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Red Carpet-Worthy Halloween Party Ideas

Sean Martin
Share to PinterestRed Carpet-Worthy Halloween Party Ideas

Hollywood isn't really known for keeping things low-key, and Halloween is no exception. If you're looking to go a bit glam this year with your decor ideas, why not skip the tissue paper ghosts and construction paper cut-outs and get a bit spectacular with your spooky. Even without a million-dollar budget, it’s still possible to add high-end decorations to a home. Whether you're hosting a gathering or just want to get in the spirit of the season, these upscale ideas will spark your creativity.


Glamorous witch theme

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fotostorm / Getty Images

Award-winning singer Bette Midler hosted a witches brew party based on her character from "Hocus Pocus." Props included a crooked witch broom, crystal ball, and cauldron, and these are must-haves if you're seeking to tackle this theme. To make the cauldron bubble, purchase fog makers and research DIY bubbling cauldrons online. Place black light bulbs in lamps and candles in pumpkins to up the spook factor.


A gilded Halloween

Share to PinterestEgypt theme halloween decor

Heidi Klum focused on Egypt's golden age for her Halloween decor. This theme is all about honoring the Queen of the Nile, the pharaohs who ruled, and the mummies. Research online for DIY mummy decorations. Purchase an Egyptian scene setter featuring a tomb. Hang gold leaf ribbon from the ceiling and cover the space with plenty of spider webs to really give the feeling of an abandoned tomb. Mini tombs or pyramids make great displays or kitchy gifts, and an Ancient Egypt photo booth could complete this theme.


A “Dead Dinner” party is on the menu

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Reality show superstar Kylie Jenner hosted a “Dead Dinner” party. For this theme, borrow grandma’s fine china. Place a black linen table cloth on the table. Spray paint a floral arrangement of roses black, add white miniature ghouls, and place in a crystal vase for a cool centerpiece. Purchase candles, skeleton drinkware, and other ornaments that match the “dead” diners’ theme. Print scary labels and glue to wine bottles. Create a playlist of hauntingly good music. Then sit back and watch the dead come to dinner.


Ghoulish saloon decor

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Movie star Kate Hudson hosted a ghoulish saloon-themed hoedown with decor that is totally achievable by the average non-millionaire. Start by scavenging second-hand stores for western items such as horseshoes, tin cans, brown leather fabrics, wooden stools, and cow skulls to display. Print wanted posters to hang. Purchase western scene-setters like a saloon door, bales of hay, creepy shot or tumbler glasses, mustache selfie props, and ghouls from the party store.


An extravagant election

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MarieDolphin / Getty Images

During election years, many celebrities host campaign rallies where everyone dresses as a presidential candidate. Election theme decor starts with purchasing patriotic decorations such as red, white, and blue hanging paper fans, flower balls, star streamers, and flag bunting. Order custom patriotic fans or buttons. Print voting stickers and ballot forms to display or play some election-related games. Fill your place with red and blue balloons, or put them in a net overhead for a big reveal.


Perfect pumpkins

Share to Pinterestpumpkin-themed halloween party decor

Kourtney Kardashian showcased perfect pumpkins as a creative Halloween theme. You couldn't ask for a simpler prop, nor one with so many unique design options! Purchase pumpkins of all sizes. Carve some with classic or intricate designs, but for others, paint, cover with gold leaf, or stack in stylish piles. Tiny pumpkins can be strung on a garland, and fairy lights can add a fantastical feel to your poppin' pumpkin party.


Sophisticated skeletons

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One year, Kourtney Kardashian staged a scary skeleton Halloween theme. There are plenty of options for this spooktacular party style. Whether it’s pirates or glam, this look requires purchasing a dozen or more life-size and mini skeletons and related props. For pirate-themed Halloween décor, purchase eye patches, cauldrons, and treasures such as gold beads. Recreate the glam theme by bedazzling the life-size skeletons — creepy or cutesy, it's your call. Dress the skeletons in wigs, pearls, party dresses, and suits, and encourage guests to attire themselves likewise.


A Delightful Dancing Halloween Party

Share to PinterestProm night Halloween.
Moncherie / Getty Images

The Today Show's team put on dance shoes for the “Everybody Dance” Halloween trend. A killer DJ and glitter disco ball are the start to reconstructing this fad. Get your decor inspiration from an over-top-scene like prom night. Purchase metallic foil fringe to stream from the ceilings. An essential addition: a red carpet to roll down the entrance. Also, purchase a glitzy background scene for Instagram photos.


Halloween royal ball decor

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colnihko / Getty Images

The Today Show cast presented “Royals on the Plaza,” highlighting the glamorous style of Kate Middleton. Try a fairytale event like Cinderella’s ball to reconstruct royalty decor. Pick up stone castle scene-setters, candles, and champagne flutes. Display jewel-tone satin fabrics and hang sparkling streamers in the entrances. Spray paint large pumpkins silver and gold and hang strands of silver and white string lights across the ceiling in a layered array for even more magic.


Hold a classic Halloween court

Share to Pinterestmedieval halloween party theme

Another option for royal Halloween decor is King Author’s court. Rent a white tent for the backyard, and hang jewel-tone flags outside. Research instructions online for DIY medieval torches, chandeliers, and banners to decorate the inside of the tent. Inside, pile cushions for sumptuous reclining spaces and cue up the medival music. Flickering candlelight will really drive home this medieval theme.



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