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Share to PinterestFun Activities for When the Kids are Stuck in the Apartment

Fun Activities for When the Kids are Stuck in the Apartment

By Sara Anderson
Share to PinterestFun Activities for When the Kids are Stuck in the Apartment

We've all been spending a lot of time cooped up inside these days. One challenging aspect of this is coming up with new ways to keep the kids entertained. Parents are feeling more stressed than ever, and that's understandable. It's tricky finding activities to keep the kids busy, especially when you live in a small space like an apartment. The good news is there are many fun things for little ones to try at home, and some you can enjoy with them.


Have fun with crafts

Crafts are a fun way to keep your child entertained, and most fit easily within apartment spaces. Setting up a craft station is inexpensive and enjoyable for kids at any age. Older children benefit from idea books to help them make more elaborate creations, while younger kids can be occupied for hours with nothing more than paper and crayons. To make the most of smaller apartment spaces, add a corner desk or table with a crafts bin underneath.

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Play with quiet-time toys

Quiet-time toys are ideal in an apartment or condo, and there are a ton of options available. Lego or a magnetic dry erase board can keep your child entertained for hours while keeping noise to a minimum. The best way to ensure your child won't get bored is by introducing a new toy frequently or rotating the ones they already have rather than leaving everything out all the time.

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Tackle a puzzle game

Puzzles are always an excellent activity for kids and can keep them occupied for hours. They're also helpful for developing problem-solving skills and memory. Jigsaw puzzles are a classic and sound choice, but you can also concoct homemade puzzles using everyday items like cereal boxes, string, and beads. A quick search online brings up countless DIY puzzle ideas to try.

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Indoor science experiments

Science experiments are an amusing pastime for kids stuck inside the apartment, and there's plenty to try at home. Creating a tornado in a bottle is always a hit with children and only requires two bottles, a connecting tube, and some water. Rainbow in a glass is another fun experiment that's totally kid-friendly.

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Hunt for treasure

A treasure hunt is always exciting and a great way to keep the kids entertained inside the apartment. Leave clues around the house, sending the finder on to the next clue, eventually leading to the treasure, which doesn't have to be anything too fancy. The fun is in the journey, after all.

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Take a virtual tour

With lockdowns still in place, your kids have to miss out on fun class field trips and outings. The good news is there are a ton of virtual tours to relieve their boredom, and some are entirely free to enjoy. Many museums offer an online experience, and zoos and aquariums with terrific live cams abound. If you get the opportunity to rent or borrow some virtual reality devices, take it, but lots of lo-fi options offer just as much excitement and learning opportunity.

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Learn with STEM

STEM activities teach creativity through problem-solving and hands-on learning. They span countless fields, including earth sciences, chemistry, and physics, covering everything from one-to-one counting and patterning to calculus. STEM online learning isn't only for older kids; there are many projects designed to prime young children's minds for this kind of creative thinking.

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Start cooking together

Cooking together with your kids is a great activity for days stuck inside. To get little ones involved in the kitchen, opt for simple, kid-friendly foods like pizza bagels or sugar cookies. Or, set up a toppings bar and let them get inventive with their creations — melted cheese buns work wonders, here. Don't worry too much about the resulting mess; learning to cook wouldn't be complete without learning to help clean up!

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Teach them yoga

Yoga is a healthy activity that children can quickly learn. Daily practice teaches youngsters discipline and improves their overall health, not to mention it's good to boost energy levels and improve mental wellness. Yoga instilled positive health practices throughout their lives by teaching them the importance of movement while they're young. Make it extra fun by asking young children to come up with their own names for the poses.

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Learn another language

Speaking a second language is beneficial and opens up many horizons in a child's future. With online learning, it's easier than ever for kids to learn another language from home. There are plenty of afforable apps and games available to teach them that make it fun and educational.

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