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The Best (and Worst) Friendships of the Zodiac

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestThe Best (and Worst) Friendships of the Zodiac

With billions of people on the planet, making friends doesn't seem it should be so hard. Sometimes, a connection forms as swiftly as striking up a conversation, cracking a joke, or sending a text. Often, though, it's not so simple; after all, not everyone clicks. Personalities can and will clash. Not every interaction will spawn an indestructible tie.

The stars may not always align in that regard, but if astrology is any indicator, a harmonious (or hellish) match may have to do with your zodiac sign.


Good friends: the fire signs

Why fight fire with fire when you can befriend it? Combining Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo can ignite quite the dynamic friendship. Individually, these energetic signs are constantly in motion, so they would greatly benefit from finding like-minded pals who can keep up with their fast-paced personalities.

The open-minded, sociable Sagittarius may offer humorous and sincere experiences to a fun-loving pair of Aries and Leo. Cooperatively, this threesome could be the life of every party.

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The earth signs

Practical and responsible, these down-to-earth signs are aptly categorized. A sensible, analytical Virgo friend is a dream come true for the no-nonsense Taurus, who longs to build reliable and authentic bonds. To complete the diligent triad, throw in Capricorn, who may encourage mutual growth (and friendly competition).

Their helpful and considerate natures will co-exist delightfully. Virgo can give without fear of being taken advantage of, as Taurus will reciprocate their generosity, and Capricorn will always be prepared to offer a helping hand.

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The air signs

Birds of a feather flock together, and this intellectual, insightful trio of air signs is no exception. Their riveting connection will keep an easily bored Gemini fascinated, an aloof Aquarius unrestricted, and provide Libra with a perceptive support system.

Gemini's daring spirit will reflect in Aquarius; together, they will encourage a hesitant Libra to join the fun.

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The water signs

Cancers are emotional, sensitive beings; ideally, they prefer someone who can be empathetic and compassionate toward their mild and moody nature, making Pisces and Scorpio perfect candidates.

Pisces and Cancer will be empathetic to Scorpio's turbulent reactions. Their partnership will be a delicate exchange of trust, intense feelings, and loyalty.

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Problematic pairings: Aries and Cancer

If you place these two in a room together, Aries and their blunt persona will likely leave Cancer wounded. The assertive fire sign may prove overwhelming for their fragile companion, who would much rather relax with less excitable company.

Ultimately, their vast differences may make for a frustrating exchange, leaving Aries perplexed and Cancer under too much pressure.

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Taurus and Sagittarius

In small, very tiny doses, Taurus and Sagittarius can share a laugh or two, as they both can appreciate the finer things in life. However, Sagittarius may eventually become bored by Taurus and their stubbornness in adhering to a comfy routine. In the long run, the impulsive archer will not be a suitable safety net for the predictable bull.

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Gemini and Pisces

You might think the philosophical twins would get along swimmingly with the pensive Pisces. Upon closer inspection, you'll discover two vastly different ways of thinking. With their head in the clouds, the fish follows their heart, much to the aggravation of an analytical Gemini.

In time, the water sign will feel unsettled by the air sign's ambivalence; they'll part ways in search of more security and excitement.

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Leo and Scorpio

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Leos and Scorpios are devoted comrades, but a friendship between these signs can be a grueling endeavor. Disputes can turn into war; the fierce lion is just as uncompromising as the scorpion.

Neither side will extend an apology, which will lead to resentment that consumes them both and ruins any hope of a long-lasting connection.


Aquarius and Virgo

The water bearer is an unconventional headache for the systematic Virgo. Freedom-loving Aquarius rebels against routine, so the maiden can prove just as exasperating. Beware of asking this pair to work together on a project; the earth sign will demand organization as the air sign instinctively resists.

At last, the whimsical Aquarius will withdraw, leaving Virgo and their firmly rooted feet behind.

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Capricorn and Libra

Straight-thinking Capricorn will have little tolerance for the broad-minded air sign, who will tire of the goat's constant need to be precise and proper. Libra makes connections effortlessly, whereas the earth sign chooses companions with deeper consideration and judgment.

A mixture of Capricorn's inflexible values and Libra's people-pleasing personality is bound to cause friction.

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