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Top Nail Trends of Summer 2023

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestTop Nail Trends of Summer 2023

The summer of 2023 is practically here, and that means beach days, barbecues, bikinis, and sizzling nail designs are iminent.

Each season has its go-to trends, and the summer months are all about bright colors, bold prints, and one-of-a-kind creations you'll want to try again and again. From simple to extraordinary and basic to beyond, all it takes is a little inspiration to make a lasting impression. Get your nail file out; this summer is going to be one wild ride.


Go chrome

Share to Pinterestwoman with chrome silver nail polish color

This season, you'll start to see the pearlescent trend of the past year step aside for chrome. Think your truck's hubcaps, think your bathroom faucets. Then get that high-gloss finish onto your nails. It doesn't have to be silver, either. As long as it's got that light-streak look, any color goes with this trend.


The mini French tip

The "clean and healthy nails" look is very in, so if you're embracing this shorter look but you've always admired the classic French tip, fear not! You can have both with the new tiny tip trend of 2023: just a little line of white at the tips of your neatly buffed and logical-length nails. It's cute, it's subtle, it's a call back to a classic age. Win, win, win!



It's baaaaack. If you remember the 90s (or was it the early 2000s?) trend of dangly charms literally at your fingertips, you'll either be delighted or horrified to learn it's the latest vintage trend to come full-circle. If you want to be in the with latest looks this season, you'll have to poke some holes in those lengthy tips and find yourself some over-the-top 3D art.

If you can't bring yourself to actually put holes in your nails, the stick-on is your friend. You can stick on some charms, or you can stick on false nails and loop the jewels through those instead.  Either way, we can't wait to see what shockingly impractical trend returns we'll see next.


Cloud nails

What comes to mind when you think of summer? If it's lazy days looking up at the clouds, then this trend might pique your interest. These playful prints feature stylized clouds that almost have a 3D effect, truly upping the ante on nail art.

What's more, you can DIY this duo using blue and white polish, even switching it up to include different cloud types! Use an art brush to perfect your technique and achieve realistic-looking skies.


Bold butterflies

Whether you go for dainty details or use a big, bold brush, butterflies are making a statement this season. The most popular critters appear to be crawling off the edge of your nails, so you'll need to get handy with that art brush. Paint your nails a single shade, then use contrasting colors for the butterfly, lining it with black for a standout aesthetic.

If that level of detail isn't your thing, simply apply stickers to your existing polish, and voilà!


Rainbow French

Give the French mani a pride-worthy twist with rainbow tips. Go for that classic arch, or select your own unique rainbow. One nail can be painted blue, pink, and yellow while another features the reverse, for instance.

This design is all about experimenting with color, so stretch your creative muscles. For even more rainbow flair, paint each nail a separate shade of the rainbow, topping them off with multi-hued tips (or white tips, for a fun reversal).


Exciting squiggles

Gallery-worthy art is right at your fingertips with this popular trend. A must for summer, it brings bold color front and center for a one-of-a-kind look. First, paint each nail with a white base, then wait until they're fully dried. Next, select a color (or colors) to paint over your base, using a thin brush to DIY the details.

Artfully swirl and squiggle the brush over each nail; you can give each one the same pattern or experiment with unique designs or colors across your canvas. When those artful swirls dry, they'll instantly come to life, giving you a playful pop of color.


High-impact glitter

Make a statement during summer nights with this bold trend. Low-effort and easy to do at home, this is one look you've got to try at least once. Make an impact by painting your nails with a solid shade first, then following up with a triple coat of glitter.

Mix and match by doing each layer with a different shade; this will give you a multi-faceted effect that sparkles in the hot sun and is visible across the entire beach!


Key lime pie

This power color is making a comeback, and you're about to spot it everywhere this season — nails not excluded. To achieve the boldest, brightest hue, select two different shades of lime polish.

Apply a single coat of the lighter, thinner shade, then apply the more in-depth hue directly on top. Complete the look with a shiny gel top coat, and don't be afraid to add stickers or sparkle.


Bold blooms

May flowers bring June, July, and August ones too. Give any look a touch of romance with playful florals in every shade of the rainbow. Select a clear or neutral top coat, then get floral on top.

Whether you do dainty details or one over-the-top flower, this statement-making look will have all eyes on your hands. Create your own garden with flowers of all types, shapes, and colors. This is a trend you can perfect throughout the season, so why not get started right now?


Mellow yellow

Yellow tips, yellow stripes, yellow flowers: sunny season is officially here, and we're paying homage to our fave hue. An asymmetrical mani really does the trick with this style, showing the stark contrast of the bold bright share compared to classic clear polish beneath.

Play up the vibe by adding flowers, shapes, dots, or stripes to your fresh mani using an art brush or stickers. Whatever you do, the focus is always on this sharp shade.


Strawberry nails

They're so sweet that you almost want to go in for a bite. This tempting mani looks just like everyone's favorite fruit, topped off with leafy greens and contrasting "seeds". Achieve a realistic effect by painting nails with solid red and pink shades, switching off between nails. Then, add yellow dots to the center.

Once those have dried, add the green leaves and finish with a clear, glossy top coat.


Neon revival

Summer's the time to bring out your best colors, and that includes your nails. This year, neon is making a splash with innovative, one-of-a-kind designs. Rather than painting your entire nail with neon, cover it with a neutral shade. Then, scribble neon designs across each nail in shades of blue, yellow, orange, green, pink, and violet.

Switch it up from nail to nail so you never see the same thing twice. It's modern art made for fingers.



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