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Share to PinterestGet Festive with Christmas Nail Art

Get Festive with Christmas Nail Art

By Jo Marshall
Share to PinterestGet Festive with Christmas Nail Art

Christmas is the ideal time to experiment with new looks that up the wow factor. Whether you're hitting up friend and family dinners or cuddling up in front of the fire, it's fun to wear a bit of your festivity right on your fingers. Give yourself an at-home manicure or splurge for a spa day this autumn to get your digits ready to sparkle this season.


Classic red

Share to PinterestChristmas nails red sparkles
monstArrr_ / Getty Images

Keep your nails classic and traditional by choosing a glowing red polish. Red nails with a candy-like gloss have an air of sophistication and a Christmassy look in keeping with the festivities. Add a bit of sparkle to a few nails to increase the fun factor. Just make sure you plan for some downtime while they dry — a simple red polish will make scuffs or imperfetions obvious.


Ice queen

Share to PinterestIcy blue and purple nail polish
marigo20 / Getty Images

Channel your inner ice queen with a sleek and elegant theme of blue hues and purple shades. Embrace the dropping temperatures with this look reminiscent of a cold winter's day. Sparkling silver interspersed among the blue, really adds some glamour, and a single nail in pure white provides the perfect finish to this chill palette.


Fun times

Share to PinterestFun character Christmas nails
DGM007 / Getty Images

Achieve the ultimate relaxed and fun vibe with Christmas character nail decorations. On each nail, use paint or nail stickers to showcase a different festive element — candy cane stripes, wrapped presents, party streamers, sparkles, even Rudolph's face. With a bit of creativity, this set will be as much fun to create as it is to show off.


Sparkle tips

Share to PinterestBaby blue nails and sparkle tips
Christina Vartanova / Getty Images

Sparkly nails really increase the glam factor when it's time to dress up for a formal festive event. Christmas balls and parties provide the perfect opportunity to showcase baby blue nails with sparkle tips. Longer nails will draw more attention to this eye-catching design, so start your nail preparation early


Father Christmas

Share to PinterestSanta Father Christmas nail Polish
Oleksandr Smirnov / Getty Images

There is no one better placed to adorn your Christmas polish than the man himself: Father Christmas. Santa Claus-inspired nails will delight everyone you meet. This is a lovely, lighthearted way to bring festive cheer to your look. Finish off your tribute with a touch of gold glitter and a flash of red.



Share to PinterestEmbellishments gems Christmas nails
marigo20 / Getty Images

Draw attention to your fingers for all the right reasons with stick-on embellishments. Attaching tiny gems to your nails in a dramatic arrangement creates a showstopping look. Blingy nail designs pair perfectly with floor-length gowns, but you might want to save this look til you're on holiday, since tapping at a computer could damage your dazzle.


Simple sparkle

Share to PinterestElegant sparkle nail polish
marigo20 / Getty Images

Low key sparkle is a great option if minimalist glamour is your style. Painting your nails in subtle base colors like pale pink and lilac creates a beautiful background canvas on which to build your look. Add some tasteful sparkles, a sprinkle of glitter, or some tiny silver snowflakes to introduce some festive touches without losing that elegance.


French Polish

Share to PinterestChristmas nails french polish
margostock / Getty Images

French polish is the ultimate in classic style. Your hands need to be well-manicured to carry off such a simple but effective look. File and buff your nail surfaces to a healthy pink and cover with a layer of clear varnish. The brightest white tips add the illusion of length. For a modern take on this traditional design, apply white varnish to the nail beds, too.


Winter elegance

Share to PinterestNavy blue with snowflakes
Volniy / Getty Images

A dark and sultry navy blue polish reflects the somber chill of cold winter weather, for a classy, elegant look. Lighten up the darkness a bit with a little silver or white design feature, like a snowflake or repeating pattern. If you're a fan of the shortening days, decorate one or two nails with stars to celebrate the dark skies of the season.


Frosted tips

Share to PinterestFrosted tips blended nail polish
serezniy / Getty Images

If you are proficient at creating beautiful nail designs, you may wish to try this fade-out frosted effect. The subtle, classic color of the main body of your nail gradually blends into the frosted white tips. You can experiment with the color choices to create different effects. More neutral colors will complement any outfit choice, while darker shades make a bold statement. While not an easy feat to pull off, frosted tips are a lasting trend.



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