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Share to PinterestFabulous Back-to-School Locker Decorations

Fabulous Back-to-School Locker Decorations

By Alicia Smith
Share to PinterestFabulous Back-to-School Locker Decorations

Making the most of your locker space can be tricky and feel like there's little room for creativity. Luckily, the right decorations can make a difference. Find items that speak to your personality and also make it easier to store your belongings. There are so many ways to decorate a locker with style, from magnets to mirrors to fairy lights. You might be filling a small, rectangular opening, but that doesn't mean you can't think outside the box.


Magnets add personality

Magnets are super useful in a locker — they certainly make it easier to hold up post-it notes and to-do lists. Magnets come in a ton of designs and themes, so you can choose ones that show off your favorite themes or characters. For an added boost of confidence, look for inspirational quotes — or you can spell your own words with alphabet magnets. If you enjoy bright, bold colors, there's plenty of those to lift your spirits. The possibilities are limitless with this cool locker decor.

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String lights look fantastic

String lights are the perfect piece of locker decor, combining style with functionality. Turn to strand lights with mini clips attached to display illuminated photos or make it easier to organize your papers under the glow. There's no need to stress about an electrical outlet because many string lights run on batteries and last practically forever (just remember to turn them off over the weekend).

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Collapsible shelf for extra storage

Making the most of a small space can be tricky — adding extra shelf space makes a world of difference. Collapsible racks allow plenty of extra storage but can be disassembled easily if you need to fit a tall object into your locker. Choose single or double height depending on your locker space and make organizing paperwork or personal effects a breeze.


Hanging mirror

Who doesn't do a quick mirror-check between classes? We thought so. This is why a locker mirror is a must-have. Sometimes it's impossible to find time to pop into the bathroom midday, so you end up skipping an afternoon touch-up in lew of cramming in a few minutes of studying instead. Hang a mirror, though, and a quick check of your teeth after lunch becomes a split-second task.

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Magnetic cups

Whether it's pens, highlighters, or make-up, it's tricky finding space in a tiny locker — especially if you want to stay organized. Magnetic cups work wonders, giving you a handy place to organize all your items that otherwise roll away. A magnetic attachment means you can attach it to the inside of the door, or prevent it from toppling when you shove in your books.

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Boot tray

Nobody wants to store wet, muddy shoes in their locker, so using a boot tray is only natural. Find one that's the right size (or one you can trim) to fit snugly in the bottom of your locker to catch mud and melted snow. There's a ton of funky colors to choose from — just remember to pull it out and give it a shake outside every once in a while.

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Picture frames

Opening a locker to your favorite photos can brighten any day. That's why decorating with picture frames is an excellent idea. Magnetic frames easily hang on a metal surface and can be moved around freely when the urge to redecorate hits. Frames also have an advantage because they keep your pictures crisp and clean, not ruined by tape or bent from daily brush passes. If you want a really unique touch for your locker door, consider buying or borrowing an instant camera — polaroid photos make for unique decor.


Mini trash can

Keeping a locker clutter-free is a challenge, especially when it comes to throwing away the trash. That's why investing in a mini garbage bin is a smart thing to do. Not only are they super cute and stylish, but they make cleaning up a breeze. The best part is they double nicely as a pen holder or stash spot on those weeks where you're tidier than usual.

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Desk organizer

Desk organizers aren't just for desks. They're great for lockers too. Having extra drawers and storage in a convenient organizer makes locker decorating fun. To maximize space, opt for a two- or three-tiered organizer, preferably with a pencil cup built-in to save having to buy one. There are some great options for totes that fit perfectly inside a locker's restrictive dimensions.

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Coat hooks

Adding a coat hook might sound simple enough —but people often forget. Rather than hanging a single hook, consider a hanger with two or three. Having more hooks means it's easy to store a change of clothes and still have plenty of space for books or bags. Plastic is an excellent material because it holds up well against water — your sweaty gym clothes won't damage it.

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