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These Weird Names Belong to Real People

By Adam Morris
Share to PinterestThese Weird Names Belong to Real People

Baby names get more outlandish by the year, with today's monikers ranging from Peasant to Pheasant. Some of our selections are more than just bizarre, however; they're downright ridiculous. When parents are wading through the list of names, did they really have to pick "Greater" to pair with the family name of "Fartte," for instance? With every new baby comes an abundance of choices, and we can only hope these parents put a bit more forethought into the other decisions they made for their children.


Dill Pickle

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kajakiki / Getty Images

This one's a no-brainer, but these parents were passionate about pickles, apparently. They already had the last name established, but this topper transformed their child's signature into something off the condiment list. The awkward alias caught media attention when a waitress mistakenly brought the family a plate full of pickles, reading the child's scribbled name as just another snack choice. Don't worry though; they still ate them.


ILoveYou Moore

Share to PinterestThese Weird Names Belong to Real People

Love is a powerful thing, but these parents took it a step further by naming their firstborn after that hard-to-find feeling. With Moore as a family name, they just had to add "ILoveYou" to round out to the pack. A woman working in medical records found this on her patient list and couldn't help but laugh, posting a photo on Facebook of this one-of-a-kind moniker. The name tags are everything, and the Valentine's cards are truly top-notch. Question is: how awkward will introductions be once she starts dating?


Sam Sung

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This name captured attention for more than just the obvious. Not only does its owner possess the tag of a popular tech brand, but they happened to be a specialist at an Apple store, too. The irony is very real, here, but let's face it: the parents never knew the smartphone revolution was about to arrive.


Chris P. Bacon

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apomares / Getty Images

When his name rolled down the screen at the end of a recent flick, viewers couldn't help but laugh at this Technical Score Advisor's moniker. His parents might have named him this out of spite, but they swear he was honored after his uncle. The uncle has yet to be reached for comment, so the world may never know. For anyone who watches his films, however, it's an excellent addition to those end credits.


Eggs Boile

Share to Pinteresteggs boile funny name

The surname is common enough, but "Eggs?" After that last one, we're just curious if he's friends with "Crisp P. Bacon." Food items haven't exactly worked their way onto the mainstream list of baby names just yet, but this unique signature found it's way onto yet another awkward senior picture, with classmates eager to share it across social media. No worries; Eggs didn't get too boiled over it.


Dickie Head

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With a last name like "Head", these parents had so many options to choose from. Drawing on family tradition, however, they went for "Richard" before amending it to be "something a little more modern." Unfortunately for them, their son became the laughing stock of the local news broadcast for a solid week.

Vectorios2016 / Getty Images


Whet Faartz

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Okay, these parents were just cruel. No one's sure what they were thinking, but according to them, they weren't sure either. Thankfully, Whet didn't mind, as he became a minor celebrity on a local health broadcast, with his name buzzing down the screen on a routine basis. With a family name like "Faartz," what options do you have, exactly? We have a feeling this family would have felt the tempest no matter what they named him.


Batman Bin Suparman

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They were definitely just trolling here, but no one seemed to mind. These parents were huge superhero fans, and since they couldn't pick a favorite, they decided to name their first son after both of their faves. Little Batman's ID went viral after a friend shared it online, demonstrating just how far a fandom can go. Will this little one come out a hero? Only time will tell.


Vold E. Mort

Share to PinterestHarry Potter fandom real names

In another instance of "fandoms gone too far," this youngster was named after his parents' favorite literary villain. From "he who should not be named" in the Harry Potter series to a must-see on social media, this youngster attracted a lot of attention. His parents don't regret the moniker, describing it as "special" and "unique." To be honest, we couldn't agree more.


Lord Brain

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This author has created a variety of notable works, which is what got his name circulating across the internet. What made his parents name him "Lord," however, remains unclear. His mother mentions her passion for the British monarchy at the time of his birth, but we're just not sure we believe that.



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