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The Best Order For Your Skincare Routine

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestThe Best Order For Your Skincare Routine

You're probably putting your skincare on in the wrong order. OK, that's a strong accusation. But the truth is, most people put at least two skincare products on in the wrong order. This may seem harmless, but it can actually decrease the effectiveness of your skincare routine. Following a simple process each week makes it easy to create a flawless and effective skincare routine.


Morning: cleanser

First things first: you need to start your day with a clean slate. So lather up your favorite cleanser and get to work. When choosing a cleanser, don't forget to consider your skin texture, type, and tone. If you find that your skin is always red after you use your current cleanser, make sure to try a cleanser that says "gentle" or "sensitive."

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Morning: sunscreen

If sunscreen is not part of your daily routine, it needs to be—even if you live in a cloudy or cold climate! Overcast days can still cause sun damage, and yes, even if you sit in an office all day, you still need sunscreen to minimize the effects of the sun when you're driving or walking to work and when you're out and about running errands.

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Morning: De-puffing eye cream

Do you wake up with puffy eyes? Give yourself the gift of a revived look by investing in an effective de-puffing eye cream. A good eye cream can help refresh the delicate skin around your eyes, reducing puffiness and making you look more alert and awake. Take it from the pros and store your morning eye cream in the fridge for an instant refresher.

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Morning: moisturizer

Now it's time to lock in that sunscreen with some moisturizer. It's important that you choose a moisturizer that's both suitable for your skin type and contains additional ingredients such as antioxidants or vitamins. Need a morning pick-me-up to get moving? Choose a moisturizer with a refreshing citrus or peppermint scent; just make sure the ingredients that add the scent don't irritate your skin.

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Evening: wash the day away

It's important to use an actual cleanser to wash off makeup, sweat, dirt, free radicals, and more at the end of the day. Makeup wipes aren't going to cut it. You can use the same cleanser you use in the morning or choose one with different effects or calming properties to help you relax for the night.

Pro tip: Looking for a deeper clean to really wash all of your skin sins away? Try double cleansing. This is a method that involves washing your face twice—first, use an oil-based cleanser that works to remove dirt, oil, and makeup. Then, use a foaming cleanser to ensure a deep and moisturized clean. Double cleansing is great if you wear a lot of face makeup or sweat a lot throughout the day.

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Evening: tone it up

Once your skin is clean and dry, it's toner time. Toner plays a crucial role in removing stubborn oil, dirt, and residue that clings to your skin after cleansing. It can also help prep the skin for more concentrated treatments, like serums and oils. It's a good idea to only tone once a day because some toners can be harsh on the skin. You can choose toners that cater to your specific skin needs, like pore minimizing, soothing, moisturizing, and so on.

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Evening: Face serum

Face serums are an essential part of any skincare routine because they are specifically designed to pack a big punch in a small amount of product. They can improve a wide range of skin concerns because, compared to other skincare products like moisturizers, face serums contain a smaller molecular structure, which allows them to penetrate deeper into the skin and provide targeted benefits.

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Evening: eye cream

Our eyes can show signs of aging faster than most parts of our bodies. The skin underneath the eyes is also very delicate, so it's important to find a product that's formulated to be gentle and effective.

Most experts believe eye cream should only be applied at night because if applied in the morning before makeup, it can interfere with the application and longevity of the foundation.

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Evening: moisturizer

It's time for moisturizer again! Similar to the cleanser, you can keep your routine simple and use the same moisturizer day and night, or you can add a thicker night cream to your evening skincare routine. A thick moisturizer is key to apply in the evening because it can work all night long,  improving your skin's texture and appearance.

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Night time is retinol time

Are you using retinol? You need to be! Products that contain retinols (vitamin A) and retinoids work to increase cellular turnover, which makes your skin appear more youthful and glowing. It's important to only use these products in the evening because the sun can deactivate some of the products. They're also pretty strong and can lead to sunburn and irritated skin if you use them too often.

Bonus tip: For a routine booster, consider a mask. Once or twice a week, you can kick your skincare routine up a notch by using a mask. Masks that you can sleep in are great, but quick masks that you wash off after 10–15 minutes also do the trick. Similar to the other products on the list, find a mask that addresses your specific skincare concerns.


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