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Are You Making These 10 Style Mistakes After 50?

By Alicia Smith
Share to Pinterest25 Dressing Mistakes to Avoid After 50

Dressing when you are over fifty does not mean giving up looking stylish and comfortable. However, for many people, hitting the fifty mark brings some changes in body shape and appearance that make it necessary to consider the challenges that come with aging when selecting clothes, hairstyles, and make-up. If you are over fifty, you can enjoy classy and cutting-edge styles without looking like you selected your wardrobe from the junior department of a big box store. However, from head to toe, there are just some styles people over fifty should never wear.


Wild hair color

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Crossing the line into the fifties does not mean giving up stylish hair, but fad and style are not the same. Candy-colored locks and Gothic black tresses, while a little over the top, might be cool for the younger set but not for individuals over fifty. If you are not ready to give in to nature’s gray, the right hair color can look fresh, healthy, and yes, even youthful without competing with adolescents. If you choose to color your hair, it is better to select a hue similar to your natural hair color.


Wimpy wireframe glasses

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Granny looking wireframe glasses and rimless options might have been popular decades ago, but they tend to add years to the face. Many older adults have found that a substantial-looking frame in dark color results in a cutting-edge, more youthful appearance. Glasses with frames that appear heavy are lightweight and come in a variety of colors, including red, classic black, brown, and tortoiseshell. From the traditional Clark Kent shape to frames with round or geometric lens shapes, finding eyeglasses that complement the mature face is easier than ever.


Massive makeup

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More makeup is not better for individuals of any age. Makeup should enhance facial features, not call attention to signs of aging. Dry powder, lipstick that is too heavy and too bright, glitter, and excessive eye shadow, can bring attention to an aging face. Embellishing the face too much can make wrinkles prominent and cause pores to look more profound. A light application of liquid foundation and a natural-looking neutral lip color creates a more youthful appearance.


Deep diving necklines

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Tops and dresses with plunging necklines look best when left on the rack. While a tasteful open neckline or V-neck top is attractive and works for many women, necklines that expose deep cleavage and bulging breasts do not do much for mature women. When the chest starts to wrinkle, and gravity has its way with the breasts, it is time to trade in the low-cut tops and dresses for something that leaves a little more to the imagination.


Too much jewelry

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Jewelry, like makeup, is designed to enhance the overall look, not detract from it. Excessive bling can appear tacky. A chunky and eye-catching necklace may bring unwanted attention to an aging neck or a chest with wrinkled skin. A few good quality but not necessarily expensive pieces look attractive, and classy, and can add both finesse and spark to an outfit.


Thigh-high hemlines

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A mini skirt or dress and a nice pair of legs go together like bread and butter, but after fifty, it might be a good idea to re-evaluate hemline length. Over-fifty legs are not all created equally. If the short skirt causes people to do double-takes and giggle, it may be time to drop the hemline to just above or below the knee.


Clothes with a sprayed-on look

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Clothes that are too tight are ill-fitting. Having to lay on a bed to zip a pair of jeans or using pins to close openings on a bulging blouse means that those items are too small. Leggings designed to be worn with tunics should NEVER be a replacement for pants when wearing short tops. Spandex is no substitute for clothes that fit well. Tight clothes do not enhance the body, but they do bring attention to extra weight and imperfections that most individuals would rather keep under wraps.


Baggy clothes

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Baggy clothes bring unwanted attention to the body and look sloppy. Recent weight loss may be the reason for clothing being a little loose, however altering them will remove excess fabric and help the items fit better. If buying new clothes is too expensive, thrift stores and consignment shops offer nice-looking clothing at affordable prices.


Frumpy fashion

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Decades-old clothing can appear frumpy. Sometimes individuals become stuck in a clothing time warp, falling in love with a particular look or style. Pieces like classic blazers are timeless, but that 10-year-old floral blouse or Hawaiian print shirt in your closet probably looks way out-of-date.


Shoddy shoes

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Old shoes may be comfortable and suitable for lounging around the house, but they detract from nice clothes. Scuffed shoes and those with frayed laces, nicked heels, and worn soles can ruin a perfectly good look. Sometimes all it takes is a little shoe polish and heel dressing to breathe life into a pair of shoes that have been around for a while. However, when shoes can’t be made to look better, it’s time to toss them for a better-looking pair.


Clothes that don't fit properly

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When your outfit is at war with your proportions, it doesn't just feel off — it looks off. There's a noticeable awkwardness in endlessly tugging at a hem too snug or hitching up a waistband that's determined to wander. Stylish dressers intuitively understand balance and proportion and look for outfits that suit their silhouette, whether they're pear-shaped, apple-shaped, or athletic-looking. Every shape has its own strengths, and dressing right can accentuate the positives in your body type. If you find it difficult to buy off-the-rack clothes that flatter your build, a tailor can create or amend clothing to make it perfect for you.


Light, neutral colors are not your only option

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Who said that growing older meant you should start buying beige and grey? We're all about dressing to your attitude, not your age. So, if you're into bright colors, go ahead and let that flag fly. Your closet doesn't have to look like it's been dipped in a vat of oatmeal. The trick is to find shades that complement your skin tone and make you feel fantastic. If you're warm-toned, earthy colors like oranges, reds, and golden yellows will enhance your natural glow. Cooler tones? Seek out shades of sapphire, violet, and rich forest greens to bring out the best in your complexion. Wondering how to begin? Simply pick a selection of colors and test them against your skin in the soft glow of daylight. You'll notice some make you look more radiant — those are your winners.


It's fine to ditch your heels

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As time goes on, we crave shoes that don't feel like a punishment by day's end. Yet, we don't have to sacrifice style at the altar of comfort. The fashion world has delivered a bounty of options, from the sleek charm of ballet flats to the subtle boost of a block heel. Finding that sweet spot where style meets comfort isn't just smart; it's fashion-forward. Choose shoes that support your strut, not hinder it. Because nothing beats the look of ease on someone who's both looking and feeling good from the ground up.


Crop tops and hot pants aren't just for the young

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Say goodbye to the myth that certain trends are age-restricted. Fashion rebels constantly rewrite the rules, and so can you. If you're comfortable in a crop top or hot pants, wear them with pride. If you want to mix sophistication with the sizzle, pair the crop top with high-waisted skirts or pants or throw a tailored blazer over the short shorts. With each piece you select, make sure it's a nod to your brand of confidence because, in the end, it's not the clothes but the attitude they're worn with that turns heads.


Say farewell to fleece

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While there's no denying the comfort of a fleece pullover on a chilly day, there are more stylish alternatives to consider. Winter fashion is brimming with pieces that marry warmth with wow-factor. Think coats that cinch just right, creating a silhouette that's as sharp as it is snug. Or chic shawls, soft cardigans, and cozy jackets. Lastly, when you crave the snugness of fleece but desire a more polished appearance, a cashmere sweater is your ally, providing feather-light luxury that is both warm and refined.


Tailoring for a perfect fit

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No matter how beautiful a garment is, if it doesn't fit well, it won't look good. Investing in tailoring can transform an okay outfit into a stunning one. Whether it's adjusting the hem of your trousers or taking in a blouse, tailored clothes look polished and bespoke. This attention to fit is especially important as our bodies change, ensuring we always look our best.


Strategic use of accessories

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Accessories can be the secret weapon in your style arsenal. A well-chosen belt, an elegant scarf, or a statement piece of jewelry can add a youthful touch to your outfits without appearing as though you're trying too hard. The key is to choose accessories that complement your outfit and add a personal touch, showcasing your style and personality.


Choosing the right undergarments

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The foundation of any great outfit starts with your undergarments. Opting for seamless underwear and a well-fitted, smooth bra can make all the difference in how your clothes sit and feel. Remember, the goal is to create a sleek silhouette that lets your chosen outfits shine without any distracting lines or bulges. A t-shirt bra and seamless panties in a shade close to your skin tone are essentials every woman over 50 should have in her lingerie drawer.


The art of accessorizing with hats

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Hats are not just functional; they're a style statement that can elevate any outfit. For those over 50, the key is choosing hats that complement rather than complicate your look. A classic Panama hat or a tasteful pork pie can add a touch of elegance and mystery to your ensemble. Remember, the hat should match the proportion of your outfit and occasion, blending seamlessly with your personal style.


The dos and don'ts of casual footwear

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Gone are the days when comfort meant sacrificing style. For the mature woman, selecting casual footwear that offers both is key. Neat leather sneakers, stylish loafers, or elegant boat shoes can serve as comfortable yet fashionable choices for everyday wear. It's about finding the right balance that keeps you comfortable while still looking put together.


Navigating the world of denim

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Jeans are a staple in any wardrobe, but finding the right pair after 50 can be daunting. Look for jeans that offer a flattering fit without being too tight, in classic washes that avoid the extremes of too light or too dark. Avoid overly trendy details like excessive distressing or embellishments, and instead, opt for a sophisticated, clean look that can be dressed up or down.


Smart alternatives to youthful trends

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It's possible to stay current without dressing like a teenager. Incorporating modern trends into your wardrobe in a subtle, age-appropriate way is the key. This might mean adopting a slimmer silhouette in your trousers or opting for contemporary colors in classic garment styles. It's about refreshing your look without losing sight of what works for your body and age.


Embracing sophisticated patterns and colors

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Adding patterns and colors to your wardrobe can invigorate your style, but the trick is to do so judiciously. Choose one bold piece to be the focal point of your outfit and keep the rest more subdued. This approach allows you to play with fun elements without overwhelming your look, ensuring that your outfit remains elegant and cohesive.


Selecting appropriate scents

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Fragrance is an invisible part of our personal style, and choosing the right one can make a powerful statement. Opt for scents that reflect sophistication and maturity, avoiding those that are overly sweet or bold. A classic, subtle fragrance can be a signature part of your style, enhancing your presence without overpowering it.


Transitioning from workwear to casual elegance

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As we move beyond the workplace, our wardrobe needs to evolve from strictly professional attire to a more relaxed yet refined casual elegance. This doesn't mean resorting to sweatpants and hoodies but rather embracing softer silhouettes, luxurious fabrics, and versatile pieces that can go from a casual lunch to an evening out. Think of tailored linen trousers, silk blouses, and cashmere cardigans that offer comfort without compromising on style. This transition allows for a wardrobe that is not only practical but also beautifully suited to this new chapter in life, reflecting a sense of ease and sophistication.



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