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Share to PinterestThese McDonald's Burgers Definitely Don't Look Like the Advertisements...

These McDonald's Burgers Definitely Don't Look Like the Advertisements...

By Chris Jones
Share to PinterestThese McDonald's Burgers Definitely Don't Look Like the Advertisements...

When you go to McDonald's, you already know you aren't exactly going to a Michelin star restaurant. But it's cheap, greasy, calorie-loaded food for those of us who are on a budget – and sometimes that's all we want. There's nothing wrong with a fast food meal once in a while, especially when we're really craving it. But we would also rather not know how "the sausage gets made" (or, in this case, the beef). We try to avoid thinking about it too much. But what happens when the already low standard we have for our favorite, slightly disgusting fast food place is made even lower? Well, thanks to the Instagram account mcsenget we have some visual evidence to review. Be warned...the following photos of messy, burnt, and sometimes just plain gross burgers will shatter your trust in America's favorite red-haired clown forever.


. Getting messy

This burger looks like it's having a bit too much fun... the white stuff is supposed to stay on the inside! While we understand it is just an issue of "slipping and sliding," this Filet-O-Fish photo looks lewd!


Some assembly required

Here's another Filet-O-Fish – at least, we think that is what it's supposed to be! While this sandwich doesn't look gross, it doesn't look very "put together" either! Hey, maybe it isn't laziness on their part, but they thought you might enjoy building the burger yourself. (That way, you can say you made dinner.)


The big squeeze

This Sausage Egg McMuffin being slightly burnt on the edges, is yummy to most people (like a well-toasted marshmallow!). But it's not the "char" we're worried about. It's the fact that the patty looks slightly squished, and also, the cheese is a harsh reminder that American cheese is not actually cheese.


Abstract art

Now, this is a work of art that Picasso could be proud of! Although, the overlap of shapes here is probably more "cubism" than "surrealism." The most surreal thing about this burger is that they could hand it to the customer without seeing a problem.


"With cheese"

To be fair, the customer probably only specified that they want a scrambled egg burger "with cheese," not where they wanted that cheese to be. But because this is a burger – not a pizza or French onion soup – the cheese is definitely out of place on top.


Make it a double

This burger has everything in order – except for one very important missing piece. We don't miss those buns till they're gone. Why would you double the meat, double the cheese, and then a single bun?


A bone to pick

Do you see the bone in that McCrispy? In our opinion, the fear of choking on a chicken bone is already scary enough, without having to worry about choking on a chicken burger. But hey, at least now we know it's real chicken!


Extra mayo

Here's another McChicken that looks... gross, or at least you'll think so if you've got a dirty mind! We think that's best left to the imagination and that this burger is best left in the trash can where no one has to think about it ever again.


So much to sea

This Filet-O-Fish (why is it always the Filet-O-Fish?) may be gross-looking, but we invite you to stare at it for a little while. Look at the cratered, textured surface of the bread and cheese. It almost looks a little like the moon, doesn't it?


It's all falling apart

Is this a Filet-O-Fish, or the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Either way, we know your sandwich isn't supposed to look like it's one wrong Jenga move away from falling apart. Hopefully, this customer can nudge the filets back together, like the best friends they were always meant to be.


Healthy option

Wow! It looks like one McDonald's employee is determined to make the fast-food chain a healthier place. When the customer ordered a Big Mac with a salad, this probably isn't what they meant. But who knows, maybe it will catch on and become a new fad!


Death of a samurai

You might know that samurai are ancient Japanese warriors. But you don't need to know that to see how this "Samurai Chicken Burger" from McDonald's looks like it lost the fight. Unfortunately, this burger bled too much teriyaki sauce and did not survive.


That's a wrap

After seeing this Grilled Chicken Wrap, you probably literally need to be told, "that's a wrap!" Otherwise, you would have no idea what the sad, floppy mess is supposed to be. So, "that's a wrap" on this attempt, and hopefully, they'll do better next time.



As you might already know, Whataburger is the name of another fast-food chain. But this Mcdonald's burger really puts the "what" in "what a burger." It looks like there are twelve different things that are supposed to go into this burger, or like they made two different burgers and combined them.


All the right angles

Again, we see the Filet-O-Fish in its natural habitat – a mess. It tastes great, but there's no denying it's one of the messiest and most chaotic burgers at McDonald's! We can't tear our eyes away from the fact that the cheese drapes beautifully and perfectly over the corner of the box.



For a lot of people, the fact that a McDonald's Big Mac has three buns in it, to begin with, is already weird enough. But this burger really takes the cake (or should we say the bread) by having two buns right next to each other. Carb lovers approve!



This Chicken Egg McMuffin won't have you wondering, "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" Instead, you'll be wondering, "is that egg still a chicken embryo? Am I eating a baby chick right now?"


Moldy mac?

This Big Mac may seem OK just by glancing at it but look a bit closer at the beef patty. What's going on there? Does it look a little old? Or...moldy? We are legally obligated to specify that we have no proof, and we don't think that's what it is, but it doesn't look appetizing.


A whole chicken

The chicken in this McSpicy doesn't look terrible, but we can all agree there's something a bit off, whether that's the sheer size of the chicken crispy chicken cutlet and the fact that it looks like it's growing out of the box or the one errant fry pictured!


Tastefully plated

Here is another McSpicy, this time with cheese. We have to admit that this is one of the most gorgeous-looking burgers we've seen (at least compared with the others!), but it's a shame about the arrangement.



Now, this burger looks like it was at the scene of a crime. Or maybe it is the crime. Either way that is entirely too much ketchup, and so our verdict is: guilty. We sentence you to be wiped off and then eaten.


Giving up on your dreams

At one point, this burger probably had big dreams for the future. It dreamed of being beautiful, tasty, the perfect burger for a customer to enjoy. But something went wrong. We're not sure what, exactly, but it looks like this burger flew too close to the sun.


Open sesame

Overall, this burger doesn't look bad and is definitely edible. But if you order a smooth bun without the sesame seeds, it's supposed to be just that: smooth. Instead, this bun has more acne scars than a laser treatment could fix.


Egg on your face

It's not as bad as it looks – we swear! If you're wondering what the heck you're looking at, that is an egg placed on top of the "McGriddle" sandwich. The chef was probably going for an "open-faced" sandwich but instead ended up with egg on their face.


Slam dunk

This Crispy Hainanese Chicken Burger looks like it was good to go at one point – and then was possibly packaged poorly, dropped, or maybe even stepped on? It's a shame the butchering and destruction some of these poor burgers go through.


It's alive

This cheeseburger looks like it's making a face at us. We're not sure if that face is saying, "I hate you," or "please kill me," but it definitely isn't happy. If you're not too grossed out to take a bite of this burger, please do to put it out of its misery.


The hangover

This McGriddle looks like it just woke up after a wild night of partying (and has maybe been doing some upchucking too). We think, despite all that, it looks alright. So maybe you'll still eat it if you aren't put off completely!



McDonald's brands its McGriddle pancakes with their signature "M." But maybe they don't want to take credit for this one... it looks like it just had an accident. We'll let you decide whether that accident is a number one, a number two, or something else on the combo menu.



This sandwich is supposed to be a McSpicy with cheese, but it looks more like "oh geez." Whether the mangled look is more of an issue of handling or just the McSpicy's natural slop-like self, we'll never know. And we don't want to know.


A beautiful disaster

Like a few of the burgers we've seen so far, this McSpicy (double!) does look pretty mouth-watering, if only we could figure out how to eat it. Stick a fork in it – we're done!



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