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The Best YouTube Instructor for Your Home Workout
The Best YouTube Instructor for Your Home Workout

Last year, a lot of us learned to self-motivate while working from home. It wasn't easy, but we discovered a lot about ourselves, like what it takes to stay productive without someone looking over our shoulders! These living room workouts were designed to strengthen, energize, and empower. No need to scroll endlessly the next time you roll out your mat — these YouTube fitness instructors are the best at what they do. Whether your passion is yoga, HIIT, Pilates, or muscle toning, there is something here for you.


Yoga with Adriene

With 9 million international subscribers, Adriene Mishler is the name to know in online yoga. All her YouTube content is free, and she never tries to upsell to her followers. Her sessions range in length, intensity, and application, so you can truly "find what feels good." With a little bit of quirk and a lot of heart, Adriene adapts traditional yoga and mindfulness practices for a modern audience. She also offers several challenge sequences to help you achieve long-term goals.

*beginner and intermediate


Cassey Ho

Cassey Ho is the ultimate girl boss of online fitness. She is a rising YouTube star who teaches pilates and cardio courses to more than 5 million subscribers on her channel, Blogilates. Her no-equipment-necessary, high-energy routines are perfect for sculpting and toning your whole body. If you’re looking for serious results without a serious mood, Cassey is the instructor for you.

*all levels


Arundhati Baitmangalkar

As the founder and lead instructor of Aham Yoga, Arundhati understands what it takes to be a successful yoga teacher. She built her practice with experience gained working with Hatha and Vinyasa experts in India — a fusion of modern and classic styles. Her YouTube videos range from two to 45 minutes and include beginner classes, precision techniques, and vlog-style chats to motivate you.

*beginner and intermediate



If you want a trainer with loads of professional experience, Marcie has the credentials to back it up. She is a specialist in both fitness nutrition and exercise therapy and is certified as an elite trainer by ISSA. Her YouTube channel, HangTightwMarcie, features short to medium-length HIIT, Tabata, and other intense cardio routines. Extremely personable and highly informed, Marcie also uses her channel to provide expert exercise and nutrition advice to expecting mothers and fathers.

*all levels


Amber Karnes

Amber’s classes are light, mindful, and challenging — but not for the reason you might think. On her channel, Body Positive Yoga, Amber urges her followers to love and accept their bodies unconditionally (and she goes deep). One of the best ways to do this, she argues, is with an accessible yoga practice that consistently inspires you. Look to Amber’s channel to find basic routines with tons of helpful modifications to help you at different stages in your practice.

*beginner and intermediate


Caleb Marshall

Not all cardio workouts are the same, but if you’re looking for something really different, check out The Fitness Marshall’s YouTube channel. Here, you’ll find high and low-impact cardio dance routines modeled by a range of bodies. His videos are usually filmed outside, which is a refreshing alternative to the standard gym background. In addition to his top-of-the-pops playlist, Caleb also choreographs 20-minute "sweat sessions" designed to kick your butt. You won’t need equipment, but you will need a lot of water.

*all levels


Yoga with Tim

Looking for transformative strength-training in your yoga practice? Tim Senesi doesn’t play around when it comes to hard-hitting, precise, and life-changing yoga sequences. Friends of flexibility and inversions welcome! Tim’s infectious personality makes these routines easy to jump into, but he doesn’t preach quick fixes. Expect to commit to his videos long-term for total body results.

*intermediate to advanced


Natacha Oceane

Subscribe to this UK-based fitness vlogger’s channel if you’re drawn to down-to-earth conversations about health, insanely cute workout clothes, and short but intense workouts. Unlike many camera-perfect YouTubers, her videos are full of authentic enthusiasm and occasional vulnerability. She intends to do much more than get you in shape — she wants to support, educate, and entertain you as well. In her video library, you can find everything from "How to do a Handstand" to "TikTok’s Diet Culture Needs to Be Stopped."

*beginner to intermediate workouts; vlogs for all levels


Tiffany Rothe

Backed by 25 years of experience, Tiffany Rothe is a true queen of HIIT. Her collection of classes will make you sweat, let you rest, and then make you sweat some more. Her high-energy approach to fitness usually requires a towel or hand weights, so grab these before you get to work. The most time-efficient instructor on this list, Tiffany’s videos pack a punch in only 10 minutes, but she expects you to keep coming back for real results. Investing in her community means holding yourself accountable.

*intermediate and advanced


Adam Rosante

Looking to build muscle? Adam is a globally renowned strength and nutrition coach that leads by example. His high-quality and personable YouTube videos are lively and long, and he also owns a pay-what-you-can program for in-person training in New York City. His workouts are a combination of bodyweight and dumbbell training and include plenty of modifications for different skill levels.

*all levels




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