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Drop-Dead Gorgeous Halloween Nail Art

By Jo Marshall
Share to PinterestDrop-Dead Gorgeous Halloween Nail Art

As summer ends, thoughts start to turn to fall. For many, that means Halloween and the opportunity to decorate, dress-up, and eat lots of candy. Painting your nails with spooky charm can be a great way to channel the season without a full-body costume. Beginner or expert, creepy or goth glam, there's a halloween nail art idea for every style.


The classic black nail

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автор / Getty Images

If you're new to nail art or in a hurry, you can't go wrong with classic black. Quick and easy to achieve, it goes with everything. You can easily pick up a matte or gloss polish at the nearest pharmacy. For a simple glam look you can wear beyond Halloween, coat beautifully manicured nails with black gloss. Step it up a bit with blood-red glitter for create a spooky sparkle. For a edgier look, try pointed black acrylic nails.


Wicked witches nails

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Christina Radcliffe / Getty Images

With nail decals there are endless ways to conjure up your own unique magical design, and you don't even need much experience. For a cute witchy look, decorate green polish with black hats or black cat nail art. Or wave your wand online and buy a fiendish set of fake nails. Add a bewitching costume and turn yourself into a Gothic hag, a Disney sorceress, or anything in between.


Red and black nails

Share to Pinteresthalloween red and black vampire nails
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For a killer vampire look, try combining red and black. If you have time and creative flair, there are a number of techniques you can use. Experiment with ombré, stripes, and graphic designs — each one delivers a different air of gorgeous gothness. Or, simply buy a striking set of red and black acrylic nails for sexy Halloween style.


Vampire teeth nails

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For lovers of Halloween horror, these nails have bite! You can easily design your own vampire teeth nails with black and white polish or invest in ready-made acrylics. Another way to achieve fanged fingers is to use rounded and pointed white acrylic nails. Apply two rounded white nails on your ring and middle fingers, and pointed white nails on your thumb, index, and little fingers. Then use red polish to create the effect of blood. Fang-tastic.


Day of the dead nails

Share to Pinterest halloween nails day of the dead sugar skull nail art
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The Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) is a traditional Mexican festival that remembers and celebrates family and friends who have died. Held on November 2, this colorful holiday features sugar skulls and flowers. Makeup and nail art using these motifs has gained popularity at Halloween too. It's ideal if you're looking for a more elaborate nail design that's not all darkness and gore.


Terrific talons

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To take your Halloween outfit to the next level, get some artificial talons. Simple blood red or black talons add drama without clashing colors. For a dark dramatic touch, invest in matte-black snakeskin-textured talons. For goth girl glamour, you can't beat blood-dipped nails with flowers. While you probably won't be able to wear them to work, they'll steal the show at any party.


Monochrome mani

Share to Pinteresthalloween nails nightmare before christmas monochrome
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To keep your nails simple and fashionable, go black and white. You can buy themed nail art sets in a wide range of classic movies and styles. Use nail tape to create a striped effect and mix and match with nail art. Try glow-in-the-dark polish for added impact. For a pop of color, paint one nail garishly neon and leave the rest black and white.


Cute orange nails

Share to PinterestHalloween nails pumpkin face art
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Orange nails can work for fall as well as Halloween. For cute festive nails that won't terrify the kids, how about jack-o'-lanterns? Spotted and striped orange designs are also popular, as well as nail art featuring bats and cats. It's a fun way to celebrate the season of falling leaves and glowing pumpkins.


Spidery nails

Share to PinterestDrop-Dead Gorgeous Halloween Nail Art

Look away now if you have a fear of spiders. If not, snare yourself a spidery nail design for Halloween. Create your own spiderweb nails at home using a thin brush or nail decals on white or colored nails. There's a head-spinning range of creepy crawly decals and tutorials on the web. Let your Spidey Sense guide you to the perfectly spooky look.


Little devil nails

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Christina Radcliffe / Getty Images

The devil's in the details, and Halloween nail art is no exception. Red devil nails will take your costume to the next level. Or use them to add devilish detail to an all black outfit. This sexy, cheeky look definitely adds personality and is bound to attract attention and compliments.



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