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Nail Trends Worth Trying

By Graham Hall
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For some, painted nails are as much a fashion accessory as a pair of heels. As with any other aspect of personal style, switching up your go-to nail design can be a fun way to step outside your comfort zone. From muted nudes to bold accents, there is plenty of nail art inspiration to suit your style.



Ombré nails are fabulous for several reasons. For one, you don't have to choose just one nail polish shade. Especially when you're torn between two colors, opting for an ombré manicure offers a perfect solution. This is also a great way to try out trendy nail art without a major commitment.

Share to PinterestA blue ombre manicure accented with one glitter nail
TanyaLovus / Getty Images


Black & white

Black and white are both timeless, classic colors that go with absolutely everything and are appropriate year-round. This is true of nail polish, as well. With this nail trend, you'll never have to worry about your nails clashing with your outfit. You can keep it simple with solid colors, but don't hesitate to opt for a contrasting print.

Share to PinterestA white and black manicure accented with houndstooth print
robertprzybysz / Getty Images


Rainbow French

Whoever said French tips have to be white, anyway? This fun trend became wildly popular in 2019 and has stuck around, seemingly for good. There are no rules with this nail art, other than that it's not for those who don't like to stand out. Try nude nails with different-colored tips or go full rainbow with different colors on the beds and tips.

Share to PinterestA colorful French-style manicure against a background of rainbow colors
marigo20 / Getty Images



Nail art can be quite artistic. In this nail art trend, the sky's the limit. Go for contrasting colors, add embellishments, or create negative space. Graphic manicures are an excellent way to mark a special occasion. For example, go with red and blue for the 4th of July or opt for your school colors for a big game.

Share to PinterestA very detailed graphic manicure in purple, gold, black, and white
marigo20 / Getty Images



Dramatic nail shape can be a form of art all in itself. The stiletto nail trend has been around for some time and is favored by many celebrities including Fergie, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce. One of the best things about stiletto nails is that they elongate the fingers, making them appear slimmer. Plus, the shape will make you feel a bit more fierce.

Share to PinterestStiletto-shaped nails painted a glossy vibrant pink shade
Beeldbewerking / Getty Images



If glitter or embellishments aren't for you but you still want something a bit extra, gradient nails are for you. In this manicure style, instead of picking one shade, you pick five. Typically, the shades are in the same color family and go from lightest to darkest—think pale pink working up to deep magenta.

Share to PinterestA gradient manicure in similar shades of blue
Oleksandr Smirnov / Getty Images



Take your mani up a level, literally. In this trend, the 3-D texture is literally created right on the nails, typically with gel polish. The surface can be anything from a cable-knit sweater texture to rows of dots, hearts, or stripes. While this nail art trend is awesome, note that it does take a bit more upkeep than a slightly more basic manicure.

Share to PinterestA nude-colored manicure featuring textured 3-D nails
Wojtek Skora / Getty Images



This sophisticated nail art trend is everywhere and for good reason. It's chic and understated but also eye-catching and glamorous. Marble nails are perfect for those who don't love bright colors or tons of embellishments but still want to stand out. They also go with literally everything, so no need to be worried about what to wear.

Share to PinterestA gray and white marble manicure against a gray sweater
Marina Migukova / Getty Images


Realistic floral

It's easy to see why realistic floral prints on nails are so popular. They're feminine and elegant without being too over-the-top, and they're timeless. Summer? Winter? Autumn? Spring? Floral nails work in any season. If you want to try this trend, you have options. A professional nail tech can do it, of course, but you can also get a kit and DIY.

Share to PinterestA red and white manicure with realistic rose print
marigo20 / Getty Images



For the bold, the fun-loving, the edgy, and those with a flair for the dramatic, there are glitter nails. Glitter manicures can be as extreme or as subtle as you prefer. Go for a different jewel-tone shade on each nail or opt for subtle silver glitter over nude polish. Either way, it's impossible to look down at glittery nails and not smile.

Share to PinterestA square-shape manicure where each nail is a different shade of glitter
marigo20 / Getty Images


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