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Share to PinterestFeel the Flower Power With a DIY Floral Crown
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Feel the Flower Power With a DIY Floral Crown

By Sara Anderson
Share to PinterestFeel the Flower Power With a DIY Floral Crown

Flower crowns are having a moment, thanks in part to being all the rage with celebrities. But they're also a time-honored tradition in places like Sweden, especially during Midsommar, when the flowers in full bloom represent rebirth.

Whether you're on spring break or going to Coachella or a friend's wedding, you can capture the same festive and footloose spirit with a fabulous floral hair accessory. Making a flower wreath instead of buying one ensures a custom look that goes perfectly with the rest of your outfit.


Gather your supplies

Share to Pinterestsupplies for making floral crown

You’ll need the following materials to construct your floral wreath.

Aassemble measuring tape, real or fake flowers, greenery for filler, florist wire, floral tape, wire cutters, and a pair of scissors for real flowers.


Whip out your measuring tape

Share to Pinterestyoung woman is measuring her head

The first thing you need to do for a flower crown is measure. Assuming that you have short hair or will be wearing your hair down when using the crown, wrap a measuring tape around your head and write down the circumference. Add two inches.

If you aren't planning on wearing your hair down, you'll have to mimic your intended hairstyle to get an accurate measurement for your wreath.


Snip snip

Share to Pinterestperson wrapping florist wire with tape

Lay your sturdy florist's wire down and cut to the correct measurement with wire cutters, then pull it into a ring shape with the ends overlapping slightly so you can twist them together. Depending on the stiffness of the wire, you may need pliers or gloves for this step.

Secure the ends by wrapping florist tape over them. Go in with more tape around the entire ring to achieve a uniform foundation for your crown.


Prepare stems

Share to Pinterestwoman holding roses

Decide whether you're going for flowers of the garden variety or durable fake blooms. Pick different flowers or blossom sizes to create visual interest, and cut the stems down to an inch or two. Consistency with stem length will give you a clean and tidy finish.

Now, it's time to get creative.


Don’t commit just yet

Share to PinterestHands of a girl making the wreath of dandelion and daisy flowers

Arrange the flowers around the ring without attaching anything. Bear in mind that you’re going to be sticking stems parallel to the ring. Play around until you end up with a design you like with flowers densely or loosely arranged.

Try placing big statement flowers at the 'front' of the ring, sandwiched between smaller flowers that make their way to the back. Work other types of greenery like herbs and foliage between the flowers for added texture. Or, just stick with flowers at the front and keep the rest of the ring unadorned.


Get attached

Share to PinterestFlorist Making Fresh Flowers Crown Arrangement

When you've settled on a pattern you're keen on, you can begin attaching the flowers to the ring. Wrap florist tape from the base of the flower to just past the end of the stem, then cut and pinch the ring and tape together to fix in place. Repeat with the next flower.

For a full finished product, ensure the second bloom sits flush, right at the base of the first one. But a dainty, more spaced apart arrangement looks just as lovely. Try the crown on and make adjustments if necessary.


Use a headband or Alice band as a base

Share to PinterestColorful headbands

For an alternative style, take a wide plastic headband or Alice band and wrap the hairband with ribbon in your color of choice. You'll need to stick one end of the ribbon down with hot glue before you start wrapping, and when you've finished, cut the piece if necessary and glue the other end.

For this option, you’ll require a wide plastic headband that fits you, faux flowers, wire cutters, and a hot glue gun or similar glue.


Prepare your artificial flowers

You need flowers that will fit on the headband. Cut off the stems and push down any bits of leftover wire that could scratch or hurt you. These wire bits also make sticking the flowers down a bit tricky, so you'll want to get them out the way without compromising the flower's structure.

Share to Pinterestperson cutting rose stems
yacobchuk / Getty Images


Stick away

Share to PinterestFlorist Making Fresh Flowers Crown Arrangement

Now take the flowers you've prepped and stick 'em down one by one. Place two drops of hot glue where the flower will make contact with the headband and press down until there's no give and the glue is dry. Move on to the next flower and place it close to the first one. You can put glue straight onto the headband if you prefer, but don't use too much. Pull off any spiderweb-like strands of glue.


Add optional extras

Share to Pinterestwoman wearing floral crown

You can tailor your flower crown in a myriad of ways. Tie a bow with a thin ribbon and let its ends hang down at the back. Or weave raffia, baby's breath, or ferns in between the flowers. Insert some string lights, and your wreath can go from daytime to nighttime in an impactful flip of a switch.

Ultimately, your crown can be as simple or extravagant as your mood demands. Just sprinkle in your personal touch and have fun with it. Happy crafting!



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