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Give Your Wardrobe a Makeover for 2022

By Jo Marshall
Share to PinterestGive Your Wardrobe a Makeover for 2022

2022 is all about self-expression, especially when it comes to fashion choices. If you’re looking at your wardrobe and feel like it needs a bit of an update, this is the perfect time to do so.

We’re seeing a wave of new trends that are sure to inspire you, especially if you happen to be feeling a bit nostalgic for some past eras. Plus, some recent trends are showing their staying power, so rest easy knowing all those comfortable outfits you picked up are still in style.


Embrace bright, vibrant colors

It’s time to liven up your dreary wardrobe with some vibrant color. Not only that, you should start mixing those bold hues together. Forest green and magenta, neon orange and hot pink, or even deeply saturated purple with pastel yellow. This upcoming spring is all about loud color combos that are just on the verge of clashing.

Start by sticking to solid hues and focusing on color blocking before moving on to more adventurous patterns.

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filadendron / Getty Images


Vamp it up with the goth-aissance

As with all styles, there’s always an opposite reaction. Just as bright, sunny colors will be popular, so will dark, gothic looks. Pinterest has dubbed this incoming wave the “goth-aissance.” This includes all styles of goth — cybergoth, pastel goth, and even romantic goths, though it seems like many people prefer more gothic punk aesthetics.

Make sure to go all out on accessories, as well. After all, what is a goth-inspired outfit without bat necklaces, Lovecraft rings, or metal spikes?

Share to Pinterestwoman wearing goth fashion ooking down on Medieval City
Cavan Images / Getty Image


Retro fits from every period

Now, more than ever, is the era of retro. Whether you prefer dressing as a Western literature professor from the ‘40s or you embrace your ‘60s mod style, it's in this year. All trends are cyclical, but it appears that the cycles are overlapping significantly with each passing year.

Thanks to the many callbacks recently from designers and trendy influencers, you could throw on any retro look and not seem out of place.

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Berezko / Getty Images


Show off that midriff

With the rise in body positivity comes a trend that encourages you to show it off. Clothing that exposes your midriff is already growing in popularity and will be everywhere in 2022. You can opt for a super cropped top or a more draped piece that reveals just a bit of skin.

In some regions, wearing undergarments as outerwear to expose the midriff is also a growing trend. Many women are choosing to wear bras as shirts and pairing the combo with blazers, cardigans, and fluffy jackets.

Share to Pinterestwoman in jeans showing midriff
puckons / Getty Images


Cher Horowitz would be proud

As part of the ongoing throwbacks to the 2000s, plaid skirts are back — much to the joy of the ska and punk kid inside us all. The modern version of the trend tends to pair plaid skirts with cropped jackets and bodysuits, with chunky boots to complete the look, but don’t be afraid to branch out.

If you want to live your “Clueless” fantasy with an all-yellow plaid look, 2022 is the best time to do it.

Share to Pinterestwoman wearing plaid skirt
María Soledad Kubat / EyeEm / Getty Images


Represent disco culture with flared pants

If skinny jeans and tight-fitting pants were never your vibe, 2022 may finally be your year. This upcoming year is all about wide-leg trousers and flared pants, especially denim. Celebrities like Harry Styles have popularized this throwback to the ‘60s, plus athleisure is still the Thing, and people generally want to dress more comfortably.

From sleek trousers to cozy knit pants, flared bottoms can fit any occasion and will be a welcome addition to your closet this year.

Share to Pinterestwoman wearing wide leg denim pants
Eugenio Marongiu / Getty Images


Vintage hat fabrics and shapes

In the past few years, classic ball caps surged in popularity. While this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down, another style is entering the scene.

Vintage-style hats are rapidly becoming must-haves and will be the perfect accessory for 2022. Some people opt for traditional ball caps in classic fabrics like corduroy, while others are choosing more interesting shapes like five-panel hats.

Share to Pinterestwoman smiling wearing corduroy cap
Look Studio / Getty Images


Shine like a diamond

As more people are dressing up to go out, 2022 seems to feature a celebratory mood. Nowhere is this clearer than the massive spike in sequins. This trend started in earnest this past summer and has only continued to pick up traction.

As the weather warms up toward the spring months, expect to see high-shine for every occasion.

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nicoletaionescu / Getty Images


Puffer coats in all shapes and sizes

On the topic of jackets, people in colder regions will probably be ecstatic after finding out that puffer coats are back in a big way. Many designers have switched up the traditional look, creating a range of outerwear that can fit with dozens of aesthetics.

Cropped puffer coats look great with streetwear fits, while oversized, quilted options match perfectly with casual wear.

Share to Pinterestwoman wearing pink puffer jacket
Anastasia Nelen / Getty Images


And it was all yellow

Speaking of yellow, it’s time to gild your closet. Yellow is looking to burst onto the scene in a big way in 2022, especially bold, golden hues. Try out different shades to see what looks best with your skin tone and aesthetic.

In general, warm tones pair best with other warm colors, so stick to shades like honey and butterscotch. If you dress in colder colors, cool hues like lemon will suit you.

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