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Lemonade Braid Styles that'll Complement Your Unique Style

By Sara Anderson
Share to PinterestLemonade Braid Styles that'll Complement Your Unique Style

Whether you are a fan of Beyoncé or not, you have to agree that the side cornrow look she made famous looks great on everyone. These long, thin braids create a striking asymmetrical hair design. Offering a wide variety of styles, lemonade braids are very versatile but can take a long time to accomplish. If you lack patience, your salon can help. Use them alone or in conjunction with other braids. If you want the trending hair fashion, lemonade braids could be the answer.


Lots of long lemonade braids

Share to PinterestChannel your inner Beyonce with this signature look.
karelnoppe / Getty Images

This is the look that Beyoncé made famous. For this style, you need all the long, thin lemonade braids your head can hold, flowing beautifully from one side of your face around to the other. To accomplish this style, you need to make certain that all the braids are basically the same thickness. That attention to detail creates an unforgettably gorgeous look. Perfect for framing the face, this style also gives you loads of hanging braids. This softens the severity that some closely braided hairstyles possess. Whether you are enjoying a quiet evening in or heading out to a concert, your style will automatically be elevated with this hair design.


Lemonade braid ponytail

Share to PinterestCreate a new ponytail look with your lemonade braids.
Rawpixel / Getty Images

Some days just call for a ponytail. If you need to keep your hair out of your face but want to do it fashionably, this is the pony for you. With a head full of lemonade braids, this is not your ordinary ponytail. And it couldn't be simpler to wear. Just pull the braids back and gather them at the crown or nearby. This provides the restraint you need in a way that you'll be proud to show.


Up and down lemonade braids

Share to PinterestPull those lemonade braids back out of your way without losing their appeal.
Marilyn Nieves / Getty Images

If you need to keep your hair out of your face but don't want to give up your freely-hanging braids, this style is made for you. It casually pulls the braids back from your face that would usually be in your way. Yet it still allows you to show off the length of your braids proudly. All you need to do is simply gather the braids surrounding the face and bring them to the middle of the back of the head. You can secure these braids in a variety of ways, dressing them up or down as you wish.


Up and down lemonade braid bun

Share to PinterestGet the restraint of a high bun with the freedom of loose braids with this up and down hairstyle.
Igor Alecsander / Getty Images

Can't decide whether to wear your lemonade braids up or down? With this trendy look, you won't have to. Get the best of both worlds with this up and down 'do. Just gather the top layer of braids and wrap them into a high bun. This leaves the lower level of lemonade braids free to hang down and move with you. This look works for all occasions. Whether you wear your braided bun to work or your next celebration, it will keep your style in place beautifully.


Short lemonade braids

Share to PinterestGirl shaking her pink braided hair
Rawpixel / Getty Images

Lemonade braids are not only beautiful for those with uber-long hair. Shorter hairstyles can enjoy this trending style just as much. With tons of thin braids, you won't have to restrain your medium-length hair at all. It is one of the easiest, most carefree hairstyles you can get, and it will last a long time with the right care.


Lemonade braids with loose curls

Share to PinterestThis style is the perfect blend of controlled style and wild freedom.
hartcreations / Getty Images

No matter what age you are, this style gives you a chance to let your hair shine. The tiny lemonade braids curve gracefully, ending in a wild tumble of curls that flow down your back. With great control and contained curly locks, this hairdo gives you everything you want. Let your hair down in style with this trendy new look.


Lemonade braid bun

Share to PinterestWrap all those lemonade braids up in a beautiful bun.
SDI Productions / Getty Images

Blending braids and buns can create a beautiful hair design that keeps its good looks all day long. This twist on a classic style works as well at work as it does at a party. This gorgeous style combines arcing braids that are piled high on top of the head. It allows you complete control over your tresses while showing off your sense of hair fashion. Plus, it looks great with any color hair.


Lemonade braid loose bun

Share to PinterestShake up your boring bun with lemonade buns on the side.
talentbender / Getty Images

Here's another way to wear your lemonade braids in a high bun. With this style, the bottom half of the hair remains loose and is wound into a bun. The tight braids make sure that your hair stays back out of your way. The hair that is not braided gives this style a more loose, unconstructed look that adds its own appeal.


Half-pony lemonade braids

Share to PinterestYou won't have to choose whether to wear your hair up or down with these trendy braids.
MangoStar_Studio / Getty Images

Give your hair a new look with this new take on the classic ponytail. With the top section of lemonade braids gathered into a high ponytail, the rest of the braids are allowed to remain free. Combining wild freedom with calm restraint, this hairstyle encompasses the real you. Bursting with youthful exuberance, yet restrained enough for the office, this trendy style can go from day to night seamlessly. Keep your lemonade braids under control while showing off your long locks with this easy hairdo.


Colorful lemonade braids

Share to PinterestColorful braids create a vivid hairstyle.
kate_sept2004 / Getty Images

Nothing showcases your lemonade braids like a pop of color. Adding a bold color, or even two, to show off your style can bring out the diva that's hiding inside you. When you deal with color, go all in or nothing. The bolder your color choice, the more amazing your coif will be. This is not the time to be timid, so let go and create a scene. Your hair will thank you.



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