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The Sentiments and Meanings of Rose Colors
The Sentiments and Meanings of Rose Colors

Since ancient times, special meaning has been attributed to different colors and species of flowers. Roses have always represented love, in general, but the specific significance changes with the colors of the petal. If you want your gift of roses to carry with it an inherent message, you'll need to understand the meaning behind each color.



red rose bouquet Elena_Danileiko / Getty Images

It should be no surprise that a red rose represents romantic love and passion. Red roses have long been the go-to gift for couples celebrating Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays. The more vibrant the shade, the more passionate the feeling. When red roses are a part of a bridal bouquet, they represent deep respect and appreciation of your partner.



bridal white roses bridge3 / Getty Images

The color white almost always represents purity or innocence, and white roses are no exception. Some cultures view white roses as “bridal flowers,” and weddings themselves signify new beginnings. White roses also have ties to young love and eternal loyalty, making them great gifts for any newly blooming romance.



bright pink rose bush naruedom / Getty Images

Roses are available in many shades of pink, and each one signifies something different. Lighter pinks tend to represent gentleness and appreciation, making it a great choice for anyone, including your mom, sister, or a close friend. As the shade of pink darkens, it signifies stronger and more personal feelings. Many cultures view pink roses as signs of gratitude or appreciation, while others believe they indicate grace and happiness.



peach rose vase DaisyLiang / Getty Images

While they’re not as common as others, peach roses still appear in many bouquets and gift baskets, imparting a gentle beauty to the arrangement. Peach roses convey a sense of gratitude while also indicating modesty or sincerity. Many businesses give peach roses as gifts after closing a deal. If you wish to give someone a bouquet but aren’t sure of what color to pick, peach is a safe choice.



yellow rose bright bush chikaphotograph / Getty Images

Flower language and the meanings of each color have changed over the years. Originally, yellow roses symbolized jealousy or envy. However, the modern interpretation is that a yellow rose is a sign of friendship and compassion. Because it is such a warm and delightful color, yellow roses are an easy way to brighten someone’s day. They’re great for wishing someone luck or welcoming them back after an absence.



bouquet orange roses blooming Chalongrat Chuvaree / Getty Images

While red represents love and yellow indicates friendship, orange is the bridge between the two. Orange roses are more passionate than yellow but not quite as intense as red. They can be great gifts for close friends or for that special someone if you’re not comfortable with the symbolism of a red rose. Like yellow, orange roses have innate energy and can liven up any room.



closeup lavender roses krblokhin / Getty Images

When it comes to stunning roses, lavender makes quite an impression. Because of their unique and charming appearance, lavender roses have ties to wonder and enchantment. Many people believe they represent the beauty of love at first sight. When trying to convey your feelings to someone who has captured your heart, lavender roses are a perfect choice.



Green is the color of growth, life, and rejuvenation. While you won’t be able to find a naturally-occurring rose with vibrantly green petals, there are many options with softer tones. Because of this gentle coloration, the roses fit almost any occasion. Whenever someone in your life has a significant personal achievement, consider giving them a green rose to celebrate their growth.



closeup burgundy rose KarpenkovDenis / Getty Images

Thanks to their deep coloration, burgundy roses have a very specific meaning: unconscious beauty. Generally, more saturated colors represent stronger sentiments. Because of the richness that burgundy roses possess, some people view them as signifying the strongest possible passion. This color is ideal for people who are madly in love or who have a deeply intimate relationship.



black purple rose blooming ysushok / Getty Images

Roses don’t naturally grow deep black petals, but there are many “black” roses with petals of incredibly dark shades of red or purple. Black roses have appeared in fiction for hundreds of years, often with a mysterious and dark meaning. For many people, black roses are symbols of sadness or mourning. However, they may also indicate a powerful change or development. Black roses are great gifts for the non-traditionalists who love the shape and perfection of roses but aren't a fan of the peppier shades.




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