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Share to PinterestThe Hottest Fashion Trends of Fall 2022

The Hottest Fashion Trends of Fall 2022

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestThe Hottest Fashion Trends of Fall 2022

The fashion world is in overdrive in 2022, with the masses emerging from what felt like a two-year lockdown. Folks are ready to dress up, take chances, and move beyond loungewear. This year's clothing trends reflect an early aughts revival with chain belts, denim on denim, and form-fitting tracksuits in ice cream colors.

Oversized silhouettes, fur accessories, big logos, and mesh shirts are just a few components of a maximalist era all about living life to the fullest.


Throwback hats

Share to Pintereststylish woman wearing a bucket hat at sunset

Trucker hats, another relic from the turn of the century, are in.

You'll also see more heads donning bucket hats in the next few months. This casual accessory has ticked along for years, but after a few sightings on runways and celebs, it's having a moment. Great for bad hair days, you can wear it during any season—go for denim in summer and fur in winter.



Share to Pinterestwoman in hot pink dress and roller skates

With a Barbie movie in the works and Barbiecore fashion gaining steam, there's no better time to buy neon. Between Y2K Juicy Couture tracksuits and mini dresses, celebs from Lizzo and Glenn Close, to Megan Fox and Anne Hathaway (her sparkly pink Valentino look made waves) have been rocking electric shades and pastels.

The doll is a fraught icon of femininity, but her palette is inspiring fashion across the board—it's whimsical dopamine dressing at its best.


Low-rise pants

Share to Pinterestwoman wearing low rise jeans and a crop top
close-up of girl's pelvic area wearing jeans

They're back! This blast from the recent past may induce groans, but we're happy to report that today's looks are not as bad as Britney Spears, Rihanna, and company circa 2001, where undies are sticking out at the top of skin-tight jeans.

Now, the preference is a less revealing loose fit with tucked-in or cropped tops. Cargo pants are resurging too.


Clogs and loafers

Chunky, Scandi-style shoes are right on trend, and the clunkier they are, the better. The options are as varied as Crocs versions, rubber platform mules, and wooden clogs.

Wear 'em plain or with tassels, buckles, or unusual materials and prints. If clogs don't quite go with your garb, opt for embellished loafers with substantial soles.


Oversized shirts

Share to Pinterestwoman in oversized purple pinstriped button-up

Raid-your-big-guy-friend's-closet kind of clothing is understandably timeless. But button-downs in soft shades or pinstripes are all over the place right now, worn open at Sunday smoothie runs and thrown over swimsuits at beaches.

Sophisticated yet casual shirt dresses worn with or without belts are popular across all ages too.


Bold bags

Share to Pintereststylish woman carrying large black tote bag

Neutral bags are closet staples, but this year, get a bag that's big on texture or color if you don't already have one. It's time to live loud with fluffiness, beads, or crochet.

Tiny under-the-arm Carrie Bradshaw baguette bags are in again, but so are oversized bags in every shade imaginable.


Fringe accents

Share to Pinterestwoman in lacy top with a fringed purse

Reminiscent of flappers and the Roaring 20s, fringe is super trendy a century later. You'll see them on formal and casual skirt hems, loafers, crossbody bags, and cascading from sleeves.

They're swishy, add a playful, mood-boosting element to everyday looks, and are part of upcycling initiatives. Think halters made from strips of old T-shirts.


Leather outerwear

Share to Pinterestmodel wearing a long black leather trenchcoat at the subway station

Leather jackets have always seemed edgy and alluring. Biker jackets and crop bombers are still doing the rounds, but shackets and long trenchcoats are in the mix too, if you were ever into the looks from the Matrix movies.

The only bad news, at least if you're vegan, is the current affinity for a real leather aesthetic. But you might just find the perfect sustainable piece at the thrift store!


Funky sweaters

Share to Pintereststylish woman Paris fashion week in oversized sweater

We're talking asymmetrical hems, unconventional cutouts, turtlenecks with cold shoulders, single-sleeves, and animal print cardigans. There's color clashing and over-the-top detailing—it's often abstract and weird, but we're into it.

Celebs like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber have been donning this fall and winter trend. Unisex sweater vests are major too.


Bra tops

Share to Pinterestwoman in bra style top and jean jacket

Emrata, Charlize Theron, Kim K, and Kristen Stewart are all bra top proponents. Gone are the days when bralettes and bra tops were reserved for famous people accustomed to tongue-wagging.

Wear them under baggy shirts, mesh and sheer tops, cardigans, and blazers, or with boiler suits with plunging necklines. Black is classic, but color contrasts are welcome.



Share to Pinterestwoman in chunky knit sweater vest and dress shirt

Shelve the cottagecore for sleek columns. Ankle-grazing long cardigans can make even your spandex gym outfit look classy. They're a winner with fitted tops, jeans, suede boots, and a bag too.

Cable knit twin sets look put-together, knitted skirts and crop tops are sexy, and knitwear is part of a trend influenced by academia. Incorporate plaid and tweed blazers for professorial style.


Tank tops

Share to Pinterestwoman in a white cropped tank top and black skirt

The white tank top is basic and banging. Prada is stamping its logo on the white cotton tank and pairing it with sheer and shimmery skirts—see what model Kaia Gerber wore at the luxury label's recent show. Loewe's put a rubbery, transparent iteration out too.

Wear your white tank with leather trousers, and you'll get top marks for your street style. While we're on the topic, the term wifebeater should be retired from fashion's lexicon. Spread the word.



Share to Pintereststylish woman model in blue corset top and suit jacket

Gen Zs love a waist-enunciating corset. #CorsetTok has billions of views on TikTok, and the modern take on this Bridgerton-to-Titanic-era torture device is generally comfier than its predecessor.

There are corseted tops, mini dresses, and evening gowns to explore. Lace and silk satin are beloved, but so are denim bustiers worn with shirts.


Tennis influence

Share to Pinterestwoman at fashion week wearing pleated mini skirt and oversized top

Tennis style has gone mainstream. The GOAT, Serena Williams, has retired and taken her boundary-pushing on-court flair with her, but the wider public has cottoned on to the comfy athleisure look popular on grand slam stages.

Tennis-flavored miniskirts have hit the high street, as have preppier outfits, sweaters, and tennis shoes.



Share to Pinterestyoung man in the city wearing stylish ski jacket

You don't have to be part of the winter sports cognoscenti to throw on some after-ski pieces.

Après-ski jackets are voluminous and make a statement during the cold months, and bibbed salopettes with flared trousers and straps, worn up or down, look chic with sweaters.


All that glitters

Share to Pinterestwoman looking at a selection of sequined dresses

If you're always hypnotized by mirrorballs and can frequently be found admiring the rocks on friends' jewelry, you'll be happy to learn that sparkles and high fashion are coalescing.

From glimmering disco pants to glossy bustier gowns and shimmering minidresses and jackets, it's your time to shine, guys and gals.



Share to Pinterestwoman in jeans shorts with the phone in pocket

We can't say how long this trend will last, but jean shorts are well and truly in the zeitgeist. You can pair long denim shorts hitting just above or below the knee with your white tank top, a tucked-in shirt, a blazer, or a skin-tight shiny metallic top.

The pièce de jour? Go for a jorts, loafer, and cropped blazer combo with a hint of midriff.



Share to PinterestWoman in stylish catsuit and sunglasses by the pool

Don't shoot the messenger, but catsuits are trending. Designers have been inspired by synchronized swimming, and all-in-one looks incorporate feet and hands.

Just make sure you pee before you wear one, and go easy on the drinks for your convenience. Furs, stilettos, and trench coats are some of the possible accessory options here.


Hoodies under blazers

Share to Pinterestman in glasses wearing a grey hoodie under a blazer

Hoodies never go out of fashion. They're cozy and casual, and you don't have to change between lounging around at home and getting your groceries.

But you can elevate the hoodie with a blazer for a dinner get-together. Hailey Bieber has done it with panache, and she's certainly not alone.


Geometric shades

Share to Pinterestwoman wearing hexagon sunglasses, 60s style

If micro shades just don't do it for you, protection or otherwise, but you still want something a bit more memorable than a regular pair of sunglasses, go shopping for geometric ones.

Hectagon and octagon sunnies look fantastic and sort of futuristic, and they'll help you stand out, whatever the weather.



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