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Hair Inspiration for Women 50+

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestHair Inspiration for Women 50+

Most women may not realize it, but as we get older, our face changes shape. Once we reach our fifties, the hairstyles we’ve worn for years may not sit or look the same as they did before. A new hairstyle can offer a feeling of renewal that can boost your confidence levels and reflect who you’ve become in this new chapter of your life. There’s no better place to find inspiration for fresh, new hairstyles than those donned by our favorite celebrities.


The versatile straight or wavy lob

Share to Pinterestbangs shoulder length lob
TomFoldes / Getty Images

Hands down, the queen of the lob is Cate Blanchett. Whether she’s engaging us on the silver screen or thrilling us with her amazing red-carpet elegance, her lob always looks fabulous. This shoulder-length style is as easy to care for as it is versatile and works beautifully with straight or naturally wavy hair. Wear with side-swept bangs, which are especially flattering for round faces. Or, choose long or blunt-cut bangs to bring out your eyes and hide any forehead lines you’re not fond of.


Pixie cut glam

Share to PinterestHair Inspiration for Women 50+

In the 1950s, Audrey Hepburn’s Oscar-winning performance in Roman Holiday wasn’t the only part of the movie that grabbed the world’s attention. Hepburn’s pixie hairstyle started a trend that is still popular today, famously worn by stars like Jamie Lee Curtis and Ellen DeGeneres. The pixie cut is perfect for those seeking a versatile style. It complements a variety of face shapes and hair textures. Create unique variations by tousling the crown to add height, opting for an undercut, or adding color streaks.


Long or short shag chic

Share to PinterestMeg Ryan at an awards ceremony

Looking for a hairstyle that adds lots of texture? Try a long, medium, or short shag. Shag haircuts are achieved through razoring to create a messy, layered style that looks great on anyone. Think Diane Keaton and her tousled, signature layers or Meg Ryan and her chin-length, feminine waves. It’s also a beautiful, low-maintenance solution if you’ve had a pixie or shorter bob haircut and are growing it out.


Long, loose, curls and beachy waves

Share to PinterestHair Inspiration for Women 50+
Patrik Giardino / Getty Images

Another style that looks amazing on just about anyone is beachy waves. If you’re seeking a style that looks effortless and natural, this is a perfect choice. If you’ve loved Michelle Pfeiffer’s tresses through the years, this is a style you should try. Longer lengths frame and flatter the face at any age; no rulebook says a woman over 50 can’t wear long, luxurious hairstyles. Beachy waves also enhance any texture of hair, and the style can be easily achieved at home.


Feathered layers

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Farrah Fawcett’s feathered layers in the 1970s created a huge craze for women who wanted those same long, wispy locks. Today, that trend is ongoing, primarily because the style works on a variety of lengths and hair textures, and can soften facial features. These layers add movement to hairstyles, and adding a few highlights can add dimension to your layered tresses. If you’re not quite comfortable with cutting your hair shorter, start with shorter feathered layers instead. This type of cut also works for women with lots of hair.


Middle-parted layers

Share to PinterestPortrait Of A Mature Businesswoman Smiling. She is stylish and happy
NADOFOTOS / Getty Images

Center parts generally draw attention to the middle of the face and work well for oblong faces.  Adding layers that frame cheekbones and jawline soften the face. Picture Julianne Moore with her long, red layers and center part that elegantly framed her facial features, or Sarah Jessica Parker’s sleek, straight layers paired with a middle part. If you’ve never tried a style with a middle part and you already have layers, don’t be afraid to play around with a few center-part versions.


Face-framing bob

Share to PinterestHair Inspiration for Women 50+
Oliver Rossi / Getty Images

If you’re considering a short-to medium-length haircut, the bob is an excellent choice. Standard versions vary in length, but most land above the shoulders to just below the ear tips. We’ve seen J-Lo and Lisa Kudrow wear this style in recent years, but it was Faye Dunaway’s version in the 1967 movie "Bonnie and Clyde" that first grabbed our attention. The face-framing characteristic of this style is only one of its virtues. It enhances silver and naturally gray hair, as Dame Helen Mirren has shown us with her shorter version.


Straight, shoulder-length styles

Share to PinterestPortrait of a mature woman smiling at the camera. She is confident and proud
NADOFOTOS / Getty Images

If you’ve discovered the flat iron, you’ve no doubt found that straight hair can be quite flattering. Shoulder-length, blunt cuts without layers work best for fine, straight hair, with both center and side parts. Layers tend to make fine hair look thinner. Uma Thurman’s super-straight style, cut so that it lands just below her shoulders, is versatile and elegant. For a slight variation, try flipping the ends inward using a round brush while blow-drying.


Natural curls

Share to Pinterestbeauty natural curls
Jonathan Knowles / Getty Images

Throughout hair-fashion history, women have tried to capture the beauty of natural curls. For decades, we’ve worn hair rollers in a variety of diameters, used curling irons and heated rollers, and paid top-dollar for salon perms just to achieve the perfect curl. Tracee Ellis Ross’ natural curls illustrate what we’ve yearned for. Short, natural curls fit every face shape, adding edgy sophistication. To keep the frizz out of natural curls, try using a microfiber towel or t-shirt instead. Wrap it around your hair, twist it, and wear it for about 30 minutes before removing.


Curly bob

Share to PinterestA beautiful black woman with white curly hair drinks coffee in her kitchen
adamkaz / Getty Images

Women with naturally curly hair will love the curly bob, an effortless, ever-fashionable hairstyle. The length sits anywhere between the neck and the collarbone. If you’re seeking an edgier version, consider an asymmetrical-cut bob with bangs. Layered bobs add glamour to long, natural curls, while a-line bobs soften and add definition to naturally curly hair. You’ve likely seen Viola Davis’ beautiful, bob-style, natural curls. Some stylists say that women with thick, natural curls look better with longer hair, so the bob is a great option.



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