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10 Layered Haircuts to Enhance Your Face Shape

Alicia Smith
Share to Pinterest10 Layered Haircuts to Enhance Your Face Shape

Layered locks are in this season, and they're the easiest way to switch up your style. Whether you want a major change or a minor upgrade, a layered cut can significantly update your style without a drastic lobbing off of multiple inches. Layered cuts add depth and versatility with sweeping strands cut to flatter your unique face shape. From blunt to feathered, meticulously trimmed to choppy, this impressive selection of styles might just inspire a new look you've never imagined.


The feathered cut

Share to PinterestFeathered layers
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Feathered layers work on any hair length, creating texture and body that make your strands simpler to style. Starting at the crown, your stylist will add graduated layers that feather out at the ends, adding depth, volume and movement. A quick blowout is the best way to show off every layer, adding elegant appeal to any haircut.


Flicked out ends

Share to PinterestFlicked out ends
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Another style that enhances any hair length, flicked ends add a fresh, youthful appeal. A throwback to the seventies, choppy ends always stand out, even when your hair is twisted into an updo. Leave a strand out for a coy, flirty effect, or straighten your whole coif for a bolder vibe. Some smoothing cream or oil is the best way to keep your ends strong, shiny, and help them maintain their shape. The ends are the focus here, and this style is ideal for revitalizing stressed-out strands.


The layered lob

Share to PinterestThe layered lob
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This face-framing look is ideal for short to medium-length hair, revitalizing strands for a voluminous vibe. The length at the nape of your neck will be the shortest, with tresses gradually gaining length toward the face. No need to go over the top, however, as cutting medium-length layers can make this graduation more subtle, with all the benefits of a simplified styling routine. The end result? Fresh, luscious layers that perfectly frame the face.


The choppy bob

Share to PinterestChoppy bob
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A bob is more versatile than many women imagine, so if you've been on the fence, it might finally be time to give this look a go. Ideal for every hair type, bobs create dimension and versatility whether you wear them straight, wavy or curly. Adding highlights increases depth, while one bold tone makes this blunt style pop. Smooth it out or rough it up for a beachy, tousled vibe. The bob's many layers offer endless styling ideas.


Razored ends

Share to PinterestRazored ends
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Razored ends create a more refined look that's easy to spot from a distance. Stylists use razoring to refine specific sections, so they can carefully highlight the areas you want front and center. This method also thins the ends out throughout your hair, making the whole thing lighter and easier to style — essential for anyone with a lot of hair. Subtle highlights increase depth for a more blended appearance, while balayage, blond, and raven tones offer a more audacious vibe.


Side layers

Share to PinterestSide layers
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You don't have to go to the extreme to upgrade your appearance; if you're undecided about the layered look, ask your stylist to add subtle ones at the sides. This builds dimension without making a major change, framing and elongating your face. Layers don't have to cover your head; they can highlight the areas you love the most. This cut beautifully accentuates curls or waves, and it makes sweeping your hair into updos so much simpler.


Lower layers

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The perfect blend of subtle and bold, bottom layers concentrate at the ends, so the rest of your hair remains the same length. With layers focused at the bottom, your hair will be naturally weighed down enough to combat frizz and puffiness without being heavy, making this another go-to choice for those with thicker texture. If you're undecided about layering, this look leaves a lot of impact without committing to a long-term change.


V-Cut layers

Share to PinterestV-cut layers
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This unique look draws attention to your hair's longest length, making it ideal for those with longer locks. With V-cut layers, the hair is kept longest at the back, with the layers closest to your face getting thinner and more drawn in. These front layers sweep toward the back of the head, giving the appearance of thickness and depth. A simple shine cream is all you need to keep the style in place.


Swoopy layers

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Go big or go home. Voluminous layers make the most of thick tresses while bringing dimension to thin ones; they add volume, texture and dimension all at once. Swooped layers are cut in a circular motion and swept toward the back of the head, which is where they stand out the most. They add movement and body to any haircut, and add a luminous look to colored strands.


The Sharp swoop

Share to PinterestSharp swoop
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Just a few quick layers create major change, and this one focuses on two distinct pieces: the front layer, and the back. The front layer is sliced at an angle, while the back half is angled forward. Smaller, razored edges can be intermixed for a bigger, bolder vibe. With just two quick sweeps, your stylist can radically update your appearance.



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