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Top 10 Bridal Trends of 2023

By Staff Writer
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Bridalwear trends come and go, but some looks are timeless. Choosing ideas that are fresh takes on classic looks ensures that your wedding, too, is timeless. The key is to mix elements of your personal style with looks that are on-trend.

Diving deep into a dress trend that doesn't reflect your personality will leave you feeling uncomfortable, but pushing yourself to look just a little outside the box could result in a look you love today and for decades in the future.


Structured looks are in

Brides who are not interested in poufs and frills were once left with few choices. Simple sheath gowns and similar looks may not provide the fairy tale look you want.

If you are looking for something structured yet fancy, and with a little bit of an edge, 2023 is your year. Look at the many corseted options available in bridal wear to find a dress that perfectly combines sexy and sophisticated.


Ballerina vibes for the princess look

On the other hand, if your ideal bridal look is full of frills and poufs, but you worry about looking juvenile or simply "too much,"  consider the many ballerina-inspired dresses on the market in 2023.

Tulle, ribbons, and ruffles, combined with soft or blush pinks, give princess vibes without that five-year-old's birthday party aesthetic.


Less formal looks are current

If the idea of heading down the aisle in a gown has never appealed to you, 2023 offers more choices than ever. Whether it is with a mini with lace detail or a jumpsuit with an interesting neckline, there has never been a wider variety of "acceptable" bridal wear.


A train to remember

Have you always dreamed of walking down the aisle followed by a train that will leave your guests speechless? If so, many of the bridal styles of 2023 are perfect for you. Whether you are looking for a long, intricate train, a shorter tulle version with some volume, or a surprise asymmetrical train extending from the back of your slim-fitting gown, you are sure to find the perfect fit in 2023.

One key to successfully wearing a train is to check that it can be removed or bustled for the reception; alternatively, have a second reception outfit on standby.


The 90s are back

We've all seen the resurgence of low-rise jeans and crop tops. There is no denying that the 90s are back, and that is true even in bridal trends. Slip and body-con dresses, paired with chunky shoes a la Baby Spice, as well as elements that add a touch of grunge, are a hot bridal look for 2023.


Add an overcoat or duster

Layering elements can completely change the look of your wedding dress. Fit and proportion are key, but done correctly, adding an overcoat or duster to your outfit can take your look to the next level.

Long over short is one popular choice, but adding a frilly or ruffled top coat to a slim-fitting gown is sure to wow.


Jewelry that hits the mark

Statement jewelry is nearly always on trend for bridalwear. For 2023, looks that create a sophisticated, on-trend aesthetic include modern, non-heirloom pearls and statement earrings. While borrowed pearls are always a popular choice, modern cuts such as stacked chokers or accents right on the dress are big this year, too.

If pearls aren't for you, leave your neck bare and opt for a pair of statement earrings.


Vintage is never out of style

To create a look that is all your own, consider a vintage dress. The ability to try the dress on before you make your purchase is important when buying vintage. What looks great on the rack may feel costumy once you put it on, and outfit proportions were different back then, too.

Once you find something you love, accessorize with modern shoes, jewelry, and hair to create an intentional, not dated, ensemble.


Step away from the white

Gone are the days when getting married in white was compulsory. While pastels have been around for a while, and the odd bride in the past has gone in for red, black, or some other statement color, 2023 is bringing colors and prints into the mainstream.

Cool-toned pastels in unique shades of gray, green, and blue are a modern look without being too trendy, while tone-on-tone prints add variety and texture.


Everyday wear for the modern bride

Just like returning to the office meant saying goodbye to athleisure wear, the return of larger ceremonies put an end to small, casual weddings as the standard. Set a new standard for fashion, comfort, and style by refusing to go all-in on wedding wear.

A bridal-cut corset paired with jeans, a blazer tossed over a white wedding mini, or a crisp white shirt paired with lux-fabric trousers can all give you the bridal look of your dreams, on your own terms. Just remember: it's your wedding — you get to make the rules.



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