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Which Layered Haircut is Best for Your Face Shape?

By Alicia Smith
Share to Pinterest10 Layered Haircuts to Enhance Your Face Shape

Layered haircuts are all the rage right now, offering a stylish way to update your look. They're perfect for anyone looking to make a statement or just refresh their style. Whether you're aiming for a big transformation or just a slight tweak, adding layers can refresh your style without needing to cut off a lot of hair. These cuts bring depth and adaptability, with layers tailored to complement your face shape. From sleek and blunt to soft and feathered, this diverse range of styles could spark your next hair adventure.


Feathered layers work on any hair length

Share to PinterestFeathered layers
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Feathered layers work wonders on any hair length, adding texture and volume that's easy to style. They're particularly effective for adding movement to flat or limp hair. Starting from the top, your stylist will create layers that get lighter towards the ends, giving your hair depth and movement. A quick blow-dry is the perfect way to showcase these layers, lending a sophisticated touch to your look.


Flicked ends add a fresh, youthful appeal

Share to PinterestFlicked out ends
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This style, with its flicked ends, adds a lively, youthful vibe to your hair. It's especially great for those looking to add a bit of fun to their regular style. It's a nod to the 70s, with choppy ends that stand out, even in an updo. Leave a strand loose for a playful touch, or go for a sleek look by straightening your hair. Using some smoothing cream or oil will keep the ends in good shape, making this style perfect for rejuvenating tired hair.


The layered lob is ideal for short to medium-length hair

Share to PinterestThe layered lob
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Ideal for short to medium hair, this style adds volume and frames the face beautifully, making it a great choice for those looking to accentuate their facial features. The hair is shorter at the back of the neck and gradually gets longer towards the face. Subtle medium-length layers can make this transition smoother, simplifying your styling routine and giving you fresh, vibrant layers.


The choppy bob i s so versatile

Share to PinterestChoppy bob
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The layered bob is a classic style that's surprisingly versatile, suitable for a variety of hair types and face shapes. Don't underestimate the bob – it's more versatile than you think. Suitable for all hair types, bobs can be styled straight, wavy, or curly. They add dimension and offer endless styling possibilities. Highlights can enhance the layers, while a bold, uniform color makes the style stand out. You can smooth it for a sleek look or tousle it for a casual, beachy vibe.


Razored ends create a more refined look

Share to PinterestRazored ends
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Razored ends give a distinct, refined look that's perfect for modern, edgy styles. This technique is great for adding texture and reducing bulk in thicker hair. Stylists use this technique to thin out specific sections, drawing attention to your best features. This method also lightens your hair, making it easier to manage – a real plus for those with thick hair. Subtle highlights can add depth, while bold colors like balayage, blond, and raven make a strong statement.


Side layers build dimension

Share to PinterestSide layers
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Subtle side layers are a fantastic way to add dimension to your hair without a dramatic change, ideal for those who prefer a more understated style. If you're unsure about layers, try subtle ones on the sides. They add dimension without a drastic change, elongating and framing your face. These layers can emphasize your favorite features, particularly enhancing curls or waves and making updos easier.


Lower layers

Share to PinterestLower layers
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Bottom layers are a great choice for those who want to experiment with layers without altering their overall hair length. This style focuses layers at the ends, keeping the rest of your hair at a uniform length. It's a great way to reduce frizz and puffiness without weighing down your hair, especially for those with thicker locks. If you're hesitant about layering, this style makes a significant impact without a long-term commitment.


V-Cut layers k eep the hair longest at the back

Share to PinterestV-cut layers
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V-cut layers are particularly striking on longer hair, creating a cascading effect that's both elegant and dramatic. This unique style highlights the longest part of your hair, making it perfect for those with longer locks. The hair is longest at the back, with front layers getting progressively thinner. These layers sweep back, creating an illusion of thickness and depth.


Swoopy layers m ake the most of thick tresses

Share to Pinterestlayered hair cut salon

For those with thick hair or anyone wanting to add volume to thinner hair, voluminous layers are an excellent choice. They add volume, texture, and depth. Cut in a circular motion and swept back, these layers add body and movement, enhancing the look of colored hair.


The Sharp swoop

Share to PinterestSharp swoop
m-imagephotography / Getty Images

This cutting-edge style is perfect for making a bold statement with just a few strategic cuts. It focuses on two key areas: the front and the back. The front layer is cut at an angle, while the back layer angles forward. You can mix in smaller, razored edges for a more dramatic effect. This simple technique can significantly change your look.



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