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Get inspired: Hair colors for Women Over 50

By Alicia Smith
Share to PinterestGet inspired: Hair colors for Women Over 50

Vibrant red and bleached blonde hair look great when you are young, but sometimes those colors are too harsh for more mature complexions. There is a middle ground between grandma-style blue rinses and the colors that your teenage daughter loves. The trick is finding the right color for your skin. Take a look at these flattering and vibrant hair colors that can highlight your best features and keep you looking youthful and ageless.


Rich Chocolate

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Brunettes may find that sticking with something close to their original hair color works well for them. Rich chocolate is timeless, natural-looking, and warming too. It works well for those who want to highlight their natural glow. The one downside is that this color will require maintenance in the form of frequent root touch-ups.


Warm Blonde With Highlights

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The bleached blonde look is often too harsh for those who are heading into their 50s and beyond. A warmer blonde with highlights frames the face well and can draw attention to the eyes or cheekbones. This color works well with women who like to wear striking makeup, as it helps retain a youthful look while still having a touch of maturity to it.


Crisp Copper for a Daring Look

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Copper hair is a bold look that is ideal for those who want to make a statement. It's strong and powerful, but not quite as over the top as the fire-engine reds that have been in fashion recently. This color works well with a pixie cut or bob, especially if you match the rest of your wardrobe to it.


Creamy Caramel

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Creamy caramel, or "bronde" as some hairstylists call it, is a flattering choice for most skin tones. It softens other colors and lets the eye drift to focal points such as the lips and eyes, depending on how your makeup is done. This look is a good choice for a low maintenance hairstyle. If your hair is starting to go grey in places, caramel is a natural-looking way to freshen it up.


Dark Chocolate

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If you have a slightly darker skin tone, then darker colors work well for your hair. Jet black hair can look out of place on women in their 40s and 50s, but dark chocolate is a nice compromise that is rich and luscious but with a softer tone to it that reflects light well.


Graceful Aging With Ash Gray

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There are many tones of gray, so there is no need to limit yourself to the "silver surfer" look. Match your hair to your favorite makeup and show that you can age gracefully by not being scared of embracing the changes to your hair or skin.


Rich and Rusty

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Rusty red is a bold and brave color that is usually favored by younger women. It can, however, suit mature women with paler skin. It brings out the color of your cheekbones, lips, and eyes. This look takes confidence to pull off, but it makes you look full of life!


Bright White

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A pixie cut and white hair can make a strong statement. If you're going grey and don't like the 'in-between' look, why not go all the way? This look can be smart or sporty and is incredibly practical too. However, be prepared to touch up your roots regularly to maintain this look.


Grey and Lavender

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The goal of the iconic "blue rinse" is to add just a touch of color to graying hair, removing the slightly yellowed appearance that some people are prone to. It's a way to make the hair look more vibrant, and when it's done properly, it works well. If you're blessed with thick and healthy hair, why not try a pale touch of lavender?


Gorgeous Gold Highlights

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If you've got dark hair that is starting to go gray, gold highlights can be an appealing option. They breathe life into your haircut and can be used to frame your face and bring out your best features. Highlights aren't just for the young. They can bring out the best in anyone's hair!



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