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Magical Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

By Jo Marshall
Share to PinterestMagical Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

Bedecking your home with a variety of gorgeous Thanksgiving decorations is an excellent way to make friends and family members feel welcome when you're hosting a holiday dinner. DIY decorations should help to create an atmosphere of comfort while making your home look as chic and stylish as possible. Fortunately, there are no strict rules when it comes to making Thanksgiving decorations, and you can afford to inject plenty of personality into your efforts. Just remember to keep things seasonal with items such as pumpkins, shiny red apples, leaves, warm orange hues, and thick plaid blankets.


Perfect your pumpkin centerpiece

No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without a pretty pumpkin centerpiece. Rather than play it safe with a few plain pumpkins and pinecones, mix things up by spray painting your pumpkins or dressing them up with gorgeous jewels, glitter, or fabric. If you're going to paint your pumpkins, try to find metallic colors such as gold, silver, or copper for a truly festive feel. Alternatively, dress the pumpkin up with lace trimmings, crocheted materials, or studded jewels. There are scores of possibilities — just try to stamp your personality on the centerpiece to wow friends and family members.

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Make some cute place settings

Thanksgiving represents the perfect opportunity to make some place settings your guests will fawn over. Start by sourcing some warm-colored plaid napkins, either new or by cutting up an old tablecloth if you have some sewing skills. Next, tie a ribbon around the napkin so it fans out into a pretty shape, and tuck a selection of seasonal items into the ribbon. This could include leaves, fruits, acorns, or anything else you can think of.

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Write personalized place cards

Looking for a way to show your guests you care about them? Here's the perfect solution: purchase or make an array of place cards and write a brief but heartfelt message about what each guest means to you. As well as putting smiles on their faces, it will give your guests something to read and talk about while you're making the final dinner preparations!

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Spell out messages with lettered candles

One of the best things about Thanksgiving is that you are able to share messages of thanks with your friends and family and reflect on the important things in life. This is why messages and mottos expressing gratitude have become a decorative staple at modern Thanksgiving dinners. To make yours stand out, invest in a few lettered candles, and spell out personalized messages.

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Make a centerpiece with help from your backyard

One of the best things about the fall season is that backyards and outdoor spaces are suddenly inundated with stunning red, orange, and russet-colored fruits, leaves, and flowers. To make the most of this, why not create your own beautiful centerpiece with flora found in your very own backyard? It won't take long and the results are sure to be amazing.

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Fill your house with lanterns

If you love lighting candles during holiday celebrations but are worried about kids, pets, or clumsy adults knocking them over, invest in a few lanterns. Lock real or artificial candles away inside these decorative holders — the glass protects the frame, and the wide base makes them unlikely to be knocked over. You could even place them outside your front door to ensure guests feel welcome as soon as they arrive.

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Don't neglect your outdoor space

Although Thanksgiving represents a great excuse to bring bits of nature indoors, it is important not to forget your outdoor area. After all, your dining room or kitchen is likely to get a little hot and lively while you're celebrating and exchanging stories, and some guests may need a time-out from all of the action. If it's not too cold, arrange a beautiful outdoor space for guests to retreat to, with fairy lights, comfortable seating, potted plants, and wreaths.

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Fill up your fruit bowl

There are heaps of seasonal fruits and vegetables to enjoy when Thanksgiving rolls around — apples, pears, satsumas, pumpkins, and more. As well as tasting great and offering healthy alternatives to high-calorie desserts, autumnal produce looks wonderful when piled up in a fruit bowl. Adorn your vitamin-rich display with pinecones or fall flowers to top off the look.

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Make a classy wreath

Autumn-themed wreaths are relatively easy to make and are an excellent way to add some stylish traditionalism to your front door, dining space, or living room. Choose branches, pinecones, leaves, and other fall-related items and wrap them around a wicker wreath base. If you're a fan of minimalism, try sticking to one or two colors to keep things classy and muted. You can even invite scent into your visual display with cinnamon sticks and anise stars.

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Hang a Thanksgiving banner

Share to Pinterestautumn bunting banner for thanksgiving

Impress your guests with a bespoke banner just for Thanksgiving. Anything from a rustic wood placard to a hand-sewn bunting or burlap wall hanging will take your decor to the next level and really give off that rustic and earthy vibe so central to the season. You could even get the whole family involved and have everyone add their artistic flair to the project.



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