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Share to PinterestInspiration For Your Next Gift Basket

Inspiration For Your Next Gift Basket

By Chris Jones
Share to PinterestInspiration For Your Next Gift Basket

Nothing says "I love you" like a carefully curated gift basket. Whether you're buying for your parents, a best friend, a sibling, or your partner, creating something bespoke is a wonderful way to show someone that you know their tastes and are willing to spend a little time thinking about what they'd like. The key to coming up with gift basket items the recipient will use? Collect additions that are practical, customizable, and tailored for a particular purpose. Whether they're fans of wine tasting, yoga, or arthouse movies, there's a tailored gift basket out there for everyone.


The coffee-lover's gift basket

Share to PinterestCoffee beans
apomares / Getty Images

If you know a passionate coffee lover, why not surprise them with a selection of coffee beans from around the world? Even if you're not a connoisseur yourself, there are plenty of retailers out there happy to help customers put together a collection of diverse and delicious choices. To make the basket extra special, add some classy coffee cups, a French press, or some biscotti to dip in morning cuppa.


The bride-to-be basket

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If a close friend or relative is gearing up for a wedding, they will find a specially curated bridal basket incredibly useful. Fill the basket with everything they will need on the day, such as soothing face creams, calming scented candles, and a snack or two for the morning of. Bridal magazines and a planning notebook will also be much appreciated if they are still in the preparation stage.


The back-to-school basket

Share to PinterestBack-to-school items
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Ease your child, niece, nephew, or godchild into the new school year with a motivational back-to-school gift basket. There are plenty of useful items you could include, such as pens, notebooks, a lunchbox, or a dictionary. It is important to balance out the practical stuff with some treats such as candy, video games, or a gift token — this will motivate them to score high grades and make you proud. Tweak these ideas to make baskets for teenagers in high school or a friend headed off to college.


The housewarming basket

Share to PinterestHousewarming gift
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If you know someone who has just moved into a new place, a basket full of homewares and useful household items is sure to be a treat. Start by finding out what they really need, such as lightbulbs, bedsheets, or towels — it might sound boring, but they will surely appreciate you taking a job off their to-do list. Next, top off the basket with an array of luxury homewares such as incense sticks, fancy shower products, or anything else that might suit their tastes. Just remember that people often don't like having their homes decorated for them, so stick to things they can customize to their tastes!


The cocktail basket

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There is no better way to celebrate a special occasion than with a cocktail or two. With a cocktail gift basket, your recipient can learn how to make their very own fancy drinks with minimal effort on their part. Remember to include a generous bottle of their favorite liquor(s), along with mixers, cocktail garnishes, a shaker, a muddler, and step-by-step instructions for making great drinks. If you're lucky, they'll prepare one for you on the spot!


The chocolate-lover's basket

Share to PinterestInspiration For Your Next Gift Basket

Almost everyone knows a dedicated chocoholic. Regardless of the occasion, a chocolate-craving loved one will absolutely love a basket filled to the brim with cocoa-related items. As well as purchasing different chocolate bars (remember to include white, milk, and dark varieties), add packets of luxury hot chocolate, chocolate cookies, or even chocolate-flavored liqueurs. If you're celebrating Easter, you could even add a chocolate bunny or two. The possibilities are endless!


The cheese-lover's basket

Share to PinterestCheese gift basket
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Cheese is a relatively niche passion. However, you probably know a relative or two who absolutely loves the stuff. To make a basket gouda-nuff for any cheddar connoisseur, collect a range of cheeses from around the world and arrange them carefully on a gingham cloth. Add a few items to go with the cheeses such as crackers, chutney, or grapes. Just remember to keep everything in the fridge before you hand over the gift to ensure it stays fresh.


The break-up basket

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If someone you're close to is going through a break-up or, indeed, any other kind of difficult life event, a bespoke care package is sure to brighten up their day. A break-up basket should be highly personalized, featuring anything from books by their favorite authors to their favorite types of candy. The key to success is to demonstrate how well you know them, thus reminding them that you will always be there for them. Include a thoughtful letter reminding them you're always around to talk or just hang out.


The artsy gift basket

Share to PinterestArt supplies

If you know an artist, fuel their passion with a basket full of art supplies. Whether they're a professional or a humble hobbyist, such materials are immensely useful and will spur them on to produce amazing work. Paints and paintbrushes can get expensive, but a couple of nice brushes, some inspirational art books (which you can buy second-hand), a cute, thrifted easel, and other multi-purpose items will be just as appreciated

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An indulgent bath-time basket

Share to PinterestLuxury bath items
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Almost everyone loves long, luxurious baths with plenty of bubbles. If you're looking to treat someone who has been working hard or particularly stressed of late, a set of indulgent treats will encourage them to take a much-needed break and enjoy the therapeutic effects of bathtime. Buy a fancy bubble bath they might hesitate to buy for themselves, soaps, sponges, and bath bombs. You could even put everything in a basket that can be reused beside the shower!



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