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10 Simple Short Wedding Hairdos for Busy Brides

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Share to PinterestShort Wedding Hairstyles Guaranteed to Turn Heads

Women choose short hair over long styles for a variety of reasons. Some seek a change or prefer an edgier cut, while others like the simplicity of shorter-length hair. When it comes to wedding hairstyles, there’s a vast selection of short, elegant options to choose from. Depending on the length and style of your hair, braids, loose, natural updos, or smooth, romantic curls work beautifully with shorter hair and elevate your look. You can even add crowns, clips, or flowers to create focal points. The one thing to remember is, short hair makes its own statement and doesn’t require tons of product or styling.


Natural, elegant pixie

Trendy, flattering, and super chic, the pixie cut is ideal for women who wish to highlight their eyes and facial construction. For elaborate or dressed-up occasions like a wedding, the pixie speaks for itself without requiring a lot of fuss. Add a simple headband, a crown of flowers, or a jeweled clip for extra glam or to accentuate the colors you’ve chosen for your wedding palette.


Soft waves

Nothing portrays romance like soft, gentle waves. Shorter hairstyles are perfect for boho, beach, blunt bob, or messy waves, and they’re easy to do. The goal is to keep your locks natural-looking so that they move when you do and aren’t stiff with product. Soft waves work beautifully for both formal and informal events. Take things up a notch by pushing one side of your hair behind your ear. Hold it in place with an elegant accessory, like an embellished hair clip or a crystal and pearl hair comb.


Side braids

Combine wavy locks with a single side braid for a simple yet elegant hairstyle. Choose from other hair trends to create a unique, one-of-a-kind hairdo. Create a half updo, then add small fishtail braids or a loose, flat-style braid on one side for added texture. These styles will also look amazing with highlighted hair, balayage, lowlights, and ombrés. The color variations and the different style techniques work together to add intriguing textures.


Infinity loop half updo

Half-up, half-down hairstyles are one of the most popular wedding day trends. For those who prefer boho styles, adding an infinity loop braid helps create the perfect wedding day coiffure. These loose braids start at the front and meet in the back in a pretty, innovative infinity loop. The rest of the style features wavy locks that fall effortlessly around the braid for an easygoing, fashionable look.


Smooth and sleek

Swept-to-the-side, sleek, and smooth short hair takes on a polished look that suits just about any occasion. Versatile hairstyles like this seem to take on the overall mood of what you’re wearing, so it fits perfectly with an exquisite bridal gown or an understated ensemble. Dress your short hairstyle up or down with a sparkly clip, dressy side comb, or a tiara.


Add a statement headpiece

If you don’t plan on wearing a veil, consider adding a wedding headpiece instead. Think feathers, crystals, rhinestones, or pearls. Transform a longer pixie into a lovely curly hairstyle, accentuated with stars, leaf motifs, dangling gems, or colorful clusters of sparkly bling. They’re available in a wide array of styles ranging from subtle elegance to a stunning extravaganza.


Curly volume on top

An abundance of springy ringlets creates a soft, romantic look but with a trendy, retro twist. Create a messy chignon bun in the back, add an accessory, and your gorgeous curls will do the rest. If you’re seeking more definition, try using high-quality styling milk to prevent any unwanted frizzies.


Flower headdress on a stunning blunt cut

Take your chic blunt cut to a new level. Shiny, healthy, blunt-cut hair is like a blank canvas, primed for creating an eye-catching, photographable moment on a special day. If you’ve dreamed of wearing a floral headdress, what better time to live out your fantasy? You’ll find a massive selection of handcrafted original versions online in an array of colors, sizes, and styles.


Short bob, bangs, and a veil

Combine a birdcage veil with a bold, short haircut, and you’ve found a vibrant, contemporary wedding look. Bobs that extend down over the ears frame your face. Add bangs, cut straight across above your eyebrows to provide drama. If you’re into more of a clean, modern look, without all the froufrou, this is the style for you.


Messy chignon updo

To style a delicate but dignified chignon, your hair should be long enough to gather loosely together at the nape of the neck to create a bun or twist. A few strands of hair pulled from the chignon updo hang around the face to frame it. Add flowers or other accessories for more visual impact.



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