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Share to PinterestScarily Simple Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Scarily Simple Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

By Max Day
Share to PinterestScarily Simple Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween has a way of creeping up on us quicker than you can say “Boo!” All too often, the big day arrives and we're stuck with the same old cat ears or witch hat. This year, lift everyone's spirits by being armed and ready with a costume so clever, they'll be screaming for more. Best of all, it costs next to nothing to whip up an unforgettable ensemble. Go ahead and close that Amazon browser tab — you can shop your closet for pretty much all the goodies and gear you need to bring these looks to life.


Crazy cat lady

Share to Pinterestcrazy cat lady DIY Halloween costume
Matthias Clamer / Getty Images

Talk about a purr-fect last-minute costume. Throw on a fluffy bathrobe and frumpy slippers, then add some some hair rollers or a shower cap. Do your makeup Mimi Bobeck style (of Drew Carey Show fame). Then, grab a bunch of kitty cat stuffed toys and safety pin them to your robe, with one on top of your head for good measure. You can also carry an oversize handbag and have a few cats popping out of that too. Bonus points if you let a meow slip out here and there.


50 Shades of Grey

Share to Pinterest50 shades of grey DIY Halloween costume
triocean / Getty Images

Turn yourself into a walking mockery of the iconic romance series by heading to your nearest hardware store and selecting free paint color swatch samples in fifty different shades of gray. Then, throw on a gray T-shirt and stick the swatches all over it. Wear gray sweatpants if you have them. If you have a few gray hairs, even better. Costume complete.


Pixelated censor

Share to Pinterestpixelated censor halloween costume

Feeling cheeky but don’t actually want to show any… cheek? Grab the nearest cardboard box and get cutting until you have two or three rectangle shapes that are large enough to cover your naughty bits, both front and back. Glue on squares of construction paper in varying shades of brown, tan, yellow, peach and gray — you get the idea. Make your censor squares “wearable” by attaching strong twine or ribbon that can be draped over the neck and hold your pixels in place.

What you choose to wear underneath is up to you, but flesh toned undergarments are recommended in case a strong breeze blows.


It's Raining Men

Share to PinterestRaining Men umbrella DIY Halloween costume
Zoja Hussainova / Getty Images

Calling all thirsty Weather Girls. If you ever needed another excuse to surround yourself with your favorite heartthrobs, this costume is for you. Toss on some rain gear and grab the nearest umbrella — even better if it’s a clear one so you can actually see. Then, string up printed cut-outs of hot guys and attach them to the umbrella like they’re raining down on you. Hallelujah! (It can be raining women, too, of course!)


Blessing in disguise

Share to PinterestBlessing in disguise DIY Halloween costume
malerapaso / Getty Images

Throw on a pair of Groucho glasses (those ones with the fake nose and moustache), Mickey Mouse ears, and a cape. Then, grab an old T-shirt and write the word “Blessing” on it in thick black permanent marker or marker paint. Now everyone will know you’re a “blessing in disguise,” in case they had any doubt.


Copy cat

Share to PinterestCopy cat DIY Halloween costume
nemchinowa / Getty Images

Time to take those those black cat ears you wear year after year to the next level, don’t you agree? Make sure you’re wearing all black from head to toe. Then, print out copies of the same cat photo and stick them all over yourself with safety pins or strong tape. Don’t forget your tail! You can really up your name game by mimicking fellow party-goers all night.


Dust bunny

Share to PinterestDust bunny DIY Halloween costume
izusek / Getty Images

Hey there, hop stuff. Looking for a funny last-minute costume? Well, you might want to dust off those bunny ears you’ve had tucked away since last Easter, because this one's for you. Add a little bunny makeup and a floofy tail to complete your transformation. The final prop is a feather duster. Tada — you’re now a dust bunny!


Georgie from "It"

Share to PinterestGeorgie from IT red balloon paper boat raincoat DIY Halloween costume
Savusia Konstantin / Getty Images

Are you a fan of Stephen King’s 1980s novel or the hit horror movies it inspired? You only need three things to transform yourself into the little boy who disappeared down the storm drain: a cheap yellow rain poncho, a paper boat, and a red helium balloon. We’re not clowning around— it really is that easy!


Rosie the Riveter

Share to PinterestRosie the riveter DIY Halloween costume
robeo / Getty Images

Wrap a red bandanna around your head, throw on a blue button down shirt, swipe on some bold red lip, and stick in a pair of pearl or rhinestone earrings. Then, roll up your sleeves and flex your biceps just like the 1940s World War II icon. You can do it!


Rocket ship

Share to PinterestRocket ship DIY Halloween costume
AleksandarNakic / Getty Images

This kid-friendly costume is as much of a blast to make as it is to wear. Just get a giant piece of white poster board, cut a hole for the face and arms, and wrap it around whoever’s going to be wearing it, then tape the seam shut. Attach red, orange and yellow streamers to the bottom for the fire, and a red paper cone at the top. Add a few space-themed decorations, and you're good to go in T-minus 3, 2, 1...



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