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Millions of people around the world visit Walmart to find bargains on everything from groceries and housewares to prescription drugs and shampoo. Chances are if you need something, Walmart has it — usually at a lower cost.

While you can find some surprisingly high-quality goods at Walmart, a notable number of products have higher costs, lower quality, or carry potential health risks. It's probably better to grab these items somewhere else.


Skip the over-salted chicken

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After the often tiring experience of grocery shopping, few people want to go home and cook a meal. A pre-cooked rotisserie chicken is an easy, inexpensive way to feed your family after a day out.

However, multiple websites rated Walmart’s rotisserie chicken last in terms of flavor, while Costco’s usually came out on top. Both usually have prices around $5. Meanwhile, Walmart’s chickens typically weigh in at about three pounds, while Costo’s can weigh up to five. Walmart rotisserie chickens are also bursting with sodium at 690 grams per serving.


Avoid the low-quality meat

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Walmart is many people’s first choice for a variety of goods, it shouldn’t be anyone’s go-to for meat. Ground beef, in particular, is better almost anywhere else. Many organizations, including MSN, have performed price comparisons and found that Walmart’s ground beef is more substantially expensive than other retailers’ options.

Plus, Walmart’s meat is much lower quality. Look no further than the customer reviews to see complaints of excess fat, gristle, and rubbery sections. Some people have even found intact arteries in their meat.


Check elsewhere for the best nuts

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Walmart isn’t the worst place to pick up some nuts to curb your cravings, but it’s also nowhere near the best. Great Value nuts are simply not affordable, especially when comparing them to competing brands.

At Aldi or Trader Joe’s, you’ll save several cents on every ounce of nuts. You can also visit your local grocery store and fill up bags from the bulk bins to eliminate waste and get the exact amount you need.


Walmart’s not great for fish, yet

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At the turn of the century, Walmart committed to selling only fish that met the Marine Stewardship Council’s standard for sustainable fishing. Despite it being over a decade, Walmart has yet to meet its own goals and still sells fish from non-sustainable fisheries. Plus, Walmart’s fish is plagued with poor reviews, some of which mention slimy textures, foul smells, and unappetizing textures.


Seek out other batteries

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There are dozens of reasons to be cautious when buying batteries. Some don’t hold charges, others can damage devices, and some may not even be new. In Walmart’s case, batteries are almost always at a higher price than they would be at a competing store.

In some cases, Walmart’s prices are almost three times higher for products like Duracell AA batteries. If you want the best bang for your buck, purchase from bulk stores like Costco.


Not-so-fresh produce

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Organic produce has become a massive industry in recent years and Walmart has actively been increasing access to these goods. However, rival stores like Aldi and Trader Joe’s regularly beat Walmart’s prices on organic fruits and vegetables.

Plus, Consumer Reports has repeatedly found that Walmart produce is among the lowest quality available on the market. This is largely due to staffing shortages and an inability to manage the decaying produce.


Consider other options for diapers

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For products that you’ll need to purchase regularly, stores like Walmart are almost always the worst choice. Sure, you might save some money on individual purchases, but the costs will eventually add up.

Bulk stores offer larger amounts at a lower cost, and sites like Amazon Family offer subscription services that save you money on each purchase. It costs a lot to care for a baby, so add up your costs and save money where you can.


Don't buy generic cake mixes and other baked goods

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Not all of us are professional bakers, so there’s no harm in grabbing a cake mix for a fun, easy dessert. You might want to avoid Walmart or at least stick to the name brands they carry, though. Great Value cake mixes are notorious for their poor taste and texture. This even applies to broader baking products like flour, sugar, and baking powder.


Understand the cost of maple syrup

In terms of quality, Walmart’s maple syrup is actually respectable. Consumer Reports rated their pure maple syrup as “good/very good” when reviewing syrups from numerous companies. However, Walmart’s maple syrup is notoriously pricey. Other maple syrups are less expensive and maintain a similar quality level. Beyond that, you can get an even higher quality and more budget-conscious syrup from Trader Joe’s.


Health supplements can be anything but healthy

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If you’re looking to buy your vitamins and health supplements from Walmart, skip the generic versions. The New York Attorney General’s Office found that several major retailers — including Walmart — were selling branded herbal supplements that didn’t actually contain any of the ingredients they claimed to use. Some even contained potentially dangerous additives instead.