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The Cutest Updo Styles for Short Hair

By Jo Marshall
Share to PinterestThe Cutest Updo Styles for Short Hair

Short haircuts are fresh and, if they suit your hair type, can free up your morning routine. They can also leave a lot to the imagination, making your styling habits feel tired and uninspiring. Fortunately, what your mane lacks in length, it makes up for in creative styling opportunities, and upswept hairdos are no exception. If you think your hair is too short for an updo, you haven't tried some of these styles. A few braiding techniques, hairpins, and some fun accessories are all you need to freshen up your look.


Play around with double Dutch braids

If you can French braid your hair, you can Dutch braid your do. Sometimes called a reverse or inside-out braid, the technique works by braiding the strands underneath rather than overtop one another. Create a playful version of the style by parting your hair down the middle for double Dutch braids. Secure the ends underneath with bobby pins for a clean look.


Rock a ballerina or bitty bun

A ballerina bun keeps hair off of the face and out of the eyes. Dancers rely on the style to tame their locks in the studio, but the classic updo works just as well in the office or at a fancy cocktail party. Keep the look traditional with sleek tresses and the bun pinned flat against your head. Or, soften the style by pulling out a few strands around your face and teasing the bun.


Be a star with space buns

Share to PinterestSpace buns are back
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Space buns are a subtle nod to Princess Leia, but you need not be a fan to work the same look. Personalize the style with a side part or loose buns at the top of your head. If your hair is too short, create a half updo with two smaller buns on your crown. Double Dutch braid strands from the hairline to tame flyaways down to the nape of your neck, the perfect place for two low knots.


Wrap it up in a scarf

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Never fear a bad hair day again. Use a graphic scarf to tie a bow around a low bun, or as a headband to tame flyaways for a ponytail. Use a large scarf to make a head wrap, gathering hair in a bun at the nape of the neck or above the forehead. If you're wrapping natural hair, be sure to use a silk scarf or satin-lined cap to keep your mane moisturized and prevent damage.


Own the classic pompadour

Share to PinterestA pompadour is classic
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The classic pompadour is an attractive, low maintenance style with attitude. The trend exudes confidence while adding volume to the sleekest of updos. Use a side part and hair gel for a refined look, or a round brush and blowdryer to help your bangs defy gravity. Tease strands for a messy, pompadour half-updo. The bigger the bump, the bolder the look, so don't be shy.


Update the messy topknot

A topknot is comfy, but it can stand to dress up now and then. Energize your usual topknot by braiding a few strands to wrap around its base. For a bolder look, start making a ponytail at your crown. Finish by pulling hair halfway through your elastic to create a loop, then fan the hair out like a peacock's tail. If your hair is oily or unruly, gather your locks in a messy topknot half-updo.


Short cuts call for stacked chignons

Share to PinterestStacked chignons for short hair
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Your hair may not be long enough to secure in a ponytail or bun. A half hairdo always works in this scenario, but it doesn't have to be your go-to style. Start with a half updo in a topknot, then gather the bottom section of your hair, securing it into a second bun. For an edgy twist, separate your hair into three sections for a trio of stacked chignons. Smooth hair for a neat finish, or keep it messy for a fun, laid-back look.


Channel your inner Bardot

Share to PinterestA bouffant is sexy
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In the 1960s, French star Brigitte Bardot so popularized the sexy bedhead style that it literally took her name. Bardot's style is versatile; the effortless elegance works for all hair types, with updos and half updos. Create volume with your bangs, parting longer strands down the middle. Even without the face-framing layers, a messy bouffant adds rebelliousness to an elegant updo.


Braided faux hawks, real style

Share to PinterestBraids keep a low profile
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You can interpret braided faux hawks in two ways. The first method involves braiding the hair at the sides of your head to create a sleek, low profile. The look draws attention to the hair at the crown of your head, which is longer and styled in a mohawk, pompadour, or combover. The second faux hawk is a larger braid that runs down the center of the head. This voluminous style works with slightly longer strands, or with half updos.


When in doubt, accessorize

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A last-minute event can have you scrambling to get ready, but short hair is ready in a pinch with the help of a few cute accessories. Ten minutes buys you enough time for braiding a vibrant scarf across the crown of your head. Use vintage hairpins to secure messy space buns in five minutes. If you only have sixty seconds to spare, tie a bow around a topknot or ponytail, and get on with your day.



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