To celebrate and make each anniversary special, you can use traditional gift ideas to ensure each year is unique. For the first one, paper is the traditional gift. Paper is fragile, but with proper care, it could last a lifetime. This is the same sentiment you should use when approaching your wedding anniversary. You can find many beautiful gifts that feature paper to commemorate your first year together. One way you can show your love is to commission a paper art piece. Another romantic idea is to create a printed photo album of pictures from your first year as a married couple.

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Second-anniversary gift ideas

Cotton is the traditional gift for the two-year anniversary. Although cotton is a durable material, it must also remain flexible. This is an important reminder that you must both stay strong yet flexible as you celebrate your second year of marriage. Cotton’s woven threads represent how the two of you will become increasingly interconnected as time goes on. Some cozy anniversary gifts that use cotton are blankets, bed sheets, clothing, and accessories. For additional personalization, you could create the gift yourself by knitting or crocheting cotton yarn.

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Fifth-anniversary gift ideas

Typically, the five-year gift is a wooden item. Wood represents the roots your marriage has sprouted and how your relationship has grown like a strong tree. Similar to a tree, your bond together can endure hardships. Wood is a versatile material and can take many forms. For this celebration, consider gifting wooden furniture, jewelry, or art. You can also personalize the gift by creating your own wood carving to present to your significant other.

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Tenth-anniversary gift ideas

For the ten-year anniversary, the material for the gift varies between aluminum or tin. These metals don’t rust, symbolizing how your marriage has survived time and will not wear down. Aluminum and tin are also both malleable metals, further representing how your marriage needs to remain flexible to be successful. Due to their flexibility, these metals can be shaped into interesting anniversary gifts. You can consider gifting an aluminum or tin sculpture to represent your love. If you are looking for a more functional present, an aluminum or tin lantern can help light the way.

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15th-anniversary gift ideas

Crystal is traditionally the 15-year gift. Crystals are a delicate but study material that represents the strength and beauty of your marriage. It also represents the clarity and transparency that is necessary to have a successful, lasting union. There is a wide selection of beautiful crystal gifts for this special celebration. You can choose to buy dazzling crystal jewelry or stunning crystal figurines. If you are thinking of purchasing a crystal figurine, you can make the gift more meaningful by choosing a shape that is special to your significant other like a favorite animal.

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20th-anniversary gift ideas

To celebrate 20 years of marriage, the traditional anniversary gift is a set of fine china. A set of china plates shows how love is delicate and fragile. You need to be responsible and take proper care for it to shine. China is also meant to be displayed beautifully and not hidden. Today, there is a lot of variety when it comes to selecting a set of fine china. Many famous designers have their own line of china featuring signature motifs. Some sets of china also feature seasonal designs.

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25th-anniversary gift ideas

The 25th anniversary is called the “silver anniversary.” A union that spans a quarter of a century is worth celebrating because it is so precious. It is only fitting to present each other with a gift made of precious sterling silver. If you enjoy entertaining guests together, a practical gift is a set of silver cutlery. Other ideas for silver anniversary gifts are wristwatches or jewelry. You can also find silver coins that have the year of your wedding to celebrate this milestone.

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30th-anniversary gift ideas

For the 30th anniversary, pearls are the traditional gift. Pearls represent the hidden beauty that reveals itself from within, much like the beauty of a relationship over time. You can find many items that feature the material mother of pearl in the decoration. Pearl jewelry is also one of the more popular gifts for this milestone. For this gift, you may want to consider whether you want to purchase natural pearls or lab-grown pearls. While natural pearls are rarer, they are not uniform in shape. Gifting lab-grown pearls will ensure that they are perfect spheres.

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40th-anniversary gift ideas

Rubies are said to represent passion and possess a fire within the gem. To sustain a marriage for 40 years, you need to have that same fiery passion and commitment. For the 40th anniversary, try incorporating rubies into your gift. Ruby jewelry and accessories are popular gifts for this anniversary celebration. If your significant other is not keen on rubies, you could consider gifting something that is the same shade of deep ruby red.

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50th-anniversary gift ideas

The 50th anniversary is called the “golden anniversary.” Spending half a century with each other is no easy feat, so only something as luxurious and desirable as gold can represent such an important celebration. Gold represents the prosperity, wisdom, and strength of such a long-standing union. For your 50 years together, you deserve to splurge on a golden gift for your significant other. Gold jewelry is a classic and timeless gift to celebrate this important milestone.

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