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15 Flattering Short Hairstyles for Women Aged 50 and Above

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestShort Haircuts That Look Great on Women Over 50

Once a woman reaches her 50s, she tends to know who she is. This is also the perfect time to explore a fresh look, starting with a new hairstyle. Forget the old adage that women need to act or look their age. Choose a cut and length that you love, one that flatters your face shape. Think of short hairstyles as rejuvenating and anti-aging. The right one can even be super easy to maintain. Add layers if you want more volume. Change the color for a dramatic touch-up. There are no rules when it comes to trying out snazzy new styles.


Layered bobs

Share to Pinterestlayered bob haircut older women

A jaw-length, layered bob adds texture and is perfect for oval, square, or heart-shaped faces. Varying lengths increase dimension and volume. Add side-swept bangs for additional sass.

To give your layered bob an extra boost of vitality and shine, incorporate Wild Growth Hair Oil into your routine.


Ear-length blunt cuts

Share to Pinterestshort bob haircut over 50

For women seeking a chic, stylish, and versatile hairstyle suitable for any occasion, the blunt cut is an ideal choice. It exudes simplicity yet elegance. Short, ear-length styles breathe life into your face, imparting a youthful and dynamic appearance. If you're looking to balance longer faces or reduce the prominence of broad foreheads, incorporating bangs can work wonders.

To enhance and maintain the beauty of this straightforward haircut, consider establishing a basic hair care routine with dependable products from Grow Gorgeous.


Short, layered crop cut

Share to Pinterestsmiling older woman with stylish grey cropped hairstyle

Feminine, natural-looking crop cuts add texture and depth with choppy, spiked layers that taper at the neck. Comb the hair forward from the crown to enhance the layers even more.


Graduated bob

If you have a slimmer face and neck, this sleek cut is a perfect choice. Stacked layers create a shorter and more voluminous style in the back that’s longer in the front. The graduated bob works well on all face shapes and hair textures.

To ensure your graduated bob stays sleek and vibrant, indulge in a weekly treat with Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Hair Mask.

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Wedge cut

Share to Pinterestwedge cut hair over 50

Women with thicker hair will love this short, retro style from the 1970s. Multiple layers in the back are angled at the neck. The more severe the angle, the more dramatic the look. The sides are usually longer, about chin-length or just above.


Deva cut

Share to Pinterestdeva cut curly hair

Embrace the beauty of your natural curls by opting for a chic and on-trend Deva cut. A skilled stylist achieves this look by carefully cutting individual curls at an angle, preserving your hair's innate and captivating curly pattern. If you happen to have gray hair, it can enhance the overall depth and contrast of your curly locks, adding a unique touch to your style.

To ensure your voluminous curls always look their best, rely on high-quality products from Ouidad.


Messy beach waves

Share to Pinterestbeachy waves hairstyle over 50

Achieving a polished yet effortlessly relaxed style at home is all about the interplay of texture and volume, and it complements any chin-length bob-style haircut. If you're willing to use a flat-iron or a curling iron to craft those waves, you can easily attain this chic look. The best part? It's just as flattering for fuller faces as it is for slimmer ones, making it universally appealing.

For added density and lushness to your hair, explore the range of products available from Phillip Kingsley.




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Exuding edginess, versatility, and an element of fun, the pompadour cut grants you the power to effortlessly transform your style for any event or occasion. For a more striking and dramatic look, slick back the top and sides. To add volume at the crown, simply employ a round brush and your trusty blow dryer. Alternatively, you can create bangs by blow-drying the hair forward, gracefully draping them over your forehead.

To elevate your iconic hair game even further, consider incorporating these clean and potent products from Hair La Vie.


Shag cut

Share to Pinterestshag haircut short hair over 50

If your hair has a natural wave, try a casual, effortless, shag-style cut — they never seems to go out of style. Shags work perfectly with shorter hair, adding layers that frame your face. Achieve this style by cutting choppy layers from the front to the back.


Side-swept fringe

Share to Pinterestside-swept bangs short hair

For women with fuller faces, consider a super-short, layered cut with bangs, swept to the side. This fringe works especially well with pixie cuts that have some volume at the crown and directs attention to the eyes.


Feathered and cropped

Share to Pinterestfeathered crop haircut over 50

Thick hair can be a chore, but it doesn’t have to be. A short, cropped hairstyle with feathered layers shows off your ample locks and creates an elegant, chic look. Add volume with root lift style sprays.


Disconnected pixie

Share to Pinterestdisconnected pixie haircut older woman

Stylists use razor tools to achieve this trendy freehand layering style. They cut hair segments at angles to create isolated layers to add lots of movement. If you want to get rid of bulk and add volume, this is the route to go.



Share to Pinterestclavicut mid-length hairstyle

Neither a lob nor a bob, the clavicut offers a face-framing style with strands that drop down in the front, just enough to slightly touch your collarbone. If you are trying to avoid layers and aren’t ready to go super-short, this is a great option.


Classic pixie

Share to Pinterestclassic pixie haircut

Extra-short, ear-length layers are easy to style with a salt spray or putty and a quick tousle. Or, wear a super-short, cropped style instead. Not only do pixie cuts work on any hair texture, but they also look great on oval, square, round, or heart-shaped faces. This cut also enhances elegant, long necks. Add highlights for more drama.



Share to Pinterestundercut for women over 50

For those women who are ready to make a bold, youthful statement, the undercut may be the answer for dramatically changing your look. Wear this style sleek or messy, combing it to either side or toward the front. The undercut’s versatility only adds to its flair.


Spiky hair

Share to Pinterestspiky hair woman

Embrace the audacious spirit of spiky hair. This style isn't just about hair; it's a statement of individuality and confidence, perfect for the modern woman unafraid to showcase her edgy side. With a dab of styling gel and a dash of attitude, you can transform from the girl next door to a rockstar. Whether heading to a concert or just feeling adventurous, spiky hair is your ticket to standing out.


Feathered hair

Share to Pinterestwoman with feathered hair

The feathered look is a journey back in time. Soft, flowy, and reminiscent of the '70s and '80s, this style is for women who cherish the classics. It's about embracing nostalgia while making a contemporary statement. Each layer flows seamlessly, giving your hair a light and airy feel. Pair it with vintage accessories, and you're ready to steal the show.


Tousled bob

Share to Pinteresttousled bob

Dreaming of the beach? The tousled bob brings those ocean vibes straight to you. It's casual, breezy, and screams, "Summer!" This style is all about capturing the essence of a beach holiday: relaxed, carefree, and effortlessly chic. With a bit of sea salt spray and a few finger-combed waves, you can achieve that sun-kissed look. Perfect for weekend getaways or when you just want to feel the ocean breeze in your hair.


Curly bobs

Share to Pinterestcurly bob

Life is full of surprises, much like curly hair. The curly bob is a testament to embracing unpredictability. It's playful, dynamic, and full of life. Each curl tells a story, adding depth and character to your look. Whether you have natural curls or use tongs, this style celebrates every twist and turn. Pair it with bold earrings, and let those curls dance with every step.

For those with curly bobs looking to manage their locks with ease, the Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Hair Brushoffers a gentle solution to smoothly detangle and enhance your hair’s natural bounce and style.


Sleek bob

Share to Pinterestconfident old woman

When elegance is the name of the game, the sleek bob is your winning move. It's sharp, polished, and exudes sophistication. This style epitomizes modern chic, making it perfect for formal events or corporate settings. With a flat iron and some shine serum, you can achieve that glossy finish. It's more than just a hairstyle; it's a statement of grace and poise.


Pixie with long bangs

Share to PinterestYoung funny girl hipster hairdo with bangs and bob wearing a striped pullover sweaters

Nothing says chic and timeless quite like a pixie cut adorned with long, side-swept bangs. This style is perfect for women who want to highlight their facial features while maintaining a bit of length in the front for versatility. The long bangs can be styled to exude elegance for formal events or swept aside for a casual, everyday look. Plus, it's incredibly flattering for those with oval or heart-shaped faces, providing a softening effect that brings out the eyes and cheekbones.


Side-swept lob

Share to PinterestSide-swept lob on woman over 50

A side-swept lob offers a graceful silhouette that balances the ease of short hair with the versatility of longer strands. This cut falls gently around the shoulders, with one side styled longer than the other for a modern asymmetrical look. It's perfect for those who appreciate a feminine style that frames the face beautifully and can be easily transformed from a day at the office to a night out. The side sweep adds a touch of whimsy, making it a sophisticated choice for women seeking a blend of classic and contemporary.


Voluminous wavy bob with bangs

Share to PinterestVoluminous wavy bob with bangs on woman over 50

A voluminous wavy bob paired with bangs is the epitome of chic. This style is all about creating texture and volume, with waves adding body and the bangs drawing attention to the eyes. It's a playful yet polished look that suits a variety of face shapes and hair types, especially those with natural wave or curl. Whether you're dressing up for an event or keeping it casual for everyday wear, this haircut is a versatile choice that keeps you looking fresh and youthful.


Soft layered shag

Share to PinterestSoft layered shag on woman over 50

Revive the spirited essence of the '70s with a soft layered shag that brings movement and flair to short hair. This cut features feathered layers throughout, creating a voluminous and dynamic look that's as fashionable as it is fun. It’s an excellent choice for women seeking a hairstyle with personality and ease, suitable for various hair types, including fine and curly textures. Embrace the shag’s comeback for a bold, carefree look.


Swept-back volume

Share to PinterestSwept-back volume on woman over 50

Opt for elegance with a short haircut that allows for swept-back styling, creating a look of timeless grace with a modern twist. This style adds volume at the crown, leading to a sleek, refined silhouette that complements any outfit or occasion. Ideal for those with straight or slightly wavy hair, it’s a fantastic way to showcase your facial features while keeping your hair chic and manageable.


Buzz cut with a feminine touch

Share to PinterestBuzz cut with a feminine touch on woman over 50

For the ultimate statement of minimalism and ease, the buzz cut offers a bold yet surprisingly soft look. When paired with a delicate color, like a soft pastel or platinum blonde, it exudes a feminine charm that’s both striking and sophisticated. This cut is perfect for women over 50 who desire a no-fuss hairstyle that’s as stylish as it is empowering, proving that confidence is the best accessory.



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