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Hot Bridesmaid Dresses for 2022 and Beyond

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestHot Bridesmaid Dresses for 2022 and Beyond

In 2022, the wedding industry is more eclectic than ever. Whether you're planning to spare no expense on an opulent event or you're keeping it small, simple, and budget-friendly, your options are endless.

Bridesmaid dress styles this year follow the same broad and diverse trend, and it only seems to be getting more popular. Explore the vast range of colors, cuts, materials, and textures — they're all fair game when it comes to finding that desired look for your bridal party.


Jewel-toned gems

If you're planning a wedding for late summer through winter, consider jewel-toned outfits for the bridesmaids. Enhanced by luxurious textures such as satin and velvet, these shades offer a classic look. Mixing the colors and dress styles gives you a stunning palette of emerald, sapphire, garnet, ruby, and topaz.

Go with a different solid shade for each bridesmaid if your wedding party's small. Double them up if your crew is larger, but remember to spice up those cuts so everyone is unique. The key to this look for 2022 and beyond is variety.


Loving that linen

If you're an eco-friendly bride, you'll love the idea of linen. This wonderfully breathable material is so hot right now, quickly becoming a staple of enviro-friendly weddings. Sustainable and long-lasting, linen only gets softer and more comfortable with age. With this minimalist look, your party will be able to get years of wear out of these dresses far beyond your wedding.

Made from flax fibers, linen is a vegan, biodegradable material. It's perfect for outdoor events with a neutral color palette. Plus, its organic texture naturally has a few wrinkles in it, giving it a pure one-with-nature feel that doesn't need last-minute steaming.


Berry bliss

For a warm scale of fluctuating hues, you can't go wrong with berry. What's fun about these palettes is their versatility. For spring and early summer, you can go with flowery shades of purple, pink, and blue. Cooler months welcome an earthen spectrum of red, orange, and brown. Giving each bridesmaid a unique and flattering shade will bring your wedding photos to life.



Think of a country picnic from days gone by: frilly dresses, gingham tablecloths spread on the ground, and subtle wildflowers swaying in the breeze. This is what countrycore embodies. It embraces the nostalgia and gentle femininity of yesterday. Flowing dresses, whimsical sleeves, ribbons, light colors, and springtime prints all come together for this charming style.


Lace sundresses

Fabric textures are a big hit in 2022, and lace ranks near the top of this list. Nothing exudes feminine allure more than delicate patterns on free-flowing dresses.

Short, midi, or long, lace sundresses are a simple and elegant choice for bridal parties. And because they're not the average bridesmaid dress, they'll get plenty of use after your wedding day.


Mixing it up

Setting some ground rules and then setting your bridesmaids free to do their own thing is becoming a trend. Not only do you no longer have to source a dress or outfit everyone likes, but your bridesmaids will also appreciate the freedom to choose a style that works for them. The result is more genuine smiles in the photos and more authentic shimmying on the dance floor from a wedding party that loves their look almost as much as they love you!


Orange glow

For late summer or autumn festivities, oranges are all the rage. Burnt, amber, loud, tawny, dark, and light, this spectrum captures a kaleidoscope of shades. Find a single tone you like or blend a few for some depth. Whether you want subtle neutrals, vibrant colors, or a combination, orange provides.


Prints and patterns

Be bold. For 2022 and beyond, prints and patterns are bigger than ever. They give your bridesmaids personality and add a relaxed charm to your wedding atmosphere.

If you're daring, clash those colors and patterns entirely, or keep a color theme and mix and match just the prints. Another option is to go with the same cut of dress but different prints or reverse it using the same prints for different styles.


All-white everything

For a few years, white has been a trending wedding color — beyond the bride's dress — and it's not going away any time soon. A universal and classic element, white complements everything. Plus, it's oh-so-versatile: it works equally well for a 500-person event as it does for half-a-dozen close friends at a backyard ceremony.

When done right, white bridesmaid dresses won't outshine your wedding gown. A plain material for them will beautifully enhance the detail of your own dress, or go with sleek and simple for yours and slightly more casual textures for them!


Dreamy in cream

If you aren't ready for an all-white affair but can't get the idea out of your head, maybe cream is for you. It's really coming into its own for 2022. The smooth shades of pearl, ecru, eggshell, and ivory will only intensify the vivid presence of your dress, whether you're going with traditional white or a colored frock.

Cream is great for vintage and antique themes. It fits well into outdoor settings but equally shines in a formal environment. Embellished, minimalist, or anything in between, cream is a fairytale dream.


A blackout

Maybe you want to reverse course away from white or cream; black is a classic and elegant route. Chic and flattering, black suits every body type in the right cut, so all your bridesmaids will look dazzling.

Black can take on many personas. Sleek and solo or highlighted with a color or two, it adds amazing contrast to wedding photos. For casual and formal weddings alike, black enhances the day.


Partying in pants

Pants have been a developing trend for the past few years. Finally, they're making a name for themselves. Whether it's an elegant jumpsuit or a full tuxedo, pants are officially acceptable wedding attire for 2022. Cue the wild dance tunes! There's no risk of stepping on skirts or flashing your guests — your bridesmaids will thank you for it.


Rose gold spectrum

Love it or hate it, rose gold is a trend that isn't going away. Blush, gold, dusty pink, champagne, copper, and off-white are a great combination any time of the year. Outfitting your bridesmaids in these colors suits a vintage or boho look as well as a modern or classic theme. Indoors or out, rose gold reigns supreme for any event.


Yellow sunshine

Brighten your wedding day with shades of yellow. Goldenrod, canary, mustard, neon, chartreuse, marigold, and lemon are just some of the tones you can use. Flat colors and sunflower prints, shimmering fabric and muted tones: all are viable candidates for your bridesmaids, delivering a lovely and entrancing event.

Spring and summer weddings work great for this uplifting trend.


Metallic mayhem

An unabashed staple of weddings for decades, metallics are a constant in trend-setting bridal fashion. They add vitality, pizzazz, and energy to your special day. Doing your party up in beads, jewels, sequins, and shimmering fabrics will make them feel like glamorous superstars.

If you don't want something too flashy, limit your metallics. Get this look with shoes, jewelry or hair clips to keep it in the look but not overbearing. Pair them with a minimal dress, and your bridesmaids are sure to sparkle.



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