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Iconic Movie Houses and How to Get the Look

By Habitat Staff Writer
Share to PinterestIconic Movie Houses and How to Get the Look

From the cozy confines of a New England cottage to the sprawling elegance of a Tuscan villa, iconic movie houses have long captured our imaginations. These homes are more than just settings for the stories unfolding on screen; they're characters in their own right, reflecting the personalities, dreams, and struggles of their cinematic inhabitants. The allure of these spaces isn't just in their architecture or location but in how they embody a lifestyle, an era, or a mood that resonates with viewers. Imagine sipping coffee in the sun-drenched kitchen of a California home or penning a letter in a quaint English study. The good news is, you don't need a Hollywood budget to bring a touch of movie magic into your own home. With a keen eye for detail and a dash of creativity, you can recreate the essence of these beloved movie houses, blending the lines between reel and real life.


Sleepless in Seattle's floating charm

Share to PinterestFloating Home used in Sleepless in Seattle
Barry Salmons /

The houseboat from "Sleepless in Seattle" offers a unique blend of coziness and adventure, perfectly capturing the essence of a life lived on the water. To capture its essence, focus on maximizing natural light and incorporating elements like ship lap or maritime decor. Think soft, comfortable furnishings, and keep the color palette light and airy to mimic the feel of being on the water.


The Holiday's English cottage

Share to PinterestAnne Hathaway's Cottage, Stratford upon Avon, England

The charm of the English cottage from "The Holiday" lies in its rustic beauty and intimate warmth, making it a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Achieve this look with soft, layered textiles, classic floral patterns, and furniture that invites you to curl up with a good book. Don't forget the power of a roaring fire or the inclusion of a quaint garden view to complete the ambiance.


Under the Tuscan Sun's villa revival

Share to PinterestBramasole, the house made famous for its renovation in the book and movie, "Under the Tuscan Sun," by Frances Mayes, sits on the side of the hill outside of Cortona, Italy.

The Italian villa in "Under the Tuscan Sun" is a testament to the beauty of restoration, blending the old with the new in a sun-kissed Tuscan setting. To bring this style home, incorporate warm, earthy tones, rustic wood elements, and terracotta tiles. A mix of old and new pieces can evoke the villa's blend of history and personal discovery.


Call Me By Your Name's Italian allure

The 17th-century villa from "Call Me By Your Name" exudes elegance and history, nestled in the lush Italian countryside. Recreate its academic and romantic atmosphere with antique furniture, richly textured rugs, and walls adorned with art and books. A garden or courtyard that invites leisurely afternoons completes the look.


The Princess Diaries' firehouse fun

The converted firehouse from "The Princess Diaries" showcases how industrial spaces can be transformed into cozy, personalized homes, reflecting the film's theme of self-discovery and transformation. Embrace this concept with bold art pieces, eclectic furniture, and unique architectural features like exposed beams or a loft bedroom.


Practical Magic's Victorian magic

The Victorian home in "Practical Magic" marries gothic charm with homely warmth, creating a space that's as enchanting as the witchcraft practiced within its walls. To capture its enchanting vibe, mix antique furnishings with whimsical decor, such as crystal balls or botanical prints. A herb garden or floral arrangements can bring a touch of the Owens sisters' magic into your space.


It's Complicated's California kitchen

The heart of the home in "It's Complicated" is undoubtedly its kitchen, where the film's themes of love, family, and new beginnings are most palpable. Achieve this inviting atmosphere with an open layout, a neutral color scheme accented with warm woods, and plenty of seating for family and friends. Open shelving and a large island encourage both cooking and conversation.


The Notebook's dreamy bungalow

The bungalow built by Noah in "The Notebook" epitomizes Southern charm, serving as a backdrop to one of cinema's most enduring love stories. Soft pastels, floral prints, and vintage furniture can recreate its romantic feel. Outdoor spaces, like a porch with rocking chairs or a garden with blooming flowers, are essential to capturing the home's idyllic setting.


Beetlejuice's gothic fantasy

The home in "Beetlejuice" undergoes a dramatic transformation, but its gothic elements are unforgettable, reflecting the film's dark humor and fantastical elements. Mix modern and vintage decor with a bold black and white palette. Add playful touches, like striped patterns or eccentric artwork, to nod to the film's whimsical horror.


The Parent Trap's vineyard vistas

Share to Pinterestparent trap house napa valley

The Napa Valley home in "The Parent Trap" combines luxury with comfort, mirroring the film's themes of reconciliation and family unity in a picturesque setting. To emulate this, use natural materials like wood and stone, incorporate large windows to bring the outdoors in, and design comfortable outdoor living areas that make the most of your surroundings.

Transforming your home with inspiration from these iconic movie houses isn't about exact replicas but capturing their spirit. Whether it's the cozy cottage feel of "The Holiday" or the rustic elegance of "Under the Tuscan Sun," these spaces remind us that our homes are a backdrop to our lives, offering comfort, inspiration, and a bit of magic. By integrating elements from these beloved movie houses, you can create a space that feels both familiar and wonderfully new, a place where every day offers a touch of cinema magic.



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