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Scrunchie Hairstyles for Every Occasion

By Alicia Smith
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Scrunchies are a versatile, fun, and stylish way to jazz up any outfit. Whether you're going to work, the gym, or out for the evening, there's a scrunchie for you. In the 80s and throughout the 90s, scrunchies were the hottest trend for women of all ages. Now, the effortless scrunchie style is back in fashion and hotter than ever. Scrunchies come in such a range of sizes, colors, and materials, you're bound to find one to match your style. A sleek, silk scrunchie can add sophistication to any half-up-half-down look, or use an oversized scrunchie to add volume to your ponytail. Either way, a scrunchie hairdo will add a retro touch to your style


The half-up-half-down

This style was first introduced in the 80s when big hair and big scrunchies were a necessity for every fashion-conscious woman. Nowadays, hairstyles are far sleeker, but a tasteful half-up-half-down style with a colorful, oversized scrunchie is still a quick and easy way to give your hair some volume. To add some extra volume and subtle glamour, you could even curl your hair to leave you with soft waves.

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The messy bun

Having hours to style your hair while getting ready is a rare luxury, usually saved for the weekend, and important events. Although, just because you don't have much time, doesn't mean you can't look like the stylish, fashion-forward woman that you are. The messy bun updo is the perfect scrunchie hairstyle for those days when time is tight, but you still want your hair to look put-together and trendy. You could even choose a bright-colored scrunchie to make your look pop. Pink, yellow, or baby blue scrunchies are ideal for adding a bit of pizzazz to your outfit.

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The classic bun

If you have a formal engagement to attend, but you're cut for time, then the classic bun is the scrunchie hairstyle for you. Like the messy bun, the classic bun is a simple style that takes just five minutes to perfect. Except, this style is slick, sleek, and much more appropriate for office work, a party, or even a date. The great thing about bun updos is they work just as well on third-day hair as on recently washed hair. Adding a muted, small scrunchie to this look takes it from a classic, predictable updo, to a fresh and youthful fashion statement that is still appropriate for formal environments.

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The 90s ponytail

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Some hair trends are iconic enough to stand the test of time; the 90s ponytail is the perfect example. In the 90s, the high, snatched ponytail hairstyle was sported by it-girls, models, and women with a keen sense of style. Now, not much has changed, and women are wearing their hair in this way for a variety of occasions. Adding a scrunchie to this look creates a more casual, youthful appearance. For a sophisticated scrunchie ponytail look choose a muted or monochrome scrunchie. Although, if you want to make a hair statement, patterned and brightly colored scrunchies are your friend.


The braided look

If you have long hair, this scrunchie hairstyle is perfect for you. Braided hairstyles, whether it be a classic or fishtail braid, are effortless looks that scream casual-chic. While you might not need a scrunchie for this style, a colorful or patterned scrunchie adds a playful touch. Braided hairstyles are extremely versatile; you can have one braid, two braids, or even four. If you feel extra daring, try wearing different colored scrunchies at the end of each braid.


The top-knot

The top-knot style is a hybrid of the classic bun and the half-up-half-down. If you're looking for something a bit different, this partial updo is for you. With this style, you can change the size and color of your scrunchie to match the event you are attending. Choosing a scrunchie that is a similar color to your own hair makes this look subtle and professional, whereas choosing a brightly colored or patterned scrunchie makes the top-knot perfect for a night out. If you want to make an 80s fashion statement, you could even wear a large, oversized scrunchie.

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The low ponytail

Low ponytails are chic, fashionable, and low maintenance. This scrunchie hairstyle is so versatile you could wear it at the gym, at work, or even to a fancy dinner party. If you want to make this look extra casual, throw your hair into a loose, tousled ponytail. Although, if you plan to wear this hairstyle to a more formal event, you can brush your hair into a smooth, sleek ponytail. Whichever way you choose to wear this style, you're sure to be a knockout.

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The side scrunchie

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This is another style perfect for women with longer hair. The side scrunchie is relaxed, easy to do, and still looks stylish. If you only have time for a quick ponytail, but you've worn that style every day this week, try the side scrunchie hairdo. This hairstyle is as easy as the classic ponytail, but with an edgy twist. You can wear this style with straight, wavy, or curly hair, and you can even combine it with the braided look and opt for a side plait. The options are endless with this hairstyle, but don't forget to add your favorite scrunchie.


The scrunchie bow

If you've exhausted all the scrunchie hairdos under the sun, try changing up your scrunchie style. Scrunchies with bows are the perfect alternative to the basic scrunchie and come in a huge variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. If you want a subtle look, go for a small bow, but if you're looking to stand out at a party, wear a larger, more extravagant bow. You can make just about any hairstyle work with a scrunchie bow, but low ponytails, braids, and the 90s ponytail look best.

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The double scrunchie

Who says you should only wear one scrunchie? When done tastefully, adding a second scrunchie can quickly take your look from basic to stylish. Braided hairstyles provide the perfect opportunity for a double scrunchie style; try adding a scrunchie to the top and bottom of a ponytail braid. If your hair is extremely long, you could even use multiple scrunchies to create a balloon ponytail style. When using more than one scrunchie, you have the option to stay cohesive and choose matching scrunchies or walk a bit on the wild side and choose different colors; either way, make sure that your scrunchies match in size.

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