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Tips for Updating Out-of-Fashion Hairstyles

By Alicia Smith
Share to PinterestTips for Updating Out-of-Fashion Hairstyles

The way a woman wears her hair is part of her identity. The cut, the color — even the way she parts it — contribute to her overall look. Like clothing and shoe styles, hairstyle trends change, and so does our hair’s texture and color as we age. Hairstyles that once brought out your eyes or enhanced the contours of your face may do the exact opposite now. Updating your look, making subtle changes, or choosing a whole new hairstyle, can enhance your appearance in ways you never expected.


Super-long, one-length styles may make you look older

If your long hair feels dry, appears thin, or lacks shape, it might be time for a hairstyle makeover. Likewise, if you find yourself consistently pulling your long hair into a top bun or a tight ponytail, it could be a sign that a change is in order. Long hair, in some cases, can inadvertently add years to your look. Transitioning to a shorter haircut can help restore volume and bid farewell to those pesky dry ends. The right cut will not only flatter your face shape but also enhance your skin tones. If you prefer to maintain some length, consider options like a long, layered bob or strategically placed long layers that align with the natural pattern of your hair. To promote the growth of denser, healthier hair, explore the range of products available from Grow Gorgeous.

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Tight-perms damage hair health

Many women who once embraced perms are now choosing to part ways with them as they age. Instead of tight curls that necessitate harsh chemicals, they're gravitating towards textured waves achieved with milder chemical treatments and larger curling rollers. The outcome is a much softer and naturally beautiful appearance, which is not only easier to maintain but also manageable to style on your own once you've stepped out of the salon. Textured waves not only give your hair a healthier appearance but also impart just the right amount of volume. They effortlessly transition from a relaxed, everyday look to a more glamorous one, catering to both longer hairstyles and shorter or mid-length ones. To restore the health of your hair and undo damage, consider incorporating these clean and effective products from Phillip Kingsley into your hair care routine.

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Blunt cuts and geometric styles may age you

Hairstyle gurus advise women to choose a cut that creates lift and movement around the face. Trimmed or choppy edges and layers accomplish the job and are easy to care for. Not all women can pull off blunt cuts and severe geometric styles like they did when the styles were at their peak. Tousled bobs soften facial contours. If you’re looking for a shorter cut, consider a French bob to add volume and texture.

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Try a different style of bangs

Different bang versions fall in and out of style. Chances are, you either love them, or you hate them. While bangs can be flattering, they can also accentuate wider faces. Audrey Hepburn’s baby bangs made a resurgence a decade ago, and then again in recent years, but they can be tough to pull off. Beautiful, thick, straight, big bangs like those Zooey Deschanel wears take a lot of work to keep them looking stylish. If you’ve always worn bangs and prefer to keep them, it may be time to go for a softer style. Consider a longer, side-swept version for a classic, sophisticated look that’s easier to style and maintain between trips to the salon.

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Do away with complicated styling routines

There was a time when women suffered through long, difficult hair routines to create a specific look or to manage their everyday hairstyle. Weekly “set-and-style” trips to the beauty shop, sitting under a hairdryer, and using a can of hairspray were common practices. If it takes you an hour to style your hair every day, consider updating it with one that works well with scrunching and air-drying techniques, such as beach waves. Compact, structured styles add years to your appearance and hide your best features.

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Keep the mullet, but update it

If you're among those who consider the '80s mullet an iconic hairstyle that should never fade into history, you're certainly not alone. This distinctive haircut boasts its own devoted fan base and modern style icons are showcasing a diverse range of exciting and captivating versions today. However, if your mullet seems more reminiscent of Billy Ray Cyrus's era than Miley's contemporary take, it might be time for a change. Injecting some fresh life into your look can be achieved through texture, a well-balanced dose of choppiness, and the addition of a textured fringe, providing a modern twist to the traditional mullet cut. For those who crave a hint of retro '70s nostalgia and a shaggier appearance, leave the sides longer. Elevate the iconic charm of your hair by incorporating top-notch products from Hair La Vie into your routine.

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Change up perfectly straight parts

Straight, down-the-middle, and severe side parts are not very flattering on most people. Go for a soft, irregular version instead. Not only will a revamped part update your look, but it can also transform your appearance. If you’ve worn a symmetrical middle-part most of your adult life, try a new, relaxed side-part or transform it into an off-center, middle-part. Changing from a middle part to a side part can also add volume. If you normally wear a side-part, try changing it to a deeper part to add some dramatic appeal.

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There is such a thing as too much volume

uring the 1960s and '70s, the era of big hair became an iconic fashion statement. The likes of Brigitte Bardot, Raquel Welch, and a host of supermodels served as enduring inspirations for this voluminous trend. However, the days of heavily lacquered, teased-up hair have largely given way to a more modern approach. While voluminous hair can be a fantastic asset, excessive teasing and styling can inadvertently add years to one's appearance. Embracing natural curls and waves allows for the enhancement of a woman's hair texture, introducing movement and volume without the hassle. Contemporary styling products have made their debut, offering that coveted "oomph" without the downsides of stickiness or the rigidity of hair that doesn't budge. What's more, these products are designed to keep your locks healthy and undamaged. Elevate your waves to their full potential by exploring the range of products offered by Ouidad.

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Refresh your Farrah Fawcett feathers

For decades, hairstylists have been updating and reimagining the flipped out, feathered locks that Farrah Fawcett unveiled on the television show, Charlie’s Angels. Because the style has re-emerged again and again each decade, some women have maintained the same look year after year. Without freshening it from time to time, your hairstyle may appear a bit dated. A medium-length cut, with a little volume at the roots and the sides flipped out, adds softness and revitalizes your look.

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The “V” shape cut isn’t always flattering

While some may claim the “V” cut is timeless, many stylists disagree. To achieve this style, the stylist layers the hair in shorter lengths in the front and tapers to longer strands in the back, which create the signature “V” look. The problem is, as it grows out, the cut quickly loses shape, and the numerous layers around the front weigh down the hair. The ends frizz and the hair in the back looks more like a tail. Instead, use layers throughout to achieve a more flattering style that isn’t hard to keep up between cuts.

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Importance of a hair-friendly diet and protein intake

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Your hair, much like your skin, is a reflection of your inner health. A diet rich in proteins, essential vitamins, and minerals can be the cornerstone of radiant, strong hair. Foods like salmon, eggs, and spinach should be staples in your meals. These not only nourish your body but also fortify your hair strands, promoting growth and reducing breakage. Remember, the path to lustrous locks begins on your plate.


Advantages of rinsing hair with cold water

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While a steaming hot shower might be your daily solace, your hair might not share the sentiment. Cold water rinses can work wonders for your hair's health and appearance. It helps in sealing the hair cuticles, ensuring reduced frizz and enhanced shine. This simple switch in your routine can lead to smoother, shinier, and more manageable hair. So, the next time you're about to step out of the shower, give your hair a cold splash.


How to select the right hair products

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Navigating the world of hair products can be daunting. However, the key lies in understanding your unique hair type and its needs. Whether you're blessed with curly locks, sleek straight hair, or anything in between, there's a product tailored for you. Opt for shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that align with your hair's texture and concerns. And always remember, quality over quantity; it's better to have a few excellent products than a plethora of mediocre ones.


The beauty of passion twists

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If you're on the hunt for a hairstyle that's both trendy and protective, passion twists might just be your holy grail. Infusing a bohemian charm with the practicality of low maintenance, these twists are perfect for those who want to make a statement while also taking care of their natural hair. They're versatile, stylish, and can be adorned with accessories for that extra flair.


The elegance of layered hairstyles

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Layered hairstyles are timeless, offering a blend of volume, movement, and structure. They can beautifully frame the face, adding depth and dimension to any hair length. Whether you're sporting a long mane or a chic short bob, layers can elevate your look, making it look both sophisticated and effortless. Just ensure you communicate well with your stylist so the layers complement your face shape and hair texture.



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