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The 10 Best Stock Market Apps for Android

By Alicia Smith
Share to PinterestThe 10 Best Stock Market Apps for Android

If you like to keep an eye on your investments, having access to real-time stock market information can keep you in the loop. Fortunately, you don't need an old-school ticker in your office to stay abreast of the market — now your Android phone can give you all the information you need, from general news regarding the economy to the current performance of your stock portfolio. Here are the best stock market apps for Android.


Portfolio Watcher

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Portfolio Watcher lets you see complete information on any stocks you choose, including highs and lows, short ration, one-year price target, and price/earnings ratio. Sync your Yahoo or Google portfolio to Portfolio Watcher, and set notifications to get alerts on changes in price or technical indicators. You can also get stock news from several sources.

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Get a real-time snapshot of the stock market with this app that functions as a social network for stock tracing. It'll show you what's happening in after-hours trading, and it'll explain how other investors are reacting, and why. This smart app, which also provides real-time quotes, is ideal when you want to spot trends.

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Stock Quote

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Keep an eye on the S&P 500, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and the NASDAQ with this handy app — and add international markets, too. Real-time quotes are available on this app that also tracks currencies and futures. You can compare your stocks to others or indices, and you have access to technical indicators including MACD and RSI. Sync to Dropbox if you want to keep all that data backed up and available.

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This app is good for more than just providing information — it actually lets you trade right from your mobile device. Sync it to your bank account for funding, and you're ready to start buying and selling. You don't have to pay a fee for each trade — on Robinhood, it's all free, almost as if you were working with a stock market game. Just hit Buy, enter the number of shares you want, swipe ... and you've completed a trade. It's that easy.

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Acorns takes a minimalist approach to investing, letting you build up a nest egg without any financial pain. You link the app to your checking account, and it rounds up every purchase you make, investing the spare change. So if you swipe your debit card at a parking meter for $0.50, it rounds up to $1 and puts the remaining $0.50 into your Acorns account. There, you invest automatically in an exchange-traded fund, where your pennies quietly grow.

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JStock gives you stock history charts covering the past ten years and 27 world markets, a chart of your stock showing basic gain/loss data, and stock price alerts — and that's just in the free version. Upgrade to one of the two premium versions to get a wide variety of charts (summary, dividends, history), integration with JStock desktop software, watch lists, stock news, and updated foreign stock info keyed to the current exchange rates. (You can try that premium version for free for seven days.)

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07 App

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You can create a portfolio on this useful app from, then track your stocks — or the stocks you're interested in — with real-time quotes coming from 70 stock exchanges all around the world. also populates their app with the website's analysis and news and makes it easy to share and save articles in which you're interested.

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This newer app is available in free and premium versions. Use it to alert you when a stock you're watching reaches the price at which you're ready to make the buy. You also get real-time quotes not just of stocks, but also of mutual funds, futures, currency exchanges, and more. The app is ultra easy to use thanks to the great design.

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NetDania Forex and Stocks

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This beautifully designed app is popular among investors, who prize its efficiency. With it, you can get quick info on 10,000 stocks and 20,000 financial instruments. Set your alerts to get economic news specific to the countries you're investing in, and save the info you need about your portfolio for future reference.

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SigFig Wealth Management

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You can invest directly with the SigFig Wealth Management app. The program will even manage your portfolio for ultra low fees of 0.25% annually and zero trading fees. Check up on stock prices and track your investments — all easy to do thanks to the clean design and efficient organization of information.

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